Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 283

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane ) Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Despicable 

Cora replied to Arnold: [Do you mean that only when your granddaughter is with Byron, it’s happiness, and if other people are with him, it’s not happiness, right?

Arnold replied: [I didn’t mean that, but as a mistress, even if you live a good life with Byron in the future, you will be laughed at by people.

After Arnold sent this message, he was still typing


Seeing that he planned to make a long speech to persuade her, Cora replied quickly: [Byron and Miss Yoris have never had a formal relationship, nor have they ever been engaged. Her title of fiancée was given by your family. Am I a mistress?

Without waiting for Arnold to respond, Cora sent another message: [You were my teacher before, so I would like to advise you again. Please don’t put the blame on others for the sake of your granddaughter. It will only make you despicable, and no one will dare to be close to you again.

Then, Cora decisively blocked Arnold again

After she accepted Byron’s marriage proposal, even Arnold 

couldn’t sit still. Cora knew that there would be more trouble 

Chapter 283 Despicable waiting for her

Sure enough, William came to her today


Cora thought that William would only persuade her verbally, and he would disdain to play tricks behind her back

However, the facts proved that Cora still underestimated the 

bad side of human nature

When Cora was about to walk out of the office when she got off work, she received the latest notice from the hospital

The staff in the cardiac surgery department was sufficient. As an intern, she was not needed for the time being, so she 

was transferred back to the emergency room. When she got off work today, she was asked to move all her personal items 

back to the unified office of the intern doctors

Therefore, Cora walked back to the intern doctor’s office with 

her personal supplies box in her arms

When Cora brought her things to the cardiac surgery department in the past, she was very excited, but now she was very embarrassed when she came back here

Wasn’t Dr. Lane transferred to the cardiac surgery department? Why was she suddenly back?” 

Chapter 283 Despicable 

Maybe she made some mistake. Otherwise, with her 


sensational operation, the hospital would leave a position for her in the cardiac surgery department.” 

Some people started to laugh at her, and some people started to spread rumors about her

I heard that she was reported for receiving gifts from the patient’s family.” 

I heard that she had a relationship with a male patient and was reported.” 

Hearing those people’s nonsense, Cora didn’t care

She could accept the fact that she was transferred back to the 

emergency room. 

But if she was charged wrongly, she would fight against the Yoris family desperately

Now she could muddle along, and she could find a new job in another hospital after finishing her internship, so there was no need to care about those people

Packing up her things, Cora received a call from Byron

He asked, Are you off work?” 

Chapter 283 Despicable 

Well, soon,Cora said

Go to the restaurant first. I’ll go there after signing the 




They agreed to meet at a restaurant in the evening, and they would go to the shopping mall after dinner to pick out some gifts for Flora

They were going to tell Flora about their marriage when they 

visited her tomorrow

Unexpectedly, when Cora was waiting for the bus at the bus booth, a white van suddenly stopped in front of her

The door of the van was quickly opened, and Cora was pulled into the car with one hand. The door was quickly closed, and the car drove away from the bus booth

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )"In a thrilling story, a hot billionaire CEO is a fascinating main character who has lots of money and looks really good. They experience love, power, and excitement in a rich and passionate world. Read More Bride Behind The Mask Novel by (Frederick and Mr. Winston)

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

Description of Novels

Title: Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband 

Author: –  Cora Lane )

Rating: 9.3 (Very Good)

Genre: Romance

Language: English

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Pages: Onging

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Her scumbag fiancé ended their engagement after her family went bankrupt. Seeking solace, she went to a bar and ended up sleeping with the wealthiest man in the country, coincidentally, also that scumbag’s uncle. Initially, he insisted it was a mistake and had no intention of maintaining any further connection with her. However, he couldn’t resist lending a hand whenever she needed financial assistance or when she faced humiliation from that scumbag and his new girlfriend. Then she tricked him into marriage by faking a pregnancy, to seek revenge against her ex, and surprisingly, find happiness in their marriage. Yet, she constantly lived in fear of her secret being exposed. One day, she confessed, “Um… I faked the pregnancy. If you can’t handle that, let’s just get divorced.” The billionaire embraced her and replied, “My darling, it doesn’t matter. Let’s have a baby NOW to compensate for my loss.”

Some Important Questions And Answer Related to the Story

  1. Who are the main characters introduced in the passage?
    • Answer: The main characters introduced in the passage are Cora Lane, Byron Hansen, and Eason Patton.
  2. What is the setting for the majority of the passage?
    • Answer: The majority of the passage is set in Spire 73, the highest rooftop bar in the western hemisphere, and later in Byron Hansen's hotel room.
  3. Why did Cora approach Eason Patton for money?
    • Answer: Cora approached Eason Patton for money because her family was bankrupt, and her mother's medical bills were overdue, potentially leading to debt collection and damaging her credit.
  4. What is Byron Hansen's reaction when he discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house?
    • Answer: When Byron Hansen discovers Cora in Eason Patton's house, their gazes lock, but the passage does not provide explicit details about his reaction at that moment.
  5. What kind of relationship does Cora expect to have with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand?
    • Answer: Cora does not expect a serious relationship with Byron Hansen after their one-night stand, as she describes him as the notorious "ice-king," and they both seem to understand that their encounter was a one-time thing.


In this passage, Cora and Byron engage in a passionate encounter, but it's clear their connection is fleeting. Cora's financial struggles may lead to unexpected consequences in the future.

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )


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