Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 107

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Byron Came
Nearly twenty minutes later, Byron sent a late reply: [He has no time to go.]
Cora frowned: [Impossible. Tyler sent me a message in the morning saying that he had already turned off everything he
was currently doing. He will come over later and accompany me to send my mother to the operating room.]
But Cora didn’t get Byron’s reply, but received Tyler’s latest message.
[Cora, I’m sorry, I have a sudden emergency here. I’m afraid I won’t be able to accompany you today.]
Cora was speechless.
But after all, she and Tyler were neither relatives nor old friends. It was a matter of affection for him to come and
accompany her, but it was not a duty.
[It’s okay, Tyler. You go about your business. I can handle it alone.]
But when she put away her phone, she still felt a little disappointed.
“Byron!” Flora’s overjoyed voice brought Cora’s mind back immediately.
Following Flora’s gaze, she saw Byron standing at the ward’s door.
He probably came directly from the company. He was dressed in a suit, and his gestures made people feel unattainable.
But fortunately, this unattainable feeling was neutralized a lot by the big fruit basket in his hand and the smile on his face.
“I’m already very happy that you can come to see me. You don’t need to bring these things.”
Flora received Byron very warmly.
Enter title…
“I came in a hurry last time. Of course I have to prepare this time. This is a matter of etiquette.”
Byron followed Flora into the ward.
Cora felt he was quite capable of putting on an act in front of elders, so she couldn’t help but glance at him.
Unexpectedly, Byron was looking at her, and the eyes of the two met in the air.
Cora didn’t know if it was because they hadn’t seen each other for a few days and hadn’t slept together. She felt Byron’s
gaze was very scorching and quickly looked away.
But she didn’t expect his skin to be so thick that he asked her directly in front of Flora, “Are you ignoring me again?”
Flora was also young once, so naturally, she realized that the two of them were a bit awkward and scolded Cora on the
“Cora, don’t ignore people like that. How impolite?
“It’s not easy for you two to be together. There are so many people in the world, and it took all the luck and destiny for the
two of you to meet, so don’t always play childish. It makes people look at you funnily and may create opportunities for
It was Byron who comforted Flora in turn.
“Mrs. Flora Lane, it’s okay. In fact, I’m too busy to take care of Cora these two days. If she doesn’t make a fuss, I’m
worried she doesn’t care about me.”
Cora looked at the way Byron made Flora smile again with a few words and wondered why she hadn’t discovered that this
man had the potential to be a movie star before.
He just used a few words and molded himself into a little pity!
But Flora would be entering the operating room soon, and the nurse came in to urge her to prepare, so this topic was
temporarily taken away.
Before being pushed into the operating room, Flora grabbed Byron’s hand and said, “I’m going into the operating room
soon, and I’m actually feeling very insecure. But I’m much more relieved with you by Cora’s side.”
“Mrs. Flora Lane, I will accompany her. Cheer up.” Byron said.
“Mom, you will be fine, don’t worry.”
So far, Cora’s mood has been quite normal.
But as soon as the operating room door was closed, Cora’s eyes turned red on the spot.
Seeing this, Byron put his arms around her shoulders and let her lean on his shoulders. “It will be fine.”
“Well,” Cora didn’t push him away, but wept silently in his arms.
The operation lasted more than three hours, and when the operating room door was opened again, Cora quickly broke
free from Byron’s arms and rushed in front of Matt.
“Matt, how is my mother?”
“The operation went well, but she still needed to be observed in the intensive care unit for a few hours. After confirming
there is no problem, she can return to the original ward.” Matt’s words made Cora heave a sigh of relief.
When Flora was pushed out, Cora hurriedly followed.
Byron also followed, nodding at Matt as he passed.
Matt nodded to say hello, but when Byron followed Cora and the others away, he frowned at the man’s back.
“This person… I seem to have seen him somewhere before.”


Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )"In a thrilling story, a hot billionaire CEO is a fascinating main character who has lots of money and looks really good. They experience love, power, and excitement in a rich and passionate world. Read More Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Description of Novels

Title: Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband 

Author: –  Cora Lane )

Rating: 9.3 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

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Her scumbag fiancé ended their engagement after her family went bankrupt. Seeking solace, she went to a bar and ended up sleeping with the wealthiest man in the country, coincidentally, also that scumbag’s uncle. Initially, he insisted it was a mistake and had no intention of maintaining any further connection with her. However, he couldn’t resist lending a hand whenever she needed financial assistance or when she faced humiliation from that scumbag and his new girlfriend. Then she tricked him into marriage by faking a pregnancy, to seek revenge against her ex, and surprisingly, find happiness in their marriage. Yet, she constantly lived in fear of her secret being exposed. One day, she confessed, “Um… I faked the pregnancy. If you can’t handle that, let’s just get divorced.” The billionaire embraced her and replied, “My darling, it doesn’t matter. Let’s have a baby NOW to compensate for my loss.”

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

  1. Who are the main characters introduced in the passage?
    • Answer: The main characters introduced in the passage are Cora Lane, Byron Hansen, and Eason Patton.
  2. What is the setting for the majority of the passage?
    • Answer: The majority of the passage is set in Spire 73, the highest rooftop bar in the western hemisphere, and later in Byron Hansen's hotel room.
  3. Why did Cora approach Eason Patton for money?
    • Answer: Cora approached Eason Patton for money because her family was bankrupt, and her mother's medical bills were overdue, potentially leading to debt collection and damaging her credit.
  4. What is Byron Hansen's reaction when he discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house?
    • Answer: When Byron Hansen discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house, their gazes lock, but the passage does not provide explicit details about his reaction at that moment.
  5. What kind of relationship does Cora expect to have with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand?
    • Answer: Cora does not expect a serious relationship with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand, as she describes him as the notorious "ice-king," and they both seem to understand that their encounter was a one-time thing.


In this passage, Cora and Byron engage in a passionate encounter, but it's clear their connection is fleeting. Cora's financial struggles may lead to unexpected consequences in the future.

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )


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