My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story Chapter 204

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story Chapter 204

Lila’s POV
“Sarah, what are you doing?” I asked, approaching her.
“What does it look like I’m doing,” she asked in return, narrowing her eyes at me. “I’m giving away free
ice cream. I thought it would be a nice touch to your little bake sale.”
“It kind of takes away from it; don’t you think?”
“Takes away from it?” She asked with wide eyes. “Oh, gosh no. That was not my intention. I only wanted
to help. Tiffany Prescott said that it was a great idea when I brought up the idea to her.”
She gave me a fake pout that I could see through right away.
“Headmaster Prescott gave you permission?” I asked, raising my brows; I was finding that hard to
believe. “We are doing this to raise money for the committee; if you give away free ice cream, it’ll be
difficult for us to raise money.”
“I’m only thinking of students who can’t afford your baked goods,” she said, batting her long and fake
lashes at me.
I pressed my lips together, folding my arms across my chest, I said, “They can pay what you can. We
don’t have prices for that reason.”
“My father recently bought me this ice cream truck for my birthday. I wanted to put it to good use,” she
shrugged. “There’s no crime in that.”
“Stop pretending you are doing this for the students, Sarah,” Rachel seethed stepping beside me. “You
are doing this to sabotage the bake sale.”
“Oh, believe. I don’t need to try that hard to sabotage this stupid bake sale,” Sarah said, rolling her eyes.
Her friends chuckled behind her. “Your shitty baking will do that for me.”
“When was the last time you lifted a finger and baked anything?” Rachel asked in return, folding her
arms across her chest, and tilting her head to the side. “Your precious maids do that for you.”
“Don’t act like you know me, bitch,” Sarah seethed in return. She then looked back at me and narrowed
her eyes. “Don’t act like you are much better than me. You are doing this for the same reason I am. To
“You are selfish, Sarah,” I said, keeping my eyes locked on hers. “You only care about yourself. I don’t
want to be president of the student committee so badly.”
“Same reason you do,” she scoffed. “Power.”
“That’s not my reason.”
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“Lila formed this committee herself; it belongs to her. She has all the right to be the president of it,”
Rachel hissed.
Rachel wasn’t usually temperamental; bears are typically calm because they aren’t very powerful, so they
try hard to not get into confrontations. But Sarah brought out Rachel’s fury.
“And I have every right to run against her,” Sarah said in return, her tone darkening. “And I’ll do
whatever it takes to make sure I come out on top.”
I wanted to say something in return, but I heard Becca clearing her throat loudly from behind me,
reminding me that there was an audience. I managed to pull my eyes away from Sarah and turn to face
my friends who were staring at me with worrisome expressions.
Brody was amongst them.
He was staring at Sarah with a look of longing, and it tore at my heart. Not because I was jealous, but
because I felt bad for him. Having Sarah as a mate was probably awful.
But I also felt guilty for putting him in this position.
It’s obvious he still has that spell in place because Sarah hasn’t noticed him, but he and his wolf can feel
her, and I knew it was taking everything he had not to run to her.
“Hey Brody,” I said, pulling his attention from Sarah to me.
“Hey,” he said, his voice cracking slightly. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Hey, Lila. Figured I’d
come by and help.”
“Thanks,” I said with a bright smile. “We could use the help.”
Dee was putting some baked goods on platters, so we could walk them around campus for those who
don’t want to come here.
“Would you mind taking a platter and walking around campus? Students can pay what they can for
anything they want. Take a jar to collect money too,” I said, placing a glass jar in the middle of the
platter. The jar had the words “pay what you can” on the side of it.
“Sure thing,” he said with a bright smile.
He glanced back in Sarah’s direction before taking the platter from me.
Just as Brody walked away, a familiar and wonderful scent filled my nose making Val perk up instantly. I
couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips that I desperately tried to stifle. It took everything I had
not to run to him despite Val’s eagerness.
Nobody else noticed the look on my face, but Dee did, and she gave me a small smile, trying not to
make it obvious that she knew.
Enzo was on campus.
Enzo’s POV
As soon as I got to campus, I could smell Lila. The scent of honeysuckle filled my nose and calmed my
every muscle and tension. Max was desperate to get to our mate, but there was something else I
needed to do first.
I didn’t go to the bake sale right away, I knew there was no class today but if I was lucky, Professor
Xander would be training, and I’d be able to talk to him.
I didn’t have the proof I needed, and I desperately wanted to kick his ass, but I couldn’t. Not yet.
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The arena was empty when I arrived. It instantly filled me with a familiar sense; I spent a lot of time here
last year. It had become a home away from home. My safe place.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. But Lila and my pack came first, and I couldn’t be a professor
and maintain both.
As I walked further into the arena, I paused when I saw a backpack, along with a few other things,
thrown in the corner of the room. I furrowed my brows together, knowing they must belong to Xander.
The arena also reeked of him, so he was close.
“What do you think you are doing in here?” I heard a voice from behind me.
I turned around to find a tall and broad gentleman with a bunch of tattoos covering his arms and chest.
A bit tacky for my taste, but I shouldn’t have been surprised.
“Professor Xander,” I greeted, keeping my tone even and unbothered.
Just looking at him brought out the fur I felt, but I had to keep myself and Max under control.
“And who might you—” his voice trailed off as realization crossed his eyes. “Oh. You must be Alpha
Enzo. Also known as the former professor. I was wondering when you’d be making an appearance in my
arena. What honor do I have for this visit?”
A low growl emerged from my throat.
His arena?
“Just wanted to see who has taken over my position,” I said, keeping my eyes locked on his.
“Do you have a campus pass?” He asked, furrowing his brows together. “You can’t be here without one.”
“I just stopped by to grab some things I left behind. Then decided to make a pit stop here,” I answered.
“I won’t be here long.”
“Even still—”
“What pack do you come from, professor?” I asked, cutting off his words.
“Excuse me?” He asked, his eyes squinting in confusion. “I’m not sure why that’s relevant.”
“I don’t recognize any of the symbols shown on your tattoos,” I explained. “Are you from around here?”
“My tattoos don’t represent my pack,” he answered, folding his arms across his chest. “I’m sorry, Alpha.
But where I come from isn’t your concern.”
“How much experience do you have in combat?” I found myself asking, narrowing my eyes at him.
He pressed his already thinned lips together.
“Why do I get the feeling you are giving me the third degree?” He asked,
“I want to make sure these students are getting the best training they can,” I answered.
“You lost the right to know about these students and their education the minute you quit being a
professor,” he said, shaking his head.
“I quit because my pack needed me, not because I stopped caring,” I said in return.
“To the students, it’s all the same.”
“They are smarter than that,” I said in return. “You should give them a little more credit than that.”
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“I won’t tell you again, Alpha. Without a pass, you don’t have any right to be here.”
“You don’t smell like an Alpha, but you reek of someone with authority. Not a beta… perhaps a
gamma?” I asked in a low and threatening tone. “Who’s your Alpha?”
“With all due respect, Alpha. I don’t answer to you. Therefore, I don’t need to answer any of your
“What’s going on in here?” I heard the familiar voice of headmaster Tiffany Prescott behind me.

