Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 19

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

At that time, his mother committed suicide and left this world. His father’s mistress and illegitimate child took over the family and threatened to kick him out of the house

But even at that point, Frederick still didn’t want to do anything harmful or unreasonable

The Frederick of that time and the Silvia of today are so alike

People say that two people are actually most afraid when one has experienced a lot while the other is still inexperienced

It may seem like everything matches perfectly, but that kind of relationship is only suitable for maintaining a life, not for people who take relationships too seriously



Chapter 19 

Silvia slowly retreated to the bedroom, with the lawyer’s words echoing in her mind— 

Three siblings, but none of them have the same mother. Uncle and granduncle are thinking about the nephew’s life every day. Frederick, I’m worried for you, don’t harm that girl.” 

She only heard this sentence and quickly walked away

Is his life like that

Isn’t it as glamorous and carefree as others see it

Silvia’s heart was shaken

So, everyone’s life has a messy side



Chapter 19 

But even so, Frederick is still helping her, encouraging her to look forward

He gives himself opportunities for work, encourages himself to be brave and take off, the Jacaranda tree, the beautiful cake, and the sentence he said before, President Tudor is waiting to wipe away your tears.” 


The study door was knocked

Frederick, immersed in his work, didn’t look up, just responded, Hmm.” 

When a cup of coffee appeared in his sight, he moved his gaze away

Silvia was wearing clean sportswear, and no matter how you look at her, she looks like

Chapter 19 

beautiful and innocent college student, especially with those eyes that seem to carry a flawless blue sky

Frederick put down the mouse, took the coffee, and smiled lightly, You have such good eyesight?” 

She even knew to make him a cup of coffee

Silvia watched him take a sip, bent down with her hands on her knees, Is it sweet?” 

Very sweet

Not only did she add more milk, but she probably also added sugar

Frederick looked at the coffee in his palm and his gaze fell on her face, Just one day, and you’ve already forgotten what kind of coffee I drink?” 


Chapter 19 

It’s not that he doesn’t like sweet coffee, he just doesn’t want to choose that way. He always feels that coffee is supposed to be a bit bitter

I haven’t forgotten,Silvia straightened up and helped him tidy up the desk. Don’t you think that maybe any flavor of coffee could be good?” 

At least he managed to swallow this flavor

Frederick held the coffee cup, his eyes reflecting the image of the woman organizing the files, slightly 


This world is made up of different people. What’s the point if everyone is the same?” 

Frederick suddenly laughed, his tone 

affirmative. You heard Sherman’s words.‘ 

Chapter 19 

Silvia was taken aback

She thought he would be unhappy, but apart from a smile, Frederick’s face showed 


Frederick looked directly into her eyes, unwavering. Sherman didn’t say a word wrong. My home is messy, very messy. If it weren’t for some assets, I would probably be a topic of gossip among others.” 

Silvia remained calm and asked, What does that have to do with you?” 

Obviously, Frederick didn’t expect her to ask this. Don’t you think children from such families will have some problems, more or less?” 

This is what you call the feudalism of the aristocracy.Silvia pulled a chair and sat opposite him



Chapter 19 

Because she hadn’t fully woken up, her voice was a bit hoarse, and her tone was lazy

With one hand supporting her chin, she spoke slowly, I did hear Lawyer Harris say that, but I don’t assume you are the same because of your family. On the contrary, I think you are good based on what I have seen you do.” 

I’m good?Frederick seemed surprised by this evaluation. So, you were deceived by your exhusband in the reserves?” 

President TudorSilvia’s face drooped, sounding pitiful

Frederick couldn’t help but laugh, nodding slightly, with a hint of imperceptible indulgence in his eyes. Okay, go on.” 

Silvia continued, You are a very good leader. You care for your subordinates



Chapter 19 

protect your employees, and you are especially meticulous.” 

The man stared at her, his tone indifferent. So now you’re praising me, but I won’t allow you to become a captain out of turn.” 


Silvia frowned, I don’t want that. If I want something, I will fight for it myself. I’m just telling you‘ 


Her words were interrupted by the man’s smiling voice. Frederick chuckled and nodded, I heard you say I’m good. Not only heard, but also remembered in the heart

Remember that someone once praised him and did not look at him with colored glasses



Chapter 19 

Frederick concealed the unusual emotions surging in his heart and refocused on his work: I’m not going out today, you can go back to sleep.” 

