Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 26

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 26

Chapter 26 

At one point, the screen captured the faces of both Adeline and Raphael, making them look like a pair of lying clowns

Whispers and murmurs gradually filled the surroundings

In the entertainment industry, all sorts of monsters and demons roam freely

Anything can happen

Therefore, the other celebrities around seemed unfazed and refrained from 

engaging in excessive gossip

They neither found it particularly novel nor wanted to be caught on camera

However, Adeline, as one of the people 



Chapter 26 

involved, felt deceived

This is someone else’s private matter, and I shouldn’t say much about it

Besides, my friend is an outsider to the industry, so it’s better to talk about our peers.” 

The host seemed understanding, saying, Indeed, I was being too nosy

Please forgive me

Since we’re talking about peers, Miss Adeline, who has just won an award, seems to have a close relationship with Director 


Is there a new project coming soon?” 

As soon as Adeline heard the host mention Director Lee, her heart almost exploded



Chapter 26 

How do these people know everything?! 

But she quickly composed herself and nodded calmly, saying, Yes

We’re already discussing a project, and if nothing unexpected happens, it will start filming soon.” 

The host replied, Then we’ll look forward to the collaboration between Miss Adeline and Director Lee.” 

Adeline smiled gracefully, saying, Thank you for your blessings.” 

However, the host continued, But to look good on screen, I suggest Miss Adeline control her figure recently

After all, Director Lee’s projects always have high standards and demands



Chapter 26 

But I can see that Miss Adeline must be very confident, as she looks much more radiant now.” 

The other celebrities below applauded and laughed

But Adeline couldn’t find it in herself to laugh because it was obvious they were saying she had gained weight

She nervously covered her stomach, forced a smile, and quickly handed the microphone back to the staff on the side, as if afraid of more questions coming her way

Next, the screen turned a few more times, capturing other celebrities, but the 

questions were not tricky, just casual chitchat

When it came to the last round of random camera shots, it was Adeline again



Chapter 26 

At this point, some veteran actors had already guessed that someone was deliberately messing with Adeline

However, they didn’t say anything

One is that Adeline’s last award was not as impressive as it seemed, and many people were dissatisfied. There are rumors that Adeline has a particularly close relationship with a certain director in private

Adeline’s face turned pale, and she could only reluctantly take the microphone

But this time, there was a different female host

Many celebrities changed their expressions as soon as they saw the female host

Not for any other reason, but because this woman is known for asking whatever she 



Chapter 26 

wants, without caring if the other person gets angry, because she knows very well what fans and viewers want to know

This female host is called Teresa, with short hair that reaches her ears, sharp gaze. No matter how difficult the question is, she always shows an extremely friendly smile, making it impossible for people to get angry

Teresa didn’t even hold a script, just holding the microphone, Hello, Miss Adeline. As the first person to interview you on stage, I feel honored.” 

Adeline started sweating, and she swallowed, The honor is mine.” 

In the audience, countless pairs of eyes were fixed on Teresa

Who doesn’t want to see a show



Chapter 26 

Especially when it involves interviewing others

Teresa went straight to the point, There are rumors that Miss Adeline has been secretly married for several years. Is it true?” 


She started with such a fiery question

Adeline was almost suffocating, and she clenched the microphone

Some people could already tell that her expression had changed. If it were someone else interviewing, they might choose to skip this question

But not Teresa

First, it’s her style of interviewing, and second… 



Chapter 26 

Someone paid a hefty price to let her ask whatever she wanted, and guaranteed to cover her back for anything that happened afterwards. So what does Teresa have to fear? 

Naturally, she asked boldly

She had prepared many questions in advance

That’s all baseless rumors and cannot be trusted,Adeline replied

Teresa wasn’t surprised by this answer and asked again, I heard from some colleagues that they saw you entering and leaving a hotel with a director once. How do you respond to this?” 

As soon as this question came out, the entire audience was about to explode



Chapter 26 

No one would ask such a direct question

But if it’s Teresa, then it’s nothing out of the ordinary

Mainly, they never expected that Adeline, who had just won an award, would have such a thing happen

Wasn’t she always seen as an independent, strong, and elegant woman?Adeline’s eyes were red from holding back tears

If it weren’t for this occasion, she would likely have thrown down the microphone and left

Not only that, even Raphael next to her looked at her

In any case, Adeline would never admit it, I have heard these rumors too, but I don’t explain because that director is my mentor



Chapter 26 

and I don’t want to tarnish the mentor’s nurturing heart with those rumors. I also hope to work hard and repay the mentor’s guidance.” 

