My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story Chapter 205

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story Chapter 205

Enzo’s POV
“Alpha Enzo? What are you doing here?” Tiffany asked as she stepped toward us.
“Good after, Headmaster Prescott,” I greeted, giving her my best smile. “Sorry for the intrusion. One of
your students is holding a bake sale on campus and a few of my wolves are helping her. She used my
best cook, Deanna, and I allowed her to recruit some of my warriors as well. Considering they are here, I
figured I should be as well.”
“Oh, yes. Lila’s bake sale. She’s a bright girl. I was just about to head there myself—”
“That doesn’t explain why you are in the arena,” Xander said through his teeth, a flash of fury in his eyes.
“Yes. What are you doing in the arena, Alpha?” Tiffany went on to ask.
I tried to keep the annoyance off my face.
“I thought I left something in here. I seemed to have misplaced a watch. But I guess I’ve been mistaken,”
I answered calmly.
“There’s no watch here,” Xander hissed.
“I see that now,” I said, not looking at him. “My mistake.”
“How about we head to the bake sale together? I’ve been meaning to reach out to speak with you
anyway, Alpha,” Tiffany said with a kind smile as she turned away from us.
She began walking towards the doorway and I didn’t hesitate to follow her, leaving Xander staring after
us soaking in his anger.
Once we were in the halls, we continued walking, but Tiffany slowed down her steps.
“I was sad to see you go so suddenly, Alpha,” she said, peering at me briefly. “When I heard you were
quitting, I was hoping you’d change your mind.”
“There was pack business I needed to attend to. They need me more than the school does,” I explained,
which wasn’t a lie.
“I understand that. You are busy. But the students really loved you,” she said, and I heard a hint of
sadness in her tone. “We replaced you quickly, but the students are having difficulties adjusting. As their
new headmaster, I want to make them happy and make sure they have the best education they can
“Congratulations on the promotion by the way; you deserve it,” I said to her, ignoring her words.
I truly meant that.
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She beamed at the compliment. Tiffany has been a part of the board for a long time and is always in the
shadow of the leader. I always saw the potential in her to rise to the top and I’m glad it worked out in
her favor.
“Thank you,” she said with a bright smile.
“Is that what you wanted to speak to me about?” I asked, glancing at her. “To tell me the students miss
“I wanted to convince you to come back,” she admitted.
“I’m sorry. But I can’t,” I sighed. “My Alpha duties will always come first to me.”
She was quiet for a moment, but then she nodded.
“My father is an Alpha,” she breathed, which oddly surprised me. We never spoke about personal
matters before, and I don’t know anything about her home life. I didn’t know her father was an Alpha.
“Is that so?”
She nods.
“He’s the Alpha of the Redstone pack, just South of Higala,” she answered. “So yes… I understand that
Alpha duties come before everything…” she paused. “And everybody.”
There was a ping of hurt in her voice.
I knew of the Redstone pack; their Alpha was said to be fierce. It made sense that their daughter would
be some kind of authority figure as well. She had Alpha blood and leadership qualities. I wasn’t
surprised to hear this.
“Thank you for understanding,” I said to her, giving her a nod.
She gave me a small smile in return before squaring her shoulders.
“There are some things I need to take care of. Let Lila know I’ll be at her bake sale in a few,” she told
me, forcing a smile before walking in a different direction.
I looked after her for only a moment but then turned away and went to go see my mate.

