Read The Million-Dollar Heart By Mr. Ellington Chapter 261

Read The Million-Dollar Heart By Mr. Ellington Chapter 261

Chapter 261 

What’s so special about that old codger Richard? He’s as ugly as a mud fence!” 

Percival and Vivienne were truly at a loss

Were these two geezers mortal enemies in a past life

Did they love to hate each other in this life

After seeing Percival and Vivienne hold their peace, Baron reluctantly waved his hand in irritation. Go on then! That old coot is trying to steal my longlost granddaughter.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Judith chimed in hurriedly. Should I have someone prepare a gift?” 

There’s no need; I’ll take care of it myself.Vivienne replied indifferently

Judith paused and sighed

She could clearly sense Vivienne’s cold attitude towards their family

After all, she had been left to fend for herself for over a decade, enduring countless 


And with Paula’s recent shenanigans since her return, it was only natural that Vivienne 

would harbor some resentment

Judith felt helpless, knowing that all she could do was try to make it up to Vivienne over 


After breakfast, Vivienne and Percival set out for the Ellington family’s mansion

The Ellington family’s mansion

Richard’s wrinkled face was alight with joy

Cecilia, prepare some good food and drinks. My darling granddaughterinlaw is coming to visit 

Upon hearing that Vivienne was coming, Cecilia looked like she was over the moon. She promptly instructed the servants to tidy up and prepare for her arrival

The Ellington Mansion was soon buzzing with activity

Upon hearing the commotion, Cathy sent a maid to find out what was happening

She’s just a country bumpkin? Why is the old man treating her like a treasure?! Cathy 

Recalling the information provided by Paula and the billiondollar stone, Cathy made a few phone calls, then left her room

She hadn’t gone far when she saw Cecilia orchestrating the servants in the living room

Cathy paused. She remembered that Cecilia didn’t think too highly of Vivienne or her family

So why was she so enthusiastic now

As she pondered, she approached Cecilia

Cecilia, did you know that our family unearthed an stone worth over a billion?” 

Without giving it much thought, Cecilia simply replied, Yes, I know. Vivienne discovered it.Cathy was confused

Why did Cecilia sound so smug

She leaned in closer to probe further. Did you know that Percival paid 30 million for it?” 

Her own son, Paul, the eldest grandson of the Ellington family, didn’t even have that much for his yearly allowance

Yes, I know. It’s just 30 million. My son can earn it back.” 

Cecilia looked entirely unfazed

Cathy’s face turned green with envy

Percival’s earnings are still the Ellington family’s. The money was spent and it yielded a return, so it should belong to our family, don’t you think?” 

Cecilia looked at Cathy for a moment, then chuckled. Cathy, are you coveting my daughterinlaw’s money? Let me be clear. That 30 million was Percival’s gift to my daughterinlaw. If he’s happy to spend it and she’s happy to keep it, then you really shouldn’t concern yourself with it.” 

What are you talking about, Cecilia? I’m only saying this for your own good! You only think about your son and daughterinlaw, but have they thought about you? They didn’t even offer to share the stone with you, did they?” 

Cecilia’s expression turned cold. My daughterinlaw has given me plenty. Cathy, you really shouldn’t worry about my family’s affairs.” 

Cathy sneered. She’s just a country girl. What could she possibly give you?” 

Just then, a commotion erupted from outside

It was Percival and Vivienne arriving

Cecilia left Cathy standing in the dust and rushed out to greet them

Chapter 261 

Vivienne! Come in! Come in!Cecilia said as she took Vivienne’s hand

Before Vivienne could even greet her, Cecilia had already ushered her into the main hall

Percival was left standing to one side

Percival was dumbfounded

Wasn’t he her son

Richard was all smiles when he saw Vivienne. There you are, Vivienne. Did those idiots give you any trouble after I left yesterday? If they did, you must tell me. I’ll give Baron a piece of my mind.” 

Vivienne looked up at Richard’s concerned face and gave him a small smile. Thank you, Grandpa! No one’s been bullying me.” 

That’s good to hear. If anyone does, you must tell me.” 