Ah?Silvia was confused

Frederick looked at her, Didn’t you stay up all night? Aren’t you tired?” 

Silvia quickly left

Watching her disappear, Frederick tightened the pen in his hand

This time, he suddenly… 

Didn’t want to listen to Sherman’s advice

Silvia, who had no work schedule, slept soundly all day



Chapter 19 

The next morning at ten o’clock, Silvia arrived outside the mansion on time

The helicopter was parked there, its black and imposing body emitting a faint glow

The man behind and Jeff hurried over, while Frederick answered the phone and boarded the helicopter first

Silvia was ready, waiting to be informed of the destination

Jeff gave the name of the destination: We need to go to New York City first and come back later for the banquet

Silvia quickly located the flight map and then controlled the helicopter to take off according to the route

Miss Robinson, we’re a bit pressed for time, we need to be there before 11 



Chapter 19 


Before he finished speaking, Frederick directly blocked his channel microphone, Don’t rush her.” 

Jeff was dumbfounded and immediately stopped talking

But Silvia’s attention was always sharp, and she guessed the meaning from the half of the conversation Jeff had said

At that time, when she came out, Silvia heard Frederick saying something to the person on the other end of the phone, like “I will rush to you as soon as possible to comfort the family.” 

He seemed very anxious

Silvia adjusted the flight map and then searched for other direct flight routes



Chapter 19 

During this time, she glanced at the man behind her with a calm expression

All three of them were wearing the unique channel headsets of the helicopter, allowing them to converse easily despite the noise

At the moment Silvia spoke up, Jeff looked up in astonishment

Not only him, even Frederick next to him was deeply looking at Silvia

Because a few seconds ago, a voice that was calm enough to make people instinctively trust came from the channel- 

I have the ability to safely take you to New York City before 11 o’clock. It just requires changing the flight route, and there may be unexpected occurrences.” 

Do you want to give it a try?” 



Chapter 19 

As the woman spoke while manipulating the control lever to fly the helicopter, she 

emitted an indescribable, cold and imposing 



Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Artist: , Released: 10/6/2023 Native Language: English
Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )"A story that will captivate the reader: "Divorce of the Richest Man (Silvia and Raphael)." It revolves around the dissolution of Silvia and Raphael's marriage to the wealthiest man, encompassing asset division, custody battles, and legal intricacies. A must-read for all. Read More My Blind Husband ( Astrid Rose )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Description of Novels

Title: Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Author: –  ( Silvia and Raphael ) )

Rating: 9.8 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

Where to read: olomuz.com

Read Online Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Silvia and Raphael had been married for 2 years, and Raphael wanted to divorce. After being extremely disappointed, she chose to divorce. On the day of the divorce, she remarried the richest man in the world. Silvia turned from a housewife to a super-rich woman, working as a pilot. The ex-husband regretted it and wanted to get back together. But Silvia rejected it. Reporter interview: "It is said that you married a woman who was married before, why did you choose to marry her?" Frederick: "First of all, my wife is the only female captain of American Civil Aviation, and she is the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Secondly, I am not good enough for her." FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear. So, you never have to be afraid of not being able to go home. - Frederick The capital, Washington, DC. In the evening, the wind and rain continue. "Silvia, Adeline and her husband are already discussing divorce. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with me, and then... we will separate."  

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

Q1: Why did Silvia choose to divorce Raphael after only 2 years of marriage? A1: Silvia chose to divorce Raphael because she was extremely disappointed in their marriage. Q2: What did Silvia do after divorcing Raphael? A2: After divorcing Raphael, Silvia remarried the richest man in the world and became a pilot, working as the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Q3: Why did Frederick, the richest man in the world, choose to marry Silvia? A3: Frederick chose to marry Silvia because she was the only female captain of American Civil Aviation and the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. He felt he wasn't good enough for her. Q4: What is the significance of the statement "FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear"? A4: This statement suggests that wherever Silvia, as a pilot, flies for FDK Airlines, that place becomes a destination for travelers, highlighting her significance and impact as a pilot. Q5: What is the plan involving Adeline, Silvia, and her husband mentioned in the passage? A5: The plan involves Adeline discussing divorce with her husband. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with Silvia, and they will separate from their respective husbands.


In conclusion, the story of Silvia and Raphael's marriage, divorce, and Silvia's transformation into a successful pilot, followed by her rejection of Raphael's attempt to reconcile, illustrates the unpredictable turns life can take and the pursuit of individual happiness and success


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