Seven Days Seven Nights ( Nicholas Sallow & Nancy Cohen ) Chapter 106

Seven Days Seven Nights ( Nicholas Sallow & Nancy Cohen ) Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Interrogating Nancy

“Dad, now that you’ve entrusted these things to me, can I understand it as having the freedom to handle them as I see fit?” Nancy asked seriously.

Albert nodded solemnly, saying, “Yes, you have the freedom.”

This assurance put her mind at ease. She asked, “Has Nicholas seen these photos, Dad?”

“No,” he replied.

“Well, since he hasn’t seen them, I hope he never will,” she declared. With those words, she took a corner of one of the photos in her hand and, with the other hand, squeezed another corner. In a swift motion, the photo was torn in half.

“Are you sure about this, Nancy? These photos might be our only bargaining chip for you. Are you truly ready to destroy them?”

Thank you for your concern, Dad. I’ve thought it through.” Nancy tore up the rest of the photos, shredding them into tiny pieces. Once all the photos lay in ruins, she looked up at Albert and said. “Dad, I appreciate your and Mom’s sincere intentions, but I don’t want to bind my marriage to Nicholas with such a heart-wrenching method. If there’s love between us, I won’t need this. If there isn’t, even using this to keep him by my side would be meaningless.” She added, “A loveless marriage is like stagnant water. If the day comes when we truly part ways, that would be the best ending.”

Albert could empathize with her words, understanding the pain of a loveless marriage,

particularly the one he had with Sarah. He stated, “Very well, I won’t insist. I hope you two can get. along well.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll do my best.”

While leaving. Nancy ran into Alice.

Alice was much more docile this time than before, refraining from her usual sarcasm and mockery. Nancy speculated that Alice and her mother would struggle without the Sallows” support. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be this polite, even initiating a greeting.

Indeed, Nancy’s guess was accurate. Alice had come to the Sallows hoping that Albert, considering their blood ties, would offer her and her mother some financial assistance. Their recent days had been marked by financial hardship, especially after they had depleted their remaining funds.

However, Alice’s plea was rejected. As she left Albert’s study, her bitterness was evident. She uttered, “It’s you, Nancy! It’s all because of you! I’d still be the highly respected Ms. Sallow if it weren’t for you. It’s all your fault! I’m going to make you suffer, too.”

Just then, a household staff dumped the trash she had cleared from the study.


Alice glanced at the pile, but her eyes widened, thinking, Isn’t that Madelline?That’s strange. Why would her pictures be here? She looked around once the household staff left before picking up the torn photos.

Then, she snuck out of the house like a thief. When she returned home and pieced the scraps together, she was shocked by what she saw. She immediately dialed Madelline’s number.

“Madelline, I have several photos of you from when you were abroad.”

“What? From my time abroad?” Madelline’s response was immediate. She had a deep desire to conceal her life abroad, as it was a shadow she desperately wished to avoid. Then, she demanded, “Show me.”

“Sure, I’ll send them to you on WhatsApp.”

After viewing the photos on WhatsApp, Madelline’s mind began to race, and her emotions went haywire. She could not help but ponder, Nancy! How did she get these photos?! How dare she claim she’s not trying to snatch Nicholas away from me? She must’ve started planning this years ago! She couldn’t have gotten the photos otherwise. This revelation shattered Madelline’s understanding of Nancy. She couldn’t believe a seemingly gentle and frail woman could be this vicious. She thought, I see how it is, Nancy. Since you started it, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy.

“Alice, are you still on my side?” Madelline asked..

“Of course, Madelline. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have sent you these photos.”

“Good, now do as I say. Share these photos with the media. Let it all be exposed.”

Alice couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Madelline’s audacious plan took Alice aback. “What? Madelline, have you lost your mind? If the media finds out, it won’t be long before Nicholas knows. Can you still be together after that?”

“I want him to know, Alice. There’s a saying-pushed to the brink, one survives. I have no other options. This is my only chance.”