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

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Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 10/31/2023 Native Language: English
My Professor Is My Alpha Mate" is a romance novel by Caroline Above that explores the passionate and forbidden love between a student and her professor, complicated by a supernatural twist involving alpha wolves and destiny. My Professor Is My Alpha Mate" by Caroline Above is a contemporary romance novel that delves into the complexities of a forbidden love story. The plot revolves around a young student who finds herself irresistibly drawn to her professor, leading to a passionate and clandestine affair. However, the story takes an unexpected turn as it introduces supernatural elements involving alpha wolves and a destined connection between the two main characters. This paranormal twist adds intrigue and tension to the romance, as they navigate their feelings while grappling with their unusual bond. The novel explores themes of love, desire, destiny, and the challenges of societal expectations, making it a captivating and unique blend of romance and fantasy.

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

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in a small college town, Sarah, a diligent student, was enchanted by her charismatic professor, Daniel. Their connection deepened, but little did they know, a supernatural force bound them. Sarah discovered she was part of a lineage of werewolves, and Daniel, her alpha mate. The revelation transformed their love story into a whirlwind of emotions and complications. Their clandestine relationship became a struggle, torn between their profound love and the secret world of alpha wolves. Together, they faced a choice: embrace their destiny as alpha and mate or fight against their true natures. As the moon cast its silvery glow, they surrendered to their destined bond, realizing that love could transcend the barriers of societal norms and supernatural forces. Their love story, "My Professor Is My Alpha Mate," would forever be a unique blend of passion and the supernatural, defying the odds that love knows no boundaries.  

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story


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