Lila’s POV
Student after student arrived at the bake sale. I couldn’t believe how many students actually showed up
and continue to show up.
“These brownies are delicious, Lila!” One girl cooed, taking a giant bite of the fudge brownie she had
just bought. “You’ll have to send me the recipe.”
“I’ll send it to your school email,” I chuckled, just as another student purchased a couple of the cookies.
“What’s the cause?” The student asked, staring at the cookies with such hunger that it made a smile
form on my lips.
“The cause is for students,” I said, motioning with my hands to the school. “The committee will use this
money for fun events, gatherings, and items that students want and need. I thought it’d be nice if we all
contributed to those things.”
“I love that idea!”
“Thanks,” I said with a smile.
My thoughts were interrupted by Sarah’s friends yelling from nearby.
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“Free ice cream!! Get your free ice cream!!”
Some students eagerly left my line to go get ice cream, making me scowl in Sarah’s direction. That’s
when I noticed that a couple of her friends were holding clipboards and making students sign before
they picked out their ice cream.
What were they up to?
“What are they doing?” Rachel asked, mimicking my thoughts.
“I don’t know…” I answered. “But I’m going to find out.”
I left the stand and approached the ice cream stand.
“You can’t get ice cream until you sign this,” one of Sarah’s friends told a student.
“What is it?” The student asked, a tremor in his voice.
“It’s to assure us that we can count on your vote in the election,” she answered.
My heart stopped beating and I completely froze.
“You’re buying votes?” I hissed. getting Sarah’s attention who had a smirk on her face.
“Oh, please. It’s not much different than what you’re doing.”
“You’re wrong,” I growled. “I’m raising money for the students, not buying their votes. I thought you
wanted a fair election?”
“What I want, is to win, just like you. You might have everyone else here fooled by your nice act, but I
see through you.”
“What the hell are you talking about, Sarah?”
“You have this entire school wrapped around your pathetic little fingers just because you have abilities,”
she scoffed. “News flash, Volana, you aren’t the only one at this school with abilities. You aren’t as
special as you think, so get off your high horse, bitch.”
I had never felt such anger before; I thought Val was going to break loose and rip her throat out with
her claws. It took a lot of restraint to hold her back.
What calmed me was the familiar and glorious scent of Enzo. It washed over me like the ocean breeze
and made me stagger back from Sarah who took this as a sign of weakness.
“Alpha Enzo?” I heard Rachel saying from behind me. “What are you doing here?”
“Well, my cook, my beta, and my gamma are all here. It’s only right that I be here too, don’t you think?”
Enzo asked a little humor in his tone.
My eyes were still fixed on Sarah’s smug face, but I could feel Enzo’s eyes drilling a hole in the back of
my head.
“Seems your professor’s boyfriend came to pay you a visit,” Sarah sneered. “I wouldn’t keep him
Sarah’s friends chuckled from behind her.
“Oh, my goddess. Are they dating??”
“Lila is dating the professor?! What a slut!!

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

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Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 10/31/2023 Native Language: English
My Professor Is My Alpha Mate" is a romance novel by Caroline Above that explores the passionate and forbidden love between a student and her professor, complicated by a supernatural twist involving alpha wolves and destiny. My Professor Is My Alpha Mate" by Caroline Above is a contemporary romance novel that delves into the complexities of a forbidden love story. The plot revolves around a young student who finds herself irresistibly drawn to her professor, leading to a passionate and clandestine affair. However, the story takes an unexpected turn as it introduces supernatural elements involving alpha wolves and a destined connection between the two main characters. This paranormal twist adds intrigue and tension to the romance, as they navigate their feelings while grappling with their unusual bond. The novel explores themes of love, desire, destiny, and the challenges of societal expectations, making it a captivating and unique blend of romance and fantasy.

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

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in a small college town, Sarah, a diligent student, was enchanted by her charismatic professor, Daniel. Their connection deepened, but little did they know, a supernatural force bound them. Sarah discovered she was part of a lineage of werewolves, and Daniel, her alpha mate. The revelation transformed their love story into a whirlwind of emotions and complications. Their clandestine relationship became a struggle, torn between their profound love and the secret world of alpha wolves. Together, they faced a choice: embrace their destiny as alpha and mate or fight against their true natures. As the moon cast its silvery glow, they surrendered to their destined bond, realizing that love could transcend the barriers of societal norms and supernatural forces. Their love story, "My Professor Is My Alpha Mate," would forever be a unique blend of passion and the supernatural, defying the odds that love knows no boundaries.  

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story


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