Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities ) Chapter 15

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities ) Chapter 15

Chapter 15 The Paternity Test Results

Roslyn’s voice was small, so Yasmin didn’t hear it.

After Roslyn finished her explanation, Bridget asked coldly, “Now, can I go?”

Roslyn hurriedly took Bridget’s hand and replied sincerely, “Ms. Cole, can you stay a little longer? Just two hours!”

Jeremy said, “Yes, wait a while.”

He wanted to wait for the paternity test results to come out and fight this woman for custody of the children.

Seeing this, Royce rushed over to Hayden and handed him the Transformer. “Hayden, here you are. Can you tell your mom not to leave?”

Hayden looked down at the Transformer and couldn’t let go of it. He looked at Bridget eagerly, “Mommy, can we play here a little longer?”

Bridget was speechless.

Hayden had just been wronged. She didn’t want to spoil his fun, so she could only nod her head.

Yasmin was simply furious. She was about to kick them out. How could this happen all of a sudden?

Roslyn dragged Jeremy to the side and said in a lowered voice, “In order to avoid accidents, I will personally go to the lab to get the results. You must keep Ms. Cole and the two children.”



Jeremy nodded solemnly.

By the time Roslyn made an excuse to go out with Nigel’s DNA sample, the others were sitting in the living room.

Jeremy didn’t even look at the brat. He only looked happily at his

“genius daughter” Kristy in the corner, who had opened her big school bag and was pulling out its contents.

A book called General Relativity.

A book called Quantum Mechanics.

A 17th-order Rubik’s Cube.

And a box of 24 bottles of strange drinks. They were exquisitely packaged but unlabeled, presumably homemade.

Jeremy inquired, “What are these?”

Kristy didn’t say anything while Hayden explained, “These are special supplements Mommy made for me and Kristy!”

Hayden took out two bottles of it, looked at the Transformer in his hand, and thought for a moment. He then took out another one and said to Royce, “This is for you!”

Royce’s eyes lit up when he heard it was made by Bridget. “OK.”

Yasmin looked at them and clenched her fists in hatred. She suddenly stared at the bottles of drinks, a flash of malice in her eyes.

Sooner or later, something would happen if she didn’t kill these two kids.

Yasmin thought, “Bridget, you forced me to do so.”

Two hours later.

“Mr. Royce! What’s wrong? Doctor! Doctor!”

Bridget was resting with her eyes closed when she suddenly heard a cry of alarm. She opened her eyes and saw that the three children who had been lively just a moment ago were all foaming at the mouth and convulsing.

They were poisoned.

Royce and Kristy were already unconscious. Only Hayden, the healthiest one, was still conscious. He was curled up, sweating. His face was pale as he covered his stomach and rolled on the ground.

Bridget rushed over to him. She held Hayden with one hand and checked him while reaching for Kristy with the other…

At that moment, a group of family doctors of the Moyer family rushed in.

The attending doctor said, “You two, come with me to check on Mr. Royce, and you four go check on the other two kids…”

As soon as the words came out, Yasmin roared, “Why should you care about those two bastards? Can you not tell who is the most important? Quickly check on Royce. He is Nigel’s son, the young master of the Moyer family. If anything happens to him, Nigel will not let you go!”

The doctors froze and all gathered around Royce.

Bridget scowled, but she didn’t have time to argue with them. The two children were at stake.

“Here’s the suds!”

The nanny quickly brought in several large pots of suds to pump the

children’s stomachs. Someone was about to bring a pot to Bridget’s side when Yasmin immediately ordered, “Bring all the suds here. If

anything happens to Royce, will you be able to bear the


Bridget said coolly, “You’ve already got seven or eight pots of it on your side.”

“Not enough. We have to prepare more for Royce.” Yasmin looked fiercely at the nanny. “Don’t forget whose maid you are.”

The nanny hesitated for a moment and obediently brought the pot over.

For a while, the situations on the two sides of the room were completely different.

On one side, Royce was lying on the couch with the doctors and nannies all around him, and on the other side, the other two children could only lie on the floor with Bridget around them.

Bridget’s heart was filled with uncontrollable anger. She could only press a few points on Hayden’s body first to ease his pain.

Hayden’s huddled body finally stopped twitching, but his shoulders. gradually shook.

Bridget picked him up, only to realize that the little guy was actually crying. He sobbed, “Mom, aren’t Kristy and I Daddy’s children? Why didn’t they treat us?”

Bridget lowered her gloomy eyes.

She took Hayden’s pulse to check his condition.

At that moment, a doctor cried out, “The poison is Nepenthe. All three children drank the extract of Nepenthe.”

Hearing this, the crowd gasped.

A voice with anxiety and coldness came from the doorway.

“Now that you have the results, why don’t you quickly detoxify them?”

Nigel received the news and rushed back.

The panicked Moyer family seemed to have a backbone.

A doctor explained, “This kind of poison is now used for weeding. It’s so powerful that just one mouthful of it is fatal. What’s more, there’s no antidote at all.”

Nigel frowned, looking oppressive. “There must be a way. Hurry up and think of it!”

