Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 22

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 22

Chapter 22 His Questions
However, there was no sign of Byron’s car outside. Jane did notice a car she didn’t know, but she couldn’t be sure if Byron
was inside, as the dark-tinted windows were tightly closed.
Eventually, Jane figured that Byron wouldn’t be in that car. If he were, why would Carter have stepped out to handle his
personal matters? He should be staying with his boss.
Jane withdrew her gaze, feeling a tinge of disappointment.
Meanwhile, the shopping assistant had already processed the payment and handed the receipt and card to Carter. “Thank
you very much, sir.”
Carter nodded slightly at Cora before walking out of the store.
Cora contemplated whether she should catch up with Carter and return the shoes to him. Just then, Mia approached, “Are
you with Carter? Does Eason know about this?”
“It’s none of Eason’s business who I’m with. Nor your business. Stay out of it,” Cora retorted, but didn’t answer clearly who
she was really with.
Yet, in Mia’s eyes, Cora’s response seemed to confirm her relationship with Carter.
“I wondered why you agreed to break up with Eason so easily! Turns out, you’ve already found someone else,” Mia
“I’m not shameless, unlike you,” Cora calmly replied.
“Who’s shameless?!” Mia grew angry and rushed forward.
Cora dodged aside, “You heard me.”
Enter title…
Seeing the conflict about to escalate in public, Jane quickly intervened, grabbing Mia. “We should go! You have a skincare
appointment, remember? Didn’t you want to be the most beautiful bride-to-be?”
Jane offered an apologetic smile to Cora and Sally before turning around and taking Mia away.
“You handled that well, Cora! I’m proud of you,” Sally praised, making faces at the retreating figures of Mia and Jane.
Cora awkwardly smiled. In truth, she never liked engaging in arguments, and her parents didn’t approve of it either.
But when pushed to the edge, one had to fight back. Besides, Mia had found trouble with her way too many times, and
she couldn’t tolerate it any longer.
Perhaps attending Mia’s engagement party was the right move. Cora had been avoiding Mia and Eason, making herself
an easy target for their mistreatment.
“I really don’t understand why Jane could be Mia’s friend,” Sally muttered, looking at Jane’s back.
Indeed, Jane looked charming and gentle. She was also a medical professional, which easily won Sally’s favor.
But Cora felt that Jane wasn’t as nice and harmless as she might look. Although she hadn’t participated in the conflict just
now, her eyes and the way she emphasized the words ‘bride-to-be’ when she took Mia away felt like a taunt aimed at
Perhaps due to her recent experiences, Cora had become more cautious in everything and couldn’t be as naive as Sally.
“Let’s go,” she didn’t address Sally’s comment.
Shortly after they left the shoe store, Sally was called by the gynecologist on duty for assistance, and Cora returned to her
After some hesitation, Cora sent Byron a text message.
[Thank you, Mr. Hansen. I’ll pay you back for the shoes when I have the money.]
She thought that as busy as Byron, he wouldn’t have time to respond to her message. But Byron replied almost
[Do you like that brand?]
Confused, Cora replied with a question mark. Whether she liked that brand or not, she couldn’t afford them now, and it
had nothing to do with Byron.
However, this time her message received no response. Cora didn’t dwell on it and started to flip through books related to
cardiac surgery.
About an hour later, her doorbell rang. When Cora opened the door, she found the shopping assistant from earlier and her
colleagues carrying over a dozen boxes, with many more on the ground.
“Miss Lane, these are all limited edition shoes from our brand.”
Cora was bewildered. “I didn’t buy these…”
“Mr. Pope asked us to deliver them.”
Cora was stunned on the spot. She finally understood why Byron had asked her that question.

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )"In a thrilling story, a hot billionaire CEO is a fascinating main character who has lots of money and looks really good. They experience love, power, and excitement in a rich and passionate world. Read More Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Description of Novels

Title: Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband 

Author: –  Cora Lane )

Rating: 9.3 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

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Her scumbag fiancé ended their engagement after her family went bankrupt. Seeking solace, she went to a bar and ended up sleeping with the wealthiest man in the country, coincidentally, also that scumbag’s uncle. Initially, he insisted it was a mistake and had no intention of maintaining any further connection with her. However, he couldn’t resist lending a hand whenever she needed financial assistance or when she faced humiliation from that scumbag and his new girlfriend. Then she tricked him into marriage by faking a pregnancy, to seek revenge against her ex, and surprisingly, find happiness in their marriage. Yet, she constantly lived in fear of her secret being exposed. One day, she confessed, “Um… I faked the pregnancy. If you can’t handle that, let’s just get divorced.” The billionaire embraced her and replied, “My darling, it doesn’t matter. Let’s have a baby NOW to compensate for my loss.”

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

  1. Who are the main characters introduced in the passage?
    • Answer: The main characters introduced in the passage are Cora Lane, Byron Hansen, and Eason Patton.
  2. What is the setting for the majority of the passage?
    • Answer: The majority of the passage is set in Spire 73, the highest rooftop bar in the western hemisphere, and later in Byron Hansen's hotel room.
  3. Why did Cora approach Eason Patton for money?
    • Answer: Cora approached Eason Patton for money because her family was bankrupt, and her mother's medical bills were overdue, potentially leading to debt collection and damaging her credit.
  4. What is Byron Hansen's reaction when he discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house?
    • Answer: When Byron Hansen discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house, their gazes lock, but the passage does not provide explicit details about his reaction at that moment.
  5. What kind of relationship does Cora expect to have with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand?
    • Answer: Cora does not expect a serious relationship with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand, as she describes him as the notorious "ice-king," and they both seem to understand that their encounter was a one-time thing.


In this passage, Cora and Byron engage in a passionate encounter, but it's clear their connection is fleeting. Cora's financial struggles may lead to unexpected consequences in the future.

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )


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