Teresa didn’t pursue further and changed the topic, I just found out something 

before coming here, I wonder if Miss Adeline would be angry.‘ 

Adeline forced a smile, No, go ahead and tell me.” 

Teresa seemed to deliberately raise her voice, I have a colleague who works in the family court, and he mentioned that he saw you there. Were you handling divorce 

procedures with a gentleman at that time?” 

In an instant, there was a continuous uproar all around

The chaotic voices mixed together, but most 



Chapter 26 

of them were the smalltime celebrities gossiping

The big shots couldn’t be bothered with the affairs of such a small actress

Especially one without much talent, who only knew how to take shortcuts

In the front row

Silvia’s gaze remained fixed on the expressions of the two people on the big 



their wonderful expressions

Silvia felt the anger that had been pent up in her heart finally loosen

Just then, a soft question came to her ear, Are you relieved?” 

Silvia suddenly turned her head



Chapter 26 

Frederick leaned against the seat, the light from the lamp casting a glow on his face, and she could even see the gentleness in his 



Youit can’t be you” 

Frederick noticed the angry gaze from the back row, and deliberately approached Silvia

So from Raphael’s perspective, it looked like the man was kissing Silvia


Just as Adeline finished answering Teresa’s tricky questions, she heard Raphael 

suddenly hammer the armrest of his chair

He angrily stood up and walked quickly 



Chapter 26 

through the seats, not even acknowledging Adeline, and left alone

Adeline didn’t even call out to him

The mocking gazes from nearby onlookers almost made Adeline break down, but she could only continue sitting here

His leaving could only mean that she was scared

However, Raphael didn’t actually leave, he just left his seat and went to the exit, staring at the big screen

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Artist: , Released: 10/6/2023 Native Language: English
Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )"A story that will captivate the reader: "Divorce of the Richest Man (Silvia and Raphael)." It revolves around the dissolution of Silvia and Raphael's marriage to the wealthiest man, encompassing asset division, custody battles, and legal intricacies. A must-read for all. Read More My Blind Husband ( Astrid Rose )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Description of Novels

Title: Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Author: –  ( Silvia and Raphael ) )

Rating: 9.8 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

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Read Online Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Silvia and Raphael had been married for 2 years, and Raphael wanted to divorce. After being extremely disappointed, she chose to divorce. On the day of the divorce, she remarried the richest man in the world. Silvia turned from a housewife to a super-rich woman, working as a pilot. The ex-husband regretted it and wanted to get back together. But Silvia rejected it. Reporter interview: "It is said that you married a woman who was married before, why did you choose to marry her?" Frederick: "First of all, my wife is the only female captain of American Civil Aviation, and she is the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Secondly, I am not good enough for her." FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear. So, you never have to be afraid of not being able to go home. - Frederick The capital, Washington, DC. In the evening, the wind and rain continue. "Silvia, Adeline and her husband are already discussing divorce. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with me, and then... we will separate."  

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

Q1: Why did Silvia choose to divorce Raphael after only 2 years of marriage? A1: Silvia chose to divorce Raphael because she was extremely disappointed in their marriage. Q2: What did Silvia do after divorcing Raphael? A2: After divorcing Raphael, Silvia remarried the richest man in the world and became a pilot, working as the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Q3: Why did Frederick, the richest man in the world, choose to marry Silvia? A3: Frederick chose to marry Silvia because she was the only female captain of American Civil Aviation and the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. He felt he wasn't good enough for her. Q4: What is the significance of the statement "FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear"? A4: This statement suggests that wherever Silvia, as a pilot, flies for FDK Airlines, that place becomes a destination for travelers, highlighting her significance and impact as a pilot. Q5: What is the plan involving Adeline, Silvia, and her husband mentioned in the passage? A5: The plan involves Adeline discussing divorce with her husband. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with Silvia, and they will separate from their respective husbands.


In conclusion, the story of Silvia and Raphael's marriage, divorce, and Silvia's transformation into a successful pilot, followed by her rejection of Raphael's attempt to reconcile, illustrates the unpredictable turns life can take and the pursuit of individual happiness and success


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