Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 56

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 56

Chapter 56 

Silvia was stunned

Is the treatment so good

In other airlines, passengers may have complaints, but there is nothing they can do. At most, they would grumble and 

complain, and the staff would apologize and 

move on

The male passenger seemed a little embarrassed when he saw the situation

The nearby passengers all said, They gave you face, so you shouldn’t be so picky. I heard you talking on the phone about 

singing karaoke after getting off the plane. What are you so busy with?” 




A hottempered guy immediately said, Aren’t you afraid that it will be your 

problem in the future? Can’t you be a little more accommodating

The captain personally came to apologize to you, gave you a membership card, and even gave you a small gift. What more do you want to complain about?” 

The male passenger blushed and lowered his head, not daring to say anything

Silvia quickly said, Thank you all for your support for our work. Thank you very 


Don’t mention it! We saw you kneeling on the ground to save someone just now. Don’t mind those few insects!” 

That’s right! FDK Airlines is great. I will definitely choose FDK Airlines in the 




Chapter 56 

Amidst a round of praise, Silvia got off the plane

During an unscheduled landing, not all passengers need to disembark. They just need to wait for a while. After receiving the takeoff signal from the local control tower, the plane can continue its journey

When Silvia got off the plane to check for any issues with the aircraft, she was called away by a staff member

What’s the matter?” 

She had just asked when someone appeared beside her

Frederick was wearing a dark brown suit today, making him look particularly 

gentlemanly. There was a hint of worry in his eyes. Are you okay?” 

As soon as he landed in Los Angeles, he 



Chapter 56 

heard that an FDK Airlines plane had made an unscheduled landing there. After 

inquiring, he found out that it was Silvia’s plane

Knowing that someone had accused Silvia on the plane, Frederick sent someone over with a bunch of things

It’s not that this incident is troublesome or not, it happens every day

But the key is that if the male passenger goes to complain and report Silvia, it will directly affect her future qualification to compete for the Airbus A380 pilot license

Frederick slightly bent down, Has anyone bullied you?” 

Silvia knew that he was in Los Angeles, but she didn’t expect him to be at the airport

Is your flight delayed?” 

Chapter 56 

No.Frederick held her wrist and led her to the VIP lounge. What about you? Has anyone bullied you?” 

No.Silvia raised an eyebrow. Am I that weak in your eyes?” 


Sherman and Jeff, who were accompanying them, almost couldn’t hold back their laughter

Brother, can’t you be more tactful?! 

Is he suffering from straight male syndrome 




Silvia wasn’t 

angered by Frederick’s blunt answer

Instead, she smiled and said, President 

Tudor is honest.” 



Chapter 56 

Frederick’s brows relaxed, and his face lost some of its coldness. His eyes slightly lifted, containing a hint of flirtation, transforming him into a fairy that seemed capable of devouring people

So, is there a reward?” 

He was close, and the scent of men’s cologne wafted from his body, causing Silvia’s heart to skip a beat

But she didn’t move away. The desire to win. prompted her to meet the man’s aggressive 


Only Frederick could see that Silvia’s eyes. curved, faintly revealing a visible charm. She smiled gently and said, Yes.” 

Frederick was clearly stunned

In the past, if he teased her like this, she would react unnaturally, even scold him and 



Chapter 56 

tell him to behave. Why is it different today… 

Lost in thought, Frederick’s eyelashes suddenly trembled

Jeff quickly pulled Sherman, who was staring without blinking, and turned away

What are you looking at

Over on the couch, Silvia leaned forward, and there was only a finger’s distance between her and Frederick. As long as 

someone spoke, it seemed like their lips could touch

But Frederick didn’t move

Silvia faced him, her gaze falling on his lips, and a hint of cunning flashed in her eyes. How about a kiss?” 




Chapter 56 

It felt like something exploded in Frederick’s head

His breathing became erratic as he stared blankly at the smiling woman in front of him

Silvia raised an eyebrow. Not willing? Well then, forget itAfter returning to 

Washington, D.C., please treat President Tudor to a meal. My colleagues are still waiting for me. I’ll leave first.” 

She stood up, waved at the two guards at the door, and said, Goodbye.” 

Jeff had a very enthusiastic smile as he waved. Captain Robinson, goodbye!” 

In the lounge

When the two of them walked away, Frederick still hadn’t snapped out of it



Chapter 56 

Sherman waved his hand in front of him.Frederick suddenly exhaled and 

forcefully tugged at his tie, unable to hold back his curse: F***” 

Sherman froze

The man got up with a stern face and left first

What is this… 

He was harassed and didn’t react for a while, feeling regretful?? 

