Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 246

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Limited Perspectives?

“Marvelous! Marvelous! It’s the first time I’ve seen someone

simultaneously write with both hands and in two different calligraphy styles, with such excellence!”

“Is she a member of our Calligraphy Association? How come

we haven’t seen her before?”

“I think she should exchange some ideas with Mrs. Emily

Quinn. Even after years of practice, Mrs. Emily Quinn hasn’t

reached this level yet. I believe this young lady could offer valuable insights.”

“I dare to say her dual-handed writing is even better than the vice president, Ms. Hurst. The strength and vigor in her handwriting are unmatched by the vice president, Ms. Hurst.”

As the senior members of the Calligraphy Association discussed enthusiastically, Chloe still wore a puzzled


“How could this be…”

She was finding it difficult to accept this reality.

“Did you practice this beforehand?” Chloe questioned Cora.

Chapter 246 Limited Perspectives?


Chloe’s original intention was to embarrass Cora during the event, making Emily believe that marrying her into the Quinn family would tarnish their reputation.

However, Cora’s display of talent completely backfired on Chloe, leaving her feeling humiliated.

“Ms. Hurst, don’t confine yourself to your limited perspectives.

Just because you or someone you know cannot accomplish something doesn’t mean others are incapable,” Cora replied


The skill of writing with both hands was developed by Cora

when Flora enrolled her in several calligraphy classes in

the past. However, this came at the expense of her medical

studies, as she had to complete calligraphy assignments quickly to make time for studying medical studies.

Nevertheless, it was through this process that she honed her

impressive ability.

However, Cora didn’t expect this skill to come in handy today.

Chloe was accustomed to flattery and couldn’t stand Cora’s sarcasm, so she immediately retaliated.

“Do you think that with just good calligraphy, you can break through the barriers and marry into the Quinn family? Let me tell you, stop daydreaming! Although Mrs. Emily Quinn is

Chapter 246 Limited Perspectives?


obsessed with calligraphy, she also comes from an esteemed background. Social status and family background are deeply

rooted in her mind.”

To Chloe’s surprise, Cora responded, “It seems Ms. Hurst still hasn’t grasped the meaning behind my previous words.”

Chloe quickly looked back at the calligraphy, and her expression changed.

Chloe initially believed Cora’s verse. “I cast my gaze toward the moon, yet the moon shines on the gutter.” was directed at her, thinking she was overly self-absorbed in her relationship

with Lucas.

However, upon careful reflection, Chloe realized Cora referred to the person she cared for, Lucas, who didn’t reciprocate her feelings and treated her without respect…

“I must admit, I was deceived and unwittingly became entangled in your relationship, which I deeply regret. Instead of solely holding me accountable, consider addressing the man responsible for our uncomfortable predicament. I tried my best to accommodate and find a resolution, seeking to uphold our dignity. Yet, I won’t allow myself to be a pushover. Once pushed to my limit, I will stand up for myself.”

Cora explained to Chloe the reasons behind her involvement as a third party and her earlier act of retaliation.

Chapter 246 Limited Perspectives?

She believed that women should not be at odds with each

other, and she didn’t hold any animosity towards Chloe because they were both victims of the situation.


Her resentment was solely directed toward the man who had

led her into such a dire situation.

After swiftly resolving the situation, Cora left the scene

without even sparing a glance at Lucas.

Only at that moment did Chloe realize the magnitude of the

rivalry and the potential value of befriending Cora.

In comparison, Lucas, who had once been like a shining moon

in her heart, now seemed insignificant.

Chloe didn’t try to stop Lucas as he chased after Cora.

After the drama, Chloe resumed hosting the event as usual.

Jane noticed that Byron’s attention remained fixed on the

outside of the venue as if his soul had been captivated by


Jane hurriedly spoke to divert his attention, “Byron, Mrs. Emily

Quinn’s work is on display over there. Which one should we

take back to Old Mr. Hansen?”

Chapter 246 Limited Perspectives?

Unexpectedly, Byron replied, “Take that one.”

Jane followed his extended finger and saw that Byron was pointing at the calligraphy piece Cora had just written with

such spirit…

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )"In a thrilling story, a hot billionaire CEO is a fascinating main character who has lots of money and looks really good. They experience love, power, and excitement in a rich and passionate world. Read More Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Description of Novels

Title: Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband 

Author: –  Cora Lane )

Rating: 9.3 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

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Read Online Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane)

Her scumbag fiancé ended their engagement after her family went bankrupt. Seeking solace, she went to a bar and ended up sleeping with the wealthiest man in the country, coincidentally, also that scumbag’s uncle. Initially, he insisted it was a mistake and had no intention of maintaining any further connection with her. However, he couldn’t resist lending a hand whenever she needed financial assistance or when she faced humiliation from that scumbag and his new girlfriend. Then she tricked him into marriage by faking a pregnancy, to seek revenge against her ex, and surprisingly, find happiness in their marriage. Yet, she constantly lived in fear of her secret being exposed. One day, she confessed, “Um… I faked the pregnancy. If you can’t handle that, let’s just get divorced.” The billionaire embraced her and replied, “My darling, it doesn’t matter. Let’s have a baby NOW to compensate for my loss.”

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

  1. Who are the main characters introduced in the passage?
    • Answer: The main characters introduced in the passage are Cora Lane, Byron Hansen, and Eason Patton.
  2. What is the setting for the majority of the passage?
    • Answer: The majority of the passage is set in Spire 73, the highest rooftop bar in the western hemisphere, and later in Byron Hansen's hotel room.
  3. Why did Cora approach Eason Patton for money?
    • Answer: Cora approached Eason Patton for money because her family was bankrupt, and her mother's medical bills were overdue, potentially leading to debt collection and damaging her credit.
  4. What is Byron Hansen's reaction when he discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house?
    • Answer: When Byron Hansen discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house, their gazes lock, but the passage does not provide explicit details about his reaction at that moment.
  5. What kind of relationship does Cora expect to have with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand?
    • Answer: Cora does not expect a serious relationship with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand, as she describes him as the notorious "ice-king," and they both seem to understand that their encounter was a one-time thing.


In this passage, Cora and Byron engage in a passionate encounter, but it's clear their connection is fleeting. Cora's financial struggles may lead to unexpected consequences in the future.

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )


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