Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 6

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael ) Chapter 6


The man’s encouragement, likening it to celestial music, was nothing short of fitting

In Silvia’s world, she had heard far too many negations. From the moment she embarked on her flight training, her instructors were skeptical. It was a widelyheld belief that in situations of crisis, women were considered less composed than men

This sentiment persisted even as she progressed in her career, facing skepticism from Raphael, who repeatedly dismissed her aspirations. Even during her time as a First Officer at American Airlines, there were those who questioned her abilities

Silvia had developed a remarkable capacity for endurance, suppressing her emotions and doubts. A certain leader once described her as innocent and naive, but wil 



resilience and outstanding professional abilities.. in a decade, there won’t be 

anyone in this industry who can overshadow her.” 

However, Silvia was unaware of these sentiments

What she knew now was that someone was expressing genuine anticipation for her to become a female captain

Have you forgotten to follow your boss’s orders even before officially starting work?A teasing tone interrupted Silvia’s reverie

She suddenly realized they had arrived at the helipad, where a private helicopter was parked outside

Frederick sat beside 

beside her, nonchalantly 

asking, Aren’t you going to change into your flight suit?” 




Upon seeing the uniform inside the changing room, Silvia’s heart began to race. FrederickShe remembered the name that had once been so gentle with her

Frederick raised an eyebrow. What’s wrong?” 

Silvia held up the flight suit. Is this the uniform for professional helicopter pilots?” 

Frederick seemed unperturbed. What’s the issue?” 

Was it against the rules

After all, she hadn’t signed a contract yet

Frederick pocketed his phone. There’s nothing else available for now. Just put it on.” 

Alright,” Silvia replied with enthusiasm




She enjoyed wearing any type of pilot uniform, not only because it looked good but also because it carried a different meaning

However, this particular suit seemed to be tailored for FDK Airlines, and its standard design was consistent worldwide, although the styles varied between airlines. Silvia noticed she couldn’t reach the buttons at the back

Was it too small

Feeling a bit awkward, she hesitated before sticking her head out and calling


The man patiently responded, Are you ready?” 

Not yet, is this size too small?Silvia asked



Frederick got up and approached her. Silvia had already put on the uniform, but she was struggling to fasten the buttons at the back

He pursed his lips and, with a swift motion, grabbed the sides and applied some force

His sudden action caught Silvia off guard, and she was pulled back against him

As she collided with his chest, she felt utterly embarrassed and hurriedly moved forward. I’m sorry… 

I used some force,Frederick’s voice carried a hint of laughter

Silvia’s ears turned inexplicably warm, and she felt strange but could only nod. Yes.” 

He continued, I used quite a bit of force.” 

Silvia turned around, slightly annoyed




Well, you didn’t have to!” 

Frederick teased her, but then he pulled the button open once more. Silvia, despite her twoyear break, still had impressive 

physical capabilities. She resisted his pull with determination

Take a deep breath,Frederick advised

Silvia followed his instruction

Another one?Frederick inquired

II’m alreadyout of breath,Silvia gasped. I mightsuffocate” 

No,Frederick released her

His sudden release was equally unexpected, and Silvia was propelled forward due to the residual force




Frederick effortlessly caught her, pressing her against his chest

In this slightly compromising on in 

front of the dressing room mirror, it appeared as if they were a couple

Are you hot?The woman behind him suddenly asked

Frederick looked down, and their proximity was indeed quite intimate. His calm

response was slightly teasing, Your ears 

are red.” 

Silvia’s face turned even redder

Frederick walked away as soon as they were outside, and only then did he look back, watching the woman with her long legs and slim waist, dressed in a dark blue helicopter pilot uniform, approaching him




Silvia exuded an air of coolness and poise, outshining the other female captain at FDK International, and she resembled the somewhat faded image of her from his memories

They boarded the helicopter

Both of them adjusted their safety gear

Silvia touched the controls once again, and although she hadn’t flown for a while, the concerns she had earlier seemed to have disappeared. It was as if these skills were ingrained in her, ready to be unleashed at her touch

When the helicopter lifted off the ground, Silvia couldn’t help but smile radiantly

The noise inside the helicopter was deafening, but she managed to shout, Frederick, I’m flying again!” 



