Pampered by My Ex-Husband Chapter 57

Pampered by My Ex-Husband Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Did Mr. Fletcher Register 

Chapter 57 Did Mr. Fletcher Register 

Ruby looked at Penny scornfully with a kind of vicious satisfaction upon her face

Penny found it absurd


A student of our school slandered me, but Ms. Bender, as the director, Ms. Bender is going to kick me out without investigation. Is this the way things are done at this university? There are a lot of investors here today. Ms. Bender, can you afford to take the blame?” 

Fiona blanched

There were indeed a lot of investors among the people watching the exhibition, and it would affect the university’s reputation if this got out of hand

But Ruby raised her chin unforgivingly. The investors are all sensible and should know that this is not the school’s fault. The school is supposed to uphold justice and set an example for students. Now that you stole my bracelet, punishing you will only reinforce our belief in the school’s principles. Don’t try to intimidate us with the investors. Ms. Bender, 1 think we can kick her out now

Ruby was not at all frightened. After all, the Bender family wasn’t exactly a powerful family. Moreover, the Bender family was going to collaborate with the Foster family. All in all, Fiona should butter Ruby for the sake of the Bender family

A shade of sarcasm crossed Fiona’s eyes. Fiona was not afraid of Penny threatening her with that video. After all, Fiona had a video of Penny being groped by a man. Fiona and Penny were sort of holding each other back

Besides, it was not Fiona who was causing Penny trouble, but the lady from the Foster family, Ruby

After Ruby finished speaking, she looked at Clark

Clark, as you can see, she’s stickyfingered. You have to be a little careful. Who knows if she gets close to you because of your money?” 

Ruby didn’t politely address Clark as Mr. Mckay, but called Clark by his first name. It was obvious that Ruby and Clark were well acquainted with each other

Clark thought it was time for him to talk Ruby out of it, so as to win Penny over. However, Chace suddenly showed up and walked toward them at this point

Chace was over fifty and shrewd. He frowned when he saw the 

Chapter 32 Did Mh. Fletcher Regleterr 

wou here and noticed that the Foster family was involved 


Elona, what are you 

unding here? lan’t there way 

Chace was rushing out to greet his honored queal and just passed 

Chace looked at Ruby. Ruby, what happened?” 

All people present could tell that Chace’s tone softened a lot 

Reby granted and pointed her linger at Penny 

Nahe stole my bracelet right in front of all these people, and I hope the school can do me justice.” 

Chace looked at Penny, found out that she was not his 

Squaintance, and waved his hand impatiently. Where are the Bouncers? You have the bouncers kick her out and take her to the police. Hurry up. Don’t waste everyone’s lime for a stranger 

Penny wasn’t surprised to see the familiar face and the ways he handled things

Chace acquiesced to Fiona’s behavior in order to climb the ladder of power 

Chace and Fiona hadn’t changed at all over the last couple of years, Fiona felt so good. A lot of people were watching this and wanted to see how Penny would end up

Penny quit painting and became a designer, but so what? Penny’s reputation was in fatters, and she was probably losing her job

Fiona turned to look at Ponny, trying to detect the slightest hint of annoyance or fear on her face

But there was no such expression on Penny’s face. Penny even laughed softly

Call the police. I don’t think the school has the authority to exercise the duties of a police officer, does it? Besides, the jury’s still out on this issue. The prestigious Chatville University can’t convict 

someone based on the words of its own students. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Hardy?” 

Chace was extremely impatient. Everyone who enters the school today needs to sign in, and those who didn’t will be thrown out. The school didn’t ask for registration when I came in. Chatville University has held so many art exhibitions, none of which requires 

Chapter 57 Did Mr. Fletcher Register 

visitors to sign in. Is that a special rule this year?” 

Yes, we’re just following the rule. You can go. Campus security, I need you guys to throw her out.” 

Chace didn’t want to waste time here and looked at his watch. He had to greet his honored guest

Penny didn’t pay Chace a second glance. Her gaze fell on Mr. Fletcher, who was a few meters behind Chace and inquired with a smile

Mr. Fletcher, have you registered?” 

Pampered by My Ex-Husband By ( Orlando Fletcher )

Pampered by My Ex-Husband By ( Orlando Fletcher )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/18/2023 Native Language: English
"Pampered by My Ex-Husband" by Orlando Fletcher is a contemporary romance novel that explores the complexities of relationships, second chances, and personal growth. It delves into the emotional journey of a divorced couple rediscovering love and intimacy, offering a compelling narrative of love's enduring power. The novel was inspire Pampered by My Ex-Husband" by Orlando Fletcher through its themes of personal growth, resilience, and second chances. The story may resonate with those who have experienced difficult relationships, showing them that it's possible to overcome challenges and transform one's life. It could also offer insights into forgiveness and self-discovery, motivating readers to pursue their own path to happiness and fulfillment.

Pampered by My Ex-Husband By ( Orlando Fletcher )

Plot summary :

"Pampered by My Ex-Husband" by Orlando Fletcher is a captivating novel that explores the intricate dynamics of love, redemption, and personal growth. The story revolves around the life of the protagonist, who, after a tumultuous divorce, unexpectedly finds herself being pampered by her ex-husband. As the narrative unfolds, readers are taken on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through vivid characters and compelling storytelling, the book delves into the complexities of forgiveness and second chances. The ex-husband's transformation and his genuine desire to make amends provide a sense of hope and inspiration. Fletcher's writing skillfully portrays the emotional rollercoaster of life, from heartbreak to reconciliation, and ultimately, self-empowerment. The novel serves as a reminder that it's never too late to rebuild one's life, find happiness, and let go of past wounds. "Pampered by My Ex-Husband" is a moving and heartwarming tale that leaves readers with a profound message of resilience, forgiveness, and the power of love to heal even the deepest of scars.

Pampered by My Ex-Husband By ( Orlando Fletcher )

The main character of the author.”

Penny Stuart endured the indescribable sourness and got out of bed. As she bent, her beautiful back was covered by her long hair, looking delicate and s*xy. Just as she was about to pick up her clothes that had been scattered on the ground, a cold voice came from behind her. How much do you want? The man's tone was emotionless, and the intense ambiguity after last night's drunkenness had dissipated. Penny's hand, which had been clenched on her clothes, suddenly paused. She felt ridiculous, for her husband, to whom she had been married for three years, did not even know who she was. Three years ago, Penny saved Rex Fletcher. At that time, her father's company ran into difficulties in its first round of funding. Rex took the opportunity to ask her to marry his grandson, Orlando Fletcher. In return, he invested 50 million dollars in the Stuart Group. Orlando hadn't shown up throughout the entire marriage process, and Penny didn't know that he had gone abroad until she got the marriage certificate. For the past three years, Penny, who was Orlando's wife only in name, had become a joke in the eyes of others. Description of Novels:
Book Name  Pampered by My Ex-Husband By ( Orlando Fletcher )

Book About

Penny Stuart endured the indescribable sourness and got out of bed. As she bent, her beautiful back was covered by her long hair
Genre: Romance Billionaire, Hot Billionaire. Romantic Fiction
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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Pampered by My Ex-Husband" by Orlando Fletcher explores the complexities of past relationships. The story delves into the emotional journey of the protagonist, highlighting moments of care and affection provided by their ex-spouse. As the narrative unfolds, readers gain insights into the enduring bond between the characters. This tale reflects the idea that even after separation, love and compassion can persist, demonstrating the depth of human connections and emotions.


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