“Are you sure, Madelline?” Alice was still hesitant.

“Yes, share them right away,” Madelline insisted. Her eyes were determined and fierce. “You can trust me; this time, I’ll have Nicholas come and get me personally.” She added, “Nancy wants to tarnish my reputation, right? This time, I’ll make sure she loses him for good.”

With Madelline’s unshakable confidence, Alice felt emboldened. “Alright. I’m on it.”

After leaving Sallow Residence, Nancy returned home. She was now over three months pregnant. Lately, she had been sleeping more, and after having lunch, she decided to rest. However, her sleep was restless. She had recurring nightmares, feeling pursued by a terrifying presence. She was petrified and kept running in her dreams. Suddenly, a loud noise at the door jolted her



When she saw that Nicholas had returned, she greeted him with a smile and got up from her nap. However, as she approached, the expression on his face made her freeze. He exuded an intimidating and chilling aura, his entire being shrouded in a chilling atmosphere. His brows were furrowed, and his lips were tightly sealed as he stood silently. Without uttering a word, he radiated a menacing presence.

“What’s the matter, Nick?” Nancy asked.

Nicholas’ ice-cold gaze remained fixed on her, and he continued to say nothing,

“Is the company in trouble? Come on, say something! Don’t scare me.” She reached out to take his hand. However, as their hands were about to meet, he forcefully swatted her hand away, causing her to stumble backward. She looked at him, her confusion evident, and said, “Nick…”

He remained unresponsive, his demeanor unyielding.

In a gentle tone, she said, “Don’t scare me, darling. What’s wrong?”

He finally spoke, saying. “Everything’s fine with me. Just as she was about to exhale in relief, he added, “But Madelline’s not doing too well. She nearly died.”

“What? What happened?”

While Nancy spoke, Nicholas reached out and grabbed her arm. With an accusatory tone, he questioned, “Do you dare to claim that you didn’t anticipate this?”

“What do you mean by that? Why would I know what’s going on with Madelline?”


Seven Days Seven Nights ( Nicholas Sallow & Nancy Cohen )

Seven Days Seven Nights ( Nicholas Sallow & Nancy Cohen )

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/16/2023 Native Language: English
Seven Days, Seven Nights" by Nicholas Sallow and Nancy Cohen is a thrilling romantic suspense novel that follows the intertwining lives of two individuals over the course of a week, filled with mystery, passion, and danger, as they navigate a world of secrets and unexpected love. Read More The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

Seven Days Seven Nights ( Nicholas Sallow & Nancy Cohen )

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After two years of keeping their marriage a secret, Nicholas suddenly dropped the bombshell: "I want a divorce," he said. Nancy squeezed the pregnancy test in her hand and asked, "Isn't there any way to work this out? What if I told you I'm pregnant?" He responded coldly, "Nancy, I've always been careful, and even if there's an unexpected situation, I won't let it become a problem." On their wedding day, their baby was born prematurely, coinciding with a car accident. Nancy found herself lying in a pool of blood, desperately protecting her belly, crying out, "Please, save the baby!" Later, people heard that Nicholas left his new bride and held onto the lifeless body of his ex-wife for seven days and nights, refusing to let her go. Nicholas lost his mind, until one day, she walked past him, holding two adorable babies in her arms.  

Seven Days Seven Nights ( Nicholas Sallow & Nancy Cohen )


"Seven Days Seven Nights" by Nicholas Sallow and Nancy Cohen is a gripping suspense novel that follows the intertwined lives of two strangers, each grappling with their own secrets and past traumas. As they embark on a week-long journey together, they are thrust into a whirlwind of danger, romance, and self-discovery. Set against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and heart-pounding adventures, the novel explores themes of trust, resilience, and the power of human connection. With well-crafted characters and a fast-paced narrative, this thrilling story keeps readers on the edge of their seats, ultimately revealing the transformative nature of facing one's fears.  

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