My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story Chapter 206

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story Chapter 206

ila’s POV
“Get a life, Sarah,” Rachel seethed, stepping beside me. “You can buy all the votes you want, but you’ll
still lose.”
I stood frozen as the girls continued to laugh; I felt my face warming, but I wasn’t going to let them get
the best of me.
I forced myself to laugh.
“I’ve been meaning to ask, Sarah… how’s Scott? Haven’t seen him since you left him rotting in jail. Heard
he’s back at school,” I said coolly, turning away from her. “I’m sure I could count on his vote.”
I knew she was glaring at me, but I couldn’t care less. I walked toward Enzo having a conversation with
Ethan, both looked very serious. I felt a knot forming in my stomach; I knew Enzo went to speak with Dr.
Todrick before this and I wondered if they were talking about the protein shake.
What did they find in it?
I wanted to ask but now was not the time.
I went toward Dee who continued selling baked goods to a line of students. We were getting busier;
there wasn’t any time to waste.
The bake sale went on for a while, and soon, Headmaster Prescott arrived.
“Lila, what a beautiful setup you have here,” she said with a warm smile. “I’m impressed.”
“Thank you, headmaster,” I said, returning her smile. “I can’t take all the credit. I’ve had a lot of help.”
I gestured for my friends who were working hard.
“I see that,” she said with a fond smile. “I’m glad you have their support.”
I smiled in return; I was still a bit hurt that she permitted Sarah to have an ice cream truck during my
bake sale, but I decided not to say anything.
“Here, try one of my scones,” I said, handing her a scone I wrapped in a napkin. “It’s on me.”
“How thoughtful,” she beamed. “Thank you.”
“Of course,” I replied.
“How are the profits?” She asked, curiously, glancing at Becca who was given all the jars of money. I put
her in charge of the profits because she was good at math and enjoyed accounting.
“We almost made our goal,” she announced proudly.
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“We have about an hour left of the bake sale,” I said to Headmaster Prescott. “I’m sure we will make
more than our goal by the time it’s over.”
“That’s impressive,” Prescott said proudly. “Keep up the good work!”
“Thank you, Headmaster,” I said, bowing my head slightly at her.
“I’ll leave you to it,” she said, nodding to me as she turned away. She walked toward Enzo and paused.
“Don’t forget what we talked about, Alpha. Please think about it. I’m willing to offer you more.”
Val grew angry and a growl emerged from my throat; thankfully, nobody heard it. But Enzo met my
eyes, feeling the tension of my wolf.
What the hell was she talking to my mate about?
I had to bite my tongue before saying something I’d regret.
The bake sale ended within the hour, and we sold everything. We made way more than our goal!
The warriors and Ethan stayed to help clean with Dee.
Sarah left with her ice cream truck just as Prescott arrived. She probably didn’t want the headmaster to
know she was buying votes.
Once everything was cleaned, I said goodbye to my friends, hugging each of them. When I got to
Brody, who had his arms open and ready for me to step into them, I heard a low and angry growl
coming from Enzo’s throat, making me freeze.
Brody’s face paled when he looked at Enzo and his arms instantly dropped. He was the only one who
knew about Enzo and me so I knew he would understand.
I wondered if anyone else heard Enzo besides Brody and me. It didn’t seem as if anyone else was paying
much attention. Then I noticed Ethan was staring at Enzo with an alarmed face, so I imagine he heard
him too. He grabbed Enzo by the shoulder as if he was restraining him.
“Thank you for the help, Brody,” I said quickly, giving him an apologetic smile.
“Anytime,” he said in return giving me a broad grin. “I need to go, this spell to shield my scent is going
to wear off soon and I need to reapply it.”
My frown deepened as I looked up at him.
“You know, you shouldn’t be hiding like this. You should tell Sarah the truth,” I told him, folding my arms
across my chest.
His brows knitted together.
“You saw her today, she’s a major bitch, Lila. I don’t want that as a mate.”
“Then reject her,” I said, my brow knitting together. “But keeping yourself hidden like this is torture for
your wolf and probably hers too.”
He sighed.
“I know what rejection does to a wolf…” he said, his eyes meeting mine. “I wouldn’t wish it upon my
worst enemy. But I know I can’t be with her because of how awful she treats people… I’m torn and just
need a little time to think.”
“Well, don’t think too long. Your wolf is going to lose control if you don’t figure something out,” I told
him. “I’ll see you later.”
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I turned without another word and walked toward Enzo. It was only us left so I was able to walk away
with Enzo close by. He glared at Brody for a moment longer before pulling his eyes away from him and
following me toward the back parking lot where he parked.
“Dee got a ride back to the pack with Ethan, so you can ride with me and leave your car here,” Enzo
muttered as we walked through the lot.
“Are you angry?” I found myself asking as I peered up at him.
He sighed and lowered his gaze, but only for a moment.
“I just don’t like him,” he admitted. “He’s always following you; it’s like he’s obsessed with you.”
I raised my brows.
“Brody had a crush forever ago but he’s over it now. His mate is Sarah and he’s confused about his
feelings towards her. I was just telling him that he needs to tell her the truth,” I told him.
“Why won’t he?”
“Because Sarah isn’t exactly nice and approachable,” I said, rolling my eyes at the very thought of Sarah.
I could only imagine what she’d say once she found out Brody was her mate. She’d eat him up alive and
never let him live it down.
It would be humiliating for him.
“Maybe it’ll take someone kind to melt her icy heart,” Enzo shrugged; I wanted to believe that, but
Scott’s warning kept replaying in my head.
Even Sarah told me earlier that I’m not the only one with abilities. I wondered if she was talking about
I was certain Sarah was the reason everybody in class didn’t remember Professor Xander’s cruelty.
“Did you find out what was in that protein mix that Professor Xander gave me?” I asked, peering up at
I could tell from his face that he was struggling with his thoughts and his shoulders slumped slightly.
“Dr. Todrick thinks that whatever is in the mix, it’s being masked by magic,” Enzo told me. My heart
stopped beating.
“Magic?” I asked, my voice sounding distant.
He nods.
“Yes,” he answered out loud. “I’m going to contact that witch in my mother’s village when we get home.
She might be able to help us uncover what’s being hidden.”
We were getting closer to the truth; Professor Xander might be trying to poison me. I suddenly wasn’t
feeling so well.
“Let’s go home,” I said, taking in a steady deep breath to calm my nerves; and home went.

