The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Chapter 210

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Chapter 210


Chapter 210 

She wouldn’t remember her precious baby, who was taken away far too soon

With that thought, Natalia’s hand involuntarily caressed her abdomen. The scar there began to throb with a dull pain

Once, it had nurtured a tiny life, but due to her carelessness, the little one never got to see the colorful world before his time came too soon


Natalia heaved a long sigh, and a tear trickled down her cheek, for herself and her unfortunate baby

Buttercup, if you want to cry, let it out. Seeing you holding back emotions makes me feel worse,Callum said, using a tissue to gently wipe the tear from her cheek

From the moment they boarded the plane, Callum had been carefully observing Natalia’s expressions. Callum saw her downcast, almost tearful demeanor, and felt an 

overwhelming sense of regret; he wished he had punched that bastard Magnus a couple more times

Magnus was the one to blame

Natalia removed her eye mask, and guiltily looked at the bruise on Callum’s face. Cal, I’m so sorry. Does it hurt?” 

Callum burst out laughing. Not at all. Didn’t you see how I made his jaw fly? If that scumbag ever crosses my path again, I’ll beat him so badly that even his parents would not recognize him!” 

Natalia noticed Callum’s nonchalant behavior and felt even more guilty. She knew Callum didn’t want her to worry. He always downplayed things. As for Magnus, there would never be any interaction between them. There probably wouldn’t be a next time, would there

Buttercup, don’t let anything upset you. Let’s just consider today as having run into a mad dog and, unfortunately, getting bit. Once we reach England, we’ll forget all the unpleasantness.Callum gazed at Natalia with deep affection. We agreed before we left, that once we return, we will have a grand wedding. When that time comes, you have to be my beautiful bride.” 

Looking into Callum’s earnest eyes, Natalia, for a moment, couldn’t bear to meet his gaze. Cal, I” 

Seeing the obvious panic in Natalia’s eyes, Callum felt a pang in his heart. He knew Magnus was the rotten apple spoiling the barrel. Without Magnus, Natalia would definitely not be like this

However, Callum didn’t show his feelings. His Buttercup was feeling down, but that was 

okay, he could wait. Once they returned to England, Callum would patiently wait for his Buttercup to say she wanted to marry him

If one year wasn’t enough, then two years, if two years weren’t enough, then three years. Even if it took five years, it was okay. He had time. As long as his Buttercup wanted to get married, he would always be her one and only love

As for Magnus, that jerk, if he dared to come to England, Callum certainly wouldn’t let him off easily. Callum would definitely settle old and new scores with him

Buttercup, we still have a while before we arrive. You should rest for now,Callum said, replacing the eye mask on Natalia

He had seen the hesitation in her eyes, so, he wouldn’t allow her any opportunity to reject him. She was his Buttercup, and he wouldn’t allow anyone to covet her! He would spend a lifetime protecting her and loving her

Okay, I