Frederick responded calmly, forward and don’t look back.” 

calmly, Then fly 

Don’t look back… 

She wouldn’t look back. Never again

She couldn’t sacrifice her love for this career for anyone else… 

Moreover, she would love herself, while simultaneously striving to become the best female captain

In the midst of flight, Silvia was different. Her expression was sharp, even 

even a touch aggressive. Gone was the vulnerable woman she had been in her marriage. 

From the helipad to the spot indicated by Frederick, it wasn’t a lengthy journey. Yet, Silvia hadn’t had her fill when she already spotted the ground’s landing zone



But within Silvia’s inner world, jubilation still reigned supreme. Her palms were sweaty, yet her every step was flawless

With utmost composure, she gently set the helicopter down on the ground

The air around them fell into an unusual hush. Silvia’s vision blurred slightly as she gazed at the leaves stirred by the 

stillwhirring rotor blades outside. We’ve arrived.” 

In times gone by, Silvia had often stood in for the senior pilot, conveying a message to every passenger aboard their flights

Ladies and gentlemen, this flight has now safely reached its destination. On behalf of the entire flight crew, we wish you a pleasant journey ahead. Goodbye.” 

Memories resurfaced but were swiftly 




intermingled with Frederick’s nonchalant remark: No wish for a pleasant journey for me?” 

Silvia returned to the moment, her eyes reddened, and she smiled with a familiar, casual tone, Mr. Tudor” 

A pleasant journey,she offered



Divorce: Married The Richest Man 


Leaving the helicopter behind, not far off, was Frederick’s residence. To call it 

luxurious would be an understatement of its grandeur

Silvia stood her ground. I’m going now. 

Be here sharp on time every day to drop me off and pick me up,Frederick didn’t turn around

But it’s quite a distance. What time do you go to work in the morning?Silvia inquired

Frederick pondered for a moment. Six o’clock.” 

Six o’clock

Were executives working such long hours 


Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: , Artist: , Released: 10/6/2023 Native Language: English
Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )"A story that will captivate the reader: "Divorce of the Richest Man (Silvia and Raphael)." It revolves around the dissolution of Silvia and Raphael's marriage to the wealthiest man, encompassing asset division, custody battles, and legal intricacies. A must-read for all. Read More My Blind Husband ( Astrid Rose )

Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Description of Novels

Title: Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Author: –  ( Silvia and Raphael ) )

Rating: 9.8 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

Where to read: olomuz.com

Read Online Divorce Married The Richest Man ( Silvia and Raphael )

Silvia and Raphael had been married for 2 years, and Raphael wanted to divorce. After being extremely disappointed, she chose to divorce. On the day of the divorce, she remarried the richest man in the world. Silvia turned from a housewife to a super-rich woman, working as a pilot. The ex-husband regretted it and wanted to get back together. But Silvia rejected it. Reporter interview: "It is said that you married a woman who was married before, why did you choose to marry her?" Frederick: "First of all, my wife is the only female captain of American Civil Aviation, and she is the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Secondly, I am not good enough for her." FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear. So, you never have to be afraid of not being able to go home. - Frederick The capital, Washington, DC. In the evening, the wind and rain continue. "Silvia, Adeline and her husband are already discussing divorce. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with me, and then... we will separate."  

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

Q1: Why did Silvia choose to divorce Raphael after only 2 years of marriage? A1: Silvia chose to divorce Raphael because she was extremely disappointed in their marriage. Q2: What did Silvia do after divorcing Raphael? A2: After divorcing Raphael, Silvia remarried the richest man in the world and became a pilot, working as the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. Q3: Why did Frederick, the richest man in the world, choose to marry Silvia? A3: Frederick chose to marry Silvia because she was the only female captain of American Civil Aviation and the youngest and most outstanding female captain in the world. He felt he wasn't good enough for her. Q4: What is the significance of the statement "FDK Airlines, the destination of 863 aircraft, is wherever you, Silvia, will appear"? A4: This statement suggests that wherever Silvia, as a pilot, flies for FDK Airlines, that place becomes a destination for travelers, highlighting her significance and impact as a pilot. Q5: What is the plan involving Adeline, Silvia, and her husband mentioned in the passage? A5: The plan involves Adeline discussing divorce with her husband. Once she gets the divorce certificate, she will move in with Silvia, and they will separate from their respective husbands.


In conclusion, the story of Silvia and Raphael's marriage, divorce, and Silvia's transformation into a successful pilot, followed by her rejection of Raphael's attempt to reconcile, illustrates the unpredictable turns life can take and the pursuit of individual happiness and success


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