On the other side

Silvia, who had already joined Iris and the others, had a faint smile on her face

In a place where no one could see, the mockery in her eyes gradually disappeared

Frederick had teased her many times, and 



Chapter 56 

this time she had finally paid him back, so she was feeling somewhat pleased

Now she was going to the airport in Los Angeles to do the briefing, and then she would continue flying to New York City. She couldn’t delay for too long and affect the passengerstime

Half a day passed

Frederick finally finished his busy work, but the scene of the woman approaching him and harassing him involuntarily flashed through his mind

This woman… 

Quite capable, huh

Can you snap out of it?Sherman said, Your illegitimate halfbrother is staying at 



Chapter 56 

your house, and your dad wants you to take some time to go back and have a meal.” 

Frederick didn’t respond

Sherman continued, Your dad really has a big heart. Every time I see that illegitimate child of his, I feel like your dad has no pursuit in life.” 

Jeff didn’t understand, Is there any causal relationship between these two?” 

Sherman had a cup of water in his hand, the car window was half open, and he spat out the goji berries outside the window with a sound of pu pu pu

Hearing that sound, Frederick felt annoyed, Can you stop spitting? Do you think you’re a goji berry shooter?” 




Chapter 56 

Being shouted at, Sherman became furious and shouted at Jeff in the passenger seat, If his dad had some pursuit in life, his 

illegitimate child wouldn’t look like a llama!” 

Being shouted at for no reason, Jeff wasn’t angry and looked bewildered, Where does that illegitimate child look like a llama?” 

He changed his appearance. I guess he’s celebrating finally moving into the Tudor Family mansion, so he deliberately got an explosion hairstyle and a slanted fringe. Ha! I really don’t know which cave this monster crawled out of, it’s hilarious.” 

Listening to Sherman’s sarcastic remarks, Frederick felt some of his annoyance disappear

He opened WhatsApp and found Silvia’s chat box, and sent a message



Chapter 56 

Silvia saw the message after arriving in New York City

President Tudor: Have you determined when you’ll be returning

Silvia: What’s the matter

President Tudor: I’ll wait for your flight. I want you to pick me up and go home together


This president, he’s a bit sudden, isn’t he

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Artist: , Released: 10/6/2023 Native Language: English
Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )"A story that will captivate the reader: "Divorce of the Richest Man (Silvia and Raphael)." It revolves around the dissolution of Silvia and Raphael's marriage to the wealthiest man, encompassing asset division, custody battles, and legal intricacies. A must-read for all. Read More My Blind Husband ( Astrid Rose )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Description of Novels

Title: Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Author: –  ( Silvia and Raphael ) )

Rating: 9.8 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

Where to read: olomuz.com

Read Online Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Silvia and Raphael had been married for 2 years, and Raphael wanted to divorce. After being extremely disappointed, she chose to divorce. On the day of the divorce, she remarried the richest man in the world. Silvia turned from a housewife to a super-rich woman, working as a pilot. The ex-husband regretted it and wanted to get back together. But Silvia rejected it. Reporter interview: "It is said that you married a woman who was married before, why did you choose to marry her?" Frederick: "First of all, my wife is the only female captain of American Civil Aviation, and she is the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Secondly, I am not good enough for her." FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear. So, you never have to be afraid of not being able to go home. - Frederick The capital, Washington, DC. In the evening, the wind and rain continue. "Silvia, Adeline and her husband are already discussing divorce. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with me, and then... we will separate."  

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

Q1: Why did Silvia choose to divorce Raphael after only 2 years of marriage? A1: Silvia chose to divorce Raphael because she was extremely disappointed in their marriage. Q2: What did Silvia do after divorcing Raphael? A2: After divorcing Raphael, Silvia remarried the richest man in the world and became a pilot, working as the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Q3: Why did Frederick, the richest man in the world, choose to marry Silvia? A3: Frederick chose to marry Silvia because she was the only female captain of American Civil Aviation and the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. He felt he wasn't good enough for her. Q4: What is the significance of the statement "FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear"? A4: This statement suggests that wherever Silvia, as a pilot, flies for FDK Airlines, that place becomes a destination for travelers, highlighting her significance and impact as a pilot. Q5: What is the plan involving Adeline, Silvia, and her husband mentioned in the passage? A5: The plan involves Adeline discussing divorce with her husband. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with Silvia, and they will separate from their respective husbands.


In conclusion, the story of Silvia and Raphael's marriage, divorce, and Silvia's transformation into a successful pilot, followed by her rejection of Raphael's attempt to reconcile, illustrates the unpredictable turns life can take and the pursuit of individual happiness and success


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