Read Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection Chapter 499

Read Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection Chapter 499

Chapter 499 The Person Who Makes You Feel


Odin’s words, to me, were like a knife to the heart.

Holding the phone in my hand, I finally entered the password. As I had guessed, it was my birthday. He seemed to always like using this for the house door, and for the phone as well.

“Do you know the password?” Stanley asked, somewhat surprised.

I shook my head slightly, saying, “Just a guess.”

He was surprised, “You guessed it right away? You and Mr. Hinton might be too in sync, aren’t you?”

I didn’t respond, instead I opened the message I had sent last night and showed him the phone number.

He quickly memorized the phone number and sent it to the police station.

They negotiated with the other side to let me call Ezra, and then confirm his location.

After the police station was ready, Stanley and I were about to find a quiet place to call Ezra when Marjorie suddenly called out to me, “Ms. Conner.”

Stanley and I looked at her at the same time, particularly puzzled.

She looked at me, hesitating slightly for a few seconds, but her gaze fell on the phone in my hand. She spoke, “The old lady might come over later. If she asks about Mr. Hinton’s phone, how should I



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I was taken aback, not expecting her to ask me this, and instinctively furrowed my brows for a moment.

Stanley was also taken aback, looking at her and saying, “Ms. Knight, we won’t need much time, besides we’re not doing anything with Mr. Hinton’s phone, it’s just a moment’s matter, the old lady should understand.”

With an apologetic look, Marjorie said, “That’s not what I meant, you misunderstood, officer. The old lady certainly doesn’t mind you borrowing Mr. Hinton’s things, it’s just…”

She glanced at me, somewhat troubled, “It’s just that the old lady currently doesn’t want Ms. Conner to have any contact with Mr. Hinton, so I’m worried that if the old lady finds out, she won’t be pleased.”

She was just short of saying outright. “The old lady doesn’t like me and wants me to stay far away from Walter.”

This meaning, how could I not understand it? Stanley wasn’t stupid either, he naturally could understand it as well.

She slightly furrowed her brows and said, “If the old lady asks you, just tell her directly that I borrowed Mr. Hinton’s phone, no big deal.”

After speaking, he pulled me out of the ward.

In the stairwell, Stanley looked a bit pale, pursing his lips and saying, “What a pity…”

“Officer, you call the police, I’ll call Ezra and put it on speaker, you record it.” I didn’t know when Ezra’s group planned to make the transaction, the sooner we prepared, the better. We needed the police to locate Ezra in advance, to set up defenses ahead of time.




Stanley nodded, dialed, and after connecting with the police station, he gave me a look.

I nodded, dialed Ezra’s number, and the call was answered after just two rings. I didn’t rush to speak, remaining silent for a few seconds. Then, a deep male voice came from the other end, “Tabatha, don’t tell me you’re calling to check in.”

I paused for a moment, then asked, “How did you know it was me?” This number belonged to Walter.

He scoffed, somewhat mockingly, but offered no explanation. Instead, he simply asked, “So? Have you seen Walter? Is he still alive?”

Suppressing the disgust in my heart, I said as calmly as possible, “Hmm, he’s fine, very fine. As for you, after doing so many bad things, you should worry about dying early.”

“Hahaha!” He suddenly laughed, “Don’t be in a hurry to curse me, it will make me sad.”

I didn’t want to exchange a single word with him, but I had no choice. The police station was listening in, so I had to suppress my annoyance and chat with him aimlessly.

“Tabatha, this is the first time you’ve called me on your own initiative. What’s the matter? Can’t bear to be without me?” He was truly obnoxious to the extreme.

Watching Stanley nod at me, I said into the phone, “No, I just wanted to tell you, Ezra, people like you deserve to go to hell.”

After speaking, I immediately hung up the phone.

Looked at Stanley.

Stanley looked at me and said, “The department has dispatched people,






I have to go too. Our informant close to Ezra sent a message saying they are planning to make a deal in the abandoned factory on the south side of River City. I have to follow them.”

Seeing him about to leave, I grabbed him and asked, “Just received news?”


Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection ( Ms. Conner and Y.Flash ) Novel

Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection ( Ms. Conner and Y.Flash ) Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/17/2023 Native Language: English
"Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection (Ms. Conner and Y. Flash)" is a captivating novel that delves into the facade of love and affection, unraveling the complex dynamics between its central characters, Ms. Conner and Y. Flash, to reveal the hidden truths and vulnerabilities within their relationship.   The novel was inspire Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection" by Ms. Conner and Y. Flash, readers are drawn into a captivating narrative that challenges the conventional notions of love and affection. Through their novel, the authors shine a light on the intricacies of human emotions, offering a thought-provoking exploration of relationships. This unique perspective inspires individuals to reflect on their own connections, encouraging deeper self-awareness and an appreciation for the complexities of love. By peeling back the layers of pretense and unveiling raw, authentic emotions, this novel inspires readers to reevaluate their understanding of affection and human connection.  

Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection ( Ms. Conner and Y.Flash ) Novel

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Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection" delves into the complex lives of its protagonists, Ms. Conner and Y. Flash, in a tale of love, deceit, and self-discovery. Set in a bustling city, the novel unfolds as Ms. Conner, an enigmatic and accomplished artist, and Y. Flash, a charismatic entrepreneur, form an unconventional bond that veils their deep-seated emotional complexities. As their relationship deepens, they navigate a web of lies and secrets, gradually revealing the facades they've built to protect themselves from their past traumas. Their charade of deep affection is a desperate attempt to shield their vulnerabilities, but as the layers unravel, they confront the pain they've long buried. This emotionally charged narrative explores themes of authenticity, vulnerability, and the power of human connection. Through intricate character development and an engaging plot, "Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection" offers readers a profound reflection on the intricacies of love and the courage it takes to unveil one's true self.

Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection ( Ms. Conner and Y.Flash ) Novel


The main character of the author.”

Tabatha Conner had a two-year marriage. It wasn’t as horrible as the stories online, nor was it a fairytale. After the divorce, Walter Hinton asked for a second chance, promising that he would do it right this time and he would treat her better. Tabatha laughed and said no. She didn’t have the time to enjoy the love and gentleness Walter promised. In the past, she gave up a little piece of herself for every step she took to get closer to him. She used all her luck to meet him. Now, she was just an empty shell.   Description of Novels: Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection ( Ms. Conner and Y.Flash ) Novel
Book Name  Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection
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Ms. Conner, it’s impossible to completely erase this scar. You know how bad this wound was. All we can do is to make it lighter. That’s all.” Looking at the scar across my belly, I couldn’t help but remember that doctor’s words from this afternoon.
Genre: Romance Billionaire, Hot Billionaire. Romantic Fiction
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Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection ( Ms. Conner and Y.Flash )

"Exposing the Charade of Deep Affection" is a gripping novel that unravels the facade of love between the two main characters, Ms. Conner and Y. Flash. The story reveals the hidden truths and complexities behind their supposed affection, showcasing the intricacies of human emotions and relationships. It's a compelling exploration of love, deception, and the fragility of human connections. I am upload this novel on, and you can Read Free.


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