Vivienne nodded. Okay.” 

She then turned to Nathan Ellington, Percival’s father, standing not far from Richard

This was only the second time she had met him. Perhaps due to his years in the business world, he always seemed to carry a hint of sharpness, even when he didn’t say a word

Vivienne greeted him politely

Nathan nodded, his face warm and welcoming. How are you living in Rivenwood so far?” 

It’s good.Vivienne replied, her voice soft

I heard about what happened yesterday from Cecilia.Nathan began. He was a man of few words. If you’re feeling uncomfortable there, feel free to come to our place. No one will dare bother you here.” 

He didn’t have anything against his daughterinlaw

If Richard was happy, Percival was happy, and even his wife was happy, then he had no objections

But now that Vivienne was part of their family, there was no way he’d allow her to be mistreated

He’d been tied up at work late into the night yesterday. If he’d been with them at the Brooks Mansion, Eddy’s drama would have been even worse

Thank you, Nathan.Vivienne’s smile was genuine

Cathy, standing to the side, frowned at the sight. She was truly irked by Vivienne’s presence Percival, isn’t your wife a bit too casual? It’s her first time here, and she doesn’t even bother to greet the elders

She sipped her coffee with a nonchalant air. The Ellington’s are an eminent family. We can’t accept such a lack of manners. You need to teach her better!” 

Cecilia’s face darkened. Vivienne’s manners are just fine. She doesn’t need any lessons! We’re not royalty; we don’t need such formalities. You should focus on yourself, Cathy!” 

She had been irritated when Cathy casually mentioned the billiondollar stone Vivienne had obtained. And now she had to listen to her accuse Vivienne of having no manners


Her daughterinlaw didn’t need to follow any rules

As long as Vivienne was willing, even if she wanted to strut around the Ellington’s mansion, she would always back her up

Cathy’s face changed, and her voice was now laced with anger. What do you mean? I’m trying to help her fit in, and you’re attacking me for it?” 

Thank you!Cecilia shot back with an icecold tone. I don’t need your help. Just live your life and stop meddling in othersaffairs.” 

Cathy’s face turned pale, and she looked at Richard for support. Dad” 

She barely opened her mouth before Richard shot her a cold glance. His voice was devoid of warmth. What? My granddaughterinlaw needs you to teach her manners? Have you been living such a comfortable life that you think you can pull a Paula here? You’re welcome to try! See if I don’t break your legs!” 

The Million-Dollar Heart By Mr. Ellington

The Million-Dollar Heart By Mr. Ellington

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"The Million-Dollar Heart" by Mr. Ellington is a novel that explores themes of love, wealth, and the human condition as it follows the journey of a character in pursuit of a priceless heart, both literally and metaphorically. The Million-Dollar Heart" is a compelling novel by Mr. Ellington that delves into the intricate tapestry of human emotions and aspirations. The story revolves around the quest for a heart, representing both a valuable organ transplant and a symbol of love and ambition. As characters navigate the intricacies of personal relationships, financial success, and moral dilemmas, the narrative explores the profound impact of wealth and desire on the human soul. This thought-provoking tale provides insights into the complexities of human nature and the choices we make when faced with life's most significant opportunities and challenges.

The Million-Dollar Heart By Mr. Ellington

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For twenty-eight years, Percival Ellington lived a solitary life, untouched by love. But when his engagement abruptly ended, the surprising reason was a simple country girl. “Mr. Ellington, Madam offers five million to break off the engagement,” the messenger conveyed. Percival’s determined gaze met the messenger’s. “Absolutely not!” “Mr. Ellington, Madam raises the offer to twenty million. Please reconsider.” the messenger insisted. A mischievous smile graced Percival’s lips. “Tell her that even fifty million won’t make me end the engagement!” The messenger’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Madam is now offering one billion. Please, think it over!” Percival sighed, feeling the weight of the situation. His fiancée tried to drown him in wealth, but his resolve held firm. No amount of money could sway him. This marriage wasn’t over, even if he had to bear the burden of fortune itself!

The Million-Dollar Heart By Mr. Ellington


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