After a moment of silence, the attending doctor of the Moyer family’s medical team said, “A few years ago, Dr. Z developed an antidote. It can save the children if they take it within half an hour.”

Nigel sighed in relief.

But the next moment, he heard the attending doctor sigh, “But I only have one pill of it in my collection.”

The room abruptly fell silent.

Everyone looked at the two children in the corner.

Yasmin’s eyes flashed and suddenly shouted, “Give it to Royce!”

“On what ground?” Bridget stared at Nigel. “You don’t care about my children?”

“Bridget, the poison was from the drinks you gave them. I know you hate me, but how could you go so far as to kill my child at the cost of

your children’s lives? What are these children to you?”

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Yasmin bit her lip. “And you have two children. Even if the antidote were given to you, you wouldn’t know which one to save. We might as well give it to Royce.”

Yasmin looked at Nigel and said word for word, “Royce is your son.”

“Shut up!”

Nigel frowned.

He looked at the two children in the corner, and his eyes finally landed on the pale Royce…

He loved those two kids, yet Royce was his son.

There was only one antidote pill.

Any parent had only one choice at this point.

The attending doctor urged, “Mr. Moyer, please hurry up and make your choice. If we delay any longer, it will be too late.”

Nigel didn’t understand why he, who was always ruthless, would hesitate for a moment, but then he said with a firm gaze, “Give it to Royce.”

The attending doctor took out the pill, and a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

In a flash, Bridget snatched the pill from his hand.

Yasmin screamed shrilly, “Bridget, what are you doing?”

Bridget looked at Nigel and said in a raspy voice, “You really don’t believe that both of them are your children? Are you sure that you

want to give Royce the antidote?”

Her pretty eyes were angry.

Nigel sulked. “Ms. Cole, there’s nothing wrong with me using my family doctor’s antidote to save my son! Of course, I understand your feelings. I will ask the best doctors to treat your two children.”

Bridget sneered, “The antidote can be given to Royce, but as a condition, I want you to take paternity tests with the two kids.”


Bridget put the pill in her hand into Royce’s mouth and then looked at Yasmin. She knew that the children must have been poisoned by Yasmin. Today she would make Yasmin pay with her life.

At that moment, Roslyn finally strode in the door. She glared at Nigel. “No need. The test results are already out!”

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities )

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities )

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities )"Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy" is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around the unexpected pregnancy of a young woman and her complex relationship with a wealthy, enigmatic billionaire, exploring themes of love, family, and personal growth amidst opulent settings and emotional turmoil. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities )

Description of Novels

Title: Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities )

Author: –  Bridget Cole. )

Rating: 9.3 (Very Good)

Genre: Hot Romance

Language: English

Read Online Format

Pages: Onging

Where to read:

Read Online Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, (Mommy has Multiple Identities )

Everyone knew that Bridget Cole had a tough time after being left by some mysterious guy. She was down and out after her family gave her the boot. Much to everyone's surprise, the infamous Bridget showed up at the birthday party of Roslyn Griffin, the hostess of the first family. The crowd jeered. "Those giving 160 thousand dollars will share a table. "Those giving 1.6 million dollars will share a better table. "How much money are you going to give, Ms. Cole?" The crowd eagerly waited, expecting Bridget to make a scene. Instead, she casually nudged a cute guy and asked, "Could you check with Mrs. Moyer which table I should be at? I'm with her grandson." Bridget got a fancy title thanks to her son, but she was only accepted into the Moyer family in name. She just wanted to be a loafer and lived a low-profile life, but the Moyers looked down on her. "We've got top-notch hackers, musical prodigies, art geniuses, and tech geeks in our family, all famous in their fields. What can you bring to the table?" ...  

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

  1. Why was Bridget ostracized by her family?
    • Bridget was ostracized for getting pregnant and having a child out of wedlock.
  2. Why did Bridget attend Roslyn Griffin's party?
    • She attended to confront her disappeared ex-boyfriend, Nigel Moyer.
  3. What happened to Nigel Moyer?
    • Nigel mysteriously disappeared, leaving no trace behind.
  4. Who is Hayden Moyer to Bridget?
    • Hayden is Bridget's son from her relationship with Nigel.
  5. Why did people at the hotel insult Bridget?
    • They believed false rumors and portrayed her as promiscuous.
  6. What was the tradition at the Moyer family's birthday parties?
    • The tradition involved cash contributions in gift envelopes, with specific amounts for seating.
  7. How did Bridget respond to the demand for a gift envelope?
    • Bridget asked the housekeeper to check which table she should sit at with Mrs. Moyer.
  8. Why did Yasmin Stout want Bridget to leave the party?
    • Yasmin wanted to avoid any public embarrassment or spectacle.
  9. How did Hayden react to insults toward his mother?
    • Hayden called those insulting her a "barking dog" and defended his mother.
  10. What is the central mystery in the story?
    • The central mystery is Nigel Moyer's sudden and unexplained disappearance.


In conclusion, the story revolves around Bridget's tumultuous life, from being ostracized by her family to the mysterious disappearance of her ex-boyfriend, Nigel Moyer. It sets the stage for a complex narrative of love, intrigue, and secrets yet to be unveiled.

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities


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