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

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Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 10/31/2023 Native Language: English
My Professor Is My Alpha Mate" is a romance novel by Caroline Above that explores the passionate and forbidden love between a student and her professor, complicated by a supernatural twist involving alpha wolves and destiny. My Professor Is My Alpha Mate" by Caroline Above is a contemporary romance novel that delves into the complexities of a forbidden love story. The plot revolves around a young student who finds herself irresistibly drawn to her professor, leading to a passionate and clandestine affair. However, the story takes an unexpected turn as it introduces supernatural elements involving alpha wolves and a destined connection between the two main characters. This paranormal twist adds intrigue and tension to the romance, as they navigate their feelings while grappling with their unusual bond. The novel explores themes of love, desire, destiny, and the challenges of societal expectations, making it a captivating and unique blend of romance and fantasy.

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story

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in a small college town, Sarah, a diligent student, was enchanted by her charismatic professor, Daniel. Their connection deepened, but little did they know, a supernatural force bound them. Sarah discovered she was part of a lineage of werewolves, and Daniel, her alpha mate. The revelation transformed their love story into a whirlwind of emotions and complications. Their clandestine relationship became a struggle, torn between their profound love and the secret world of alpha wolves. Together, they faced a choice: embrace their destiny as alpha and mate or fight against their true natures. As the moon cast its silvery glow, they surrendered to their destined bond, realizing that love could transcend the barriers of societal norms and supernatural forces. Their love story, "My Professor Is My Alpha Mate," would forever be a unique blend of passion and the supernatural, defying the odds that love knows no boundaries.  

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Story


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