Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 42

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 42

Chapter 42 

Silvia had a whole night of chaotic and disordered dreams, with no sequence or reason. The characters inside were noisy and incoherent, and people who couldn’t be connected appeared together in scenes

But what was the same as last time was that Frederick was the last one to appear. He just silently accompanied her without saying a word. No matter what she asked, he always had a smiling expression, as if he would never get angry no matter what she said

In the end, Silvia woke up in a hurry

When her vision reflected the real world, Silvia didn’t recognize where she was at first

After a while, she realized that it was Frederick’s residence



Chapter 42 

Silvia glanced at the time and found that it was only half past two in the middle of the night, but she couldn’t fall back asleep

According to the date written on the 

contract Frederick gave her, she had three more days before she could report to FDK Airlines

These three days were for customizing her exclusive uniform according to her 

measurements, as well as arranging the flight routes

Silvia took a shower to freshen up, dried her hair, and changed into the only remaining set of new brown pajamas before going to the open balcony

The wind made her feel cold, but she was filled with warmth. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the wind

The words Frederick said last night kept 



Chapter 42 

repeating in her ears and mind, over and over again, like an endless loop

Silvia was taken aback when a suit jacket was draped over her

Frederick appeared silently

Suddenly, the back of Silvia’s wrist was touched by the man’s hand. Frederick had a cigarette in his mouth, indicating that he probably hadn’t slept yet

You feel a little cold. You’re about to start working. Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?” 

But Silvia’s attention was on his eyes. Your eyes are very red. Haven’t you slept?” 

Frederick took two steps back before 

continuing to smoke, glancing at her. Hmm, I haven’t slept.” 



Chapter 42 

He had been worried about Silvia, afraid that she would feel uncomfortable in the middle of the night. 

Iris was already unconscious from drinking, and the other two were even worse. Only he was still somewhat awake

Silvia pinched her earlobe, not wanting to delve into the reasons why he hadn’t slept. You should go to sleep.” 

However, Frederick didn’t move

After a while, he suddenly spoke, catching her off guard. Do you know that you called my name in your dream?” 



This sentence was like a bolt from the blue, almost causing Silvia to explode inside and 



Chapter 42 

out.She shouted his name while she was sleeping??? 

Could it be that in her dream, she kept 

calling Frederick’s name, trying to get a response from the Frederick in her dream

That shouldn’t be the case… 

She doesn’t remember having the habit of talking in her sleep

But she did dream, and Silvia felt a bit guilty

She rubbed her nose: No way? I don’t think I talk in my sleep.” 

Frederick asked casually, Who told you that?” 

Silvia was stunned

Who told her



Chapter 42 

Who could tell her something like that

Of course, it was the person beside her

But she hadn’t shared a room with Raphael, except for the few times she stayed at Raphael’s parentshouse, and Raphael always found an excuse to stay out all night

Now that she thought about it, Silvia felt like there was something missing in her head. Otherwise, how could she not have noticed something so obvious

But those were all in the past, the main thing was the present

And now Frederick asked this question… 

Every time she looked into his eyes, Silvia felt that Frederick was very serious,

thousand percent sincere, and extremely focused



Chapter 42 

He rarely gave off a sense of contempt

Except when facing Raphael

Frederick leaned against the balcony railing, exhaling the last puff of smoke, and changed the subject: Did you dream about me? What did you dream about me?” 

No,Silvia denied firmly

Frederick raised an eyebrow, You didn’t dream about me?” 

Silvia pursed her lips, I“‘ 

Embarrassment and frustration intertwined in her mind. Fortunately, it wasn’t yet dawn, otherwise her blushing ears might expose her guilt

Just tell me, what did you dream about me?Frederick suddenly took a step towards her, still maintaining a polite distance



Chapter 42 

At this moment, he was no longer the CEO of a listed company, but more like an ordinary, sunny young man

Because of his approach, Silvia felt even more guilty, and blurted out, Why do I have to say?” 

Frederick’s eyes flashed with a triumphant smile, and he tilted his head and said with a smile, They say that thoughts come during the day and dreams come during the night

The images that appear should be what you subconsciously care about and fear the most. Especially if you dream of something bad, tell me, so that I can avoid it in the future.” 

Look, the way he said that, whether you say it or not, it doesn’t matter.Hello, did you study linguistics in college?Silvia held one side of her cheek, her eyes hiding a smile



Chapter 42 

Frederick naturally caught the warmth in her eyes, and his tense heart slowly relaxed

He did mind that Silvia was still thinking about that man, Raphael

As long as Silvia didn’t get hurt because of Raphael, it was fine

No, I don’t. Do you like linguistics? There are adult colleges too, if I have time, I can go and study.” 

