The Billionaire s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage Novel Chapter 317

The Billionaire s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage Novel Chapter 317








Chapter 317: What Does It to Do with Me

Then, she inclined to Frederick on the other side, licked her lips awkwardly and whispered to him

Mr. Frederick, did I offend Mr. Sean? Why does he keep looking at me coldly?” 

Frederick raised his head, and sure enough, he saw that Sean’s gaze was towards Julia’s side. Originally he had thought that Sean was looking at Claire as well, but he moved a little bit towards 

Julia’s direction, only to find he was also covered by Sean’s cold sight

And with his years of knowing Sean, that look might show that Julia had indeed offended him

How could that be impossible? He just came back today. How did you have the chance to offend him

Frederick voiced his doubt

Julia was also perplexed. From the moment Sean showed up, she hadn’t even had a chance to talk to 

him. And she went home by herself after an unpleasant talk with Claire. How could she have offendec 


Julia felt something wrong with it. Quite bothered, she hurriedly finished her meal, stood up as soon as she wiped her mouth, and said, I’m done. You guys take your time to eat.” 

With that, under Sean’s cold gaze, Julia ran away in a panic

She was in such a hurry as if there was a dog chasing after her. Mrs. Vanderbilt looked at Julia’s back and blinked her eyes in confusion, asking, What’s wrong with this girl today? How come she’s full when she hasn’t eaten much?” 

Mrs. Vanderbilt’s doubt was not groundless. After all, Julia’s appetite was awesome. To put it mildly, none of the people at this table ate more than her, including Sean and Frederick

But although Julia ate much, she maintained a good figure, not too fat or thin

Mrs. Vanderbilt favored her very much. She didn’t like girls to keep a diet in order to lose weight. Thinking of something all of a sudden, she stared at Frederick with anger in her eyes and questioned, Did you provoke Julia and make her unhappy?” 

Being blamed for no reason, Frederick froze for a moment. Furrowing his brows slightly, he said, What does it have to do with me?” 

10:46 Sat, 18 Nov 

Chapter 317: What Does It to Do with Me


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Mrs. Vanderbilt gritted her teeth and scolded her son helplessly. You deserve to be single for the 

rest of your life! You don’t even know how you’ve made a girl angry and think it has nothing to do 

with you! Just keep being a bachelor forever!” 

Claire couldn’t help but broke into laughter. Seeing the reproachful look Frederick threw at her, she said apologetically. Mr. Frederick, I’m sorry. I know it’s unkind to laugh at this time, but I didn’t hold it in.” 

Claire was the apple of Mrs. Vanderbilt’s eye. The more Mrs. Vanderbilt came into contact with Claire, the more she liked Claire. She was also impressed by Claire’s talent. Of the whole Vanderbilt family, except for Sean, the one she liked the most was Claire

So seeing Frederick’s eyes looking at Claire with a bit of complaint, she knocked the back of Frederick’s hand and said, What are you looking at? It’s your fault. How could you stop Claire from laughing?” 

Frederick couldn’t help but heave a sigh. It was such a pathetic thing to be reprimanded by his parent in his middle age

Nevertheless, he didn’t have the confidence to retort

Gripping the fork in his hands, Frederick looked towards Sean leisurely all of a sudden, with a light smile hanging at the corner of his mouth, and said, Mom, Julia’s leaving has nothing to do with me. You have to ask Sean about this.” 

Sean?Mrs. Vanderbilt was confused. She turned her head towards Sean and asked, What does it have to do with you?” 

Sean pursed his lips hard. He couldn’t tell them that he and Claire had quarreled, otherwise it was inevitable that Mrs. Vanderbilt and the others would think too much about it. Withdrawing his gaze, Sean picked up the fork, continued to dine and said, Nothing. Let’s eat.” 

That was Sean’s style. If he didn’t want to say it, no one could make him do it. Shrewd and wise as Mrs. Vanderbilt was, however, she could tell what was going on from the fact that Claire and Sean sat separately

But she hadn’t asked further

10 47 Sat, 18 Nov 

Do with


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She would rather let the young people deal with their own business. If they couldn’t make it, it was 

not too late for her to intervene

After the meal was finished, Claire took Belle and Jon back to do their homework while Sean was also 

ready to leave after reporting about Windton to Master Vanderbilt

In the yard, Frederick stopped him. Sean.” 

Sean stopped in his tracks and walked towards Frederick

He reached into his pants pocket and took a pack of cigarettes out of it. Pulling one out, he put it between his lips and lit it with his lighter

Smoke soon drifted out from his mouth, which made Frederick envious. He didn’t have any connection with cigarettes in his life, but every time he saw some men in a movie smoking, he thought they were masculine with men’s temperament. But unfortunately, he just couldn’t stand the feeling of the smoke rushing into his lungs

Sean approached Frederick and stood beside him. He chuckled and teased, Every time you smoke you’re either in a bad mood or in a nervous state. What’s it about this time?” 

Sean didn’t really want to share with others the things between him and Claire, especially this kind of falling out

Without getting an answer, Frederick lifted his hand, patted Sean’s shoulder and said, I don’t mean to interfere in your business, but I just don’t understand why you are cold to Julia all of


It turned out that Frederick was talking about Julia

If it were anyone else, Sean wouldn’t have said anything, but with Julia, he’d have to have a word with Mr. Frederick

Exhaling a mouthful of smoke, Sean turned around, looked at Frederick with a rather cold gaze and said Mr. Frederick, please watch your woman, okay? I just disappeared for more than a week, and Julia told Claire that I had another woman outside, and she even said it in a serious manner. You know what? Claire believed it, and she lost her temper with me as soon as I came back.” 

Frederick blinked, not digesting Sean’s words for a moment

10:47 Sat, 18 Nov 


Chapter 317: What Does It to Do with Me

Frederick blinked, not digesting Sean’s words for a moment

Stunned for a while, he pulled a long face and said, My woman? Don’t talk nonsense. Julia is

junior in my eyes!” 

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A junior?Sean sneered and grunted, turning away. He then took a hard drag on his cigarette and exhaled the smoke out, saying with a smirk, Claire is your sisterinlaw. How does her friend become your junior?” 

In terms of seniority in the family, what Sean had said was true. Although Julia was more than twenty years younger than him, she was in the same generation as him

Frederick looked depressed as he lowered his voice, She’s too young.” 


Sean laughed coldly. For some reason, he felt the cigarette insipid, so he threw it into the trash 

can on the side and put his hand into his pants pocket. He looked very handsome with this posture, quite compatible with his temperament, with a kind of mature man’s distinctive feature

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage Novel

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage Novel

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The Billionaire's Surprise Twins" by A Young Cabbage is a contemporary romance novel that tells the story of a wealthy entrepreneur who discovers he has unexpected twin children, leading to a journey of love, family, and personal growth. The Billionaire's Surprise Twins" by A Young Cabbage, readers are inspired by the characters' resilience, adaptability, and capacity for love. The billionaire protagonist's transformation from a self-centered tycoon into a devoted father is both heartwarming and motivational. The unexpected twists and challenges that arise, as well as the characters' determination to overcome them, inspire readers to believe in the power of love, family, and personal growth. The story serves as a reminder that even in the most surprising and demanding situations, people can find strength, hope, and inspiration to transform their lives for the better. Read More Chasing His Ex-Wife after Divorce by Renee Braun Novel  

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage Novel

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