Silvia quickly waved her hand, Don’t bother, my language skills are already sufficient.” 

This flirtatious language is really… 

Frederick was just teasing her, and quickly became serious again, Are you still drunk?” 

I woke up a long time ago.‘ 



Chapter 42 

Iris is carefree, you don’t have to depend on her for everything in the future,Frederick instructed

Silvia looked over

Frederick smiled, I promised her. After you fly, let her be your chief flight attendant, to take care of you.” 

In Silvia’s dream, she was tearing Frederick apart: Is that taking care of you? You’re just letting your own sister take care of your crush?! 

Silvia lowered her gaze, Oh, alright. I like being with Iris.” 

Just became a captain, I decided to let you fly domestic flights first. When you accumulate enough flight hours as a captain, then you can apply to fly large passenger planes,Frederick had already paved the way for her



Chapter 42 

As long as she can pass by safely, then there’s nothing else to worry about

Silvia clenched her hands, You’ve helped me a lot. If it’s because of” 

No, it’s not,Frederick interrupted her, Helping you and wanting to pursue you are two different things. Helping you is also helping myself, after all, the company is mine. A happy captain ensures a safe flight process.” 

Silvia blinked

After a while, she chuckled, Frederick, I’ve discovered a good skill of yours.” 

Frederick raised an eyebrow, with a smile on his face, Tell me.” 

You can turn something dead into something alive,Silvia said, halfjokingly



Chapter 42 

The way he just acted, it was almost like it was written on his face

People with high emotional intelligence are like this. You know it’s a lie, but you still feel comfortable listening to it, without any anger after being deceived

It’s not to that extent. If it were, I wouldn’t bother starting an airline. All the rich people would be lining up to find me, waiting for me to bring them back to life,Frederick said

Silvia instantly burst into laughter

Her laughter was imprinted in his pupils. Frederick suddenly sighed and his voice became softer, Did I make you laugh? Thendon’t worry about that man anymore, okay?” 


Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Artist: , Released: 10/6/2023 Native Language: English
Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )"A story that will captivate the reader: "Divorce of the Richest Man (Silvia and Raphael)." It revolves around the dissolution of Silvia and Raphael's marriage to the wealthiest man, encompassing asset division, custody battles, and legal intricacies. A must-read for all. Read More My Blind Husband ( Astrid Rose )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Description of Novels

Title: Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Author: –  ( Silvia and Raphael ) )

Rating: 9.8 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

Where to read: olomuz.com

Read Online Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Silvia and Raphael had been married for 2 years, and Raphael wanted to divorce. After being extremely disappointed, she chose to divorce. On the day of the divorce, she remarried the richest man in the world. Silvia turned from a housewife to a super-rich woman, working as a pilot. The ex-husband regretted it and wanted to get back together. But Silvia rejected it. Reporter interview: "It is said that you married a woman who was married before, why did you choose to marry her?" Frederick: "First of all, my wife is the only female captain of American Civil Aviation, and she is the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Secondly, I am not good enough for her." FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear. So, you never have to be afraid of not being able to go home. - Frederick The capital, Washington, DC. In the evening, the wind and rain continue. "Silvia, Adeline and her husband are already discussing divorce. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with me, and then... we will separate."  

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

Q1: Why did Silvia choose to divorce Raphael after only 2 years of marriage? A1: Silvia chose to divorce Raphael because she was extremely disappointed in their marriage. Q2: What did Silvia do after divorcing Raphael? A2: After divorcing Raphael, Silvia remarried the richest man in the world and became a pilot, working as the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Q3: Why did Frederick, the richest man in the world, choose to marry Silvia? A3: Frederick chose to marry Silvia because she was the only female captain of American Civil Aviation and the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. He felt he wasn't good enough for her. Q4: What is the significance of the statement "FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear"? A4: This statement suggests that wherever Silvia, as a pilot, flies for FDK Airlines, that place becomes a destination for travelers, highlighting her significance and impact as a pilot. Q5: What is the plan involving Adeline, Silvia, and her husband mentioned in the passage? A5: The plan involves Adeline discussing divorce with her husband. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with Silvia, and they will separate from their respective husbands.


In conclusion, the story of Silvia and Raphael's marriage, divorce, and Silvia's transformation into a successful pilot, followed by her rejection of Raphael's attempt to reconcile, illustrates the unpredictable turns life can take and the pursuit of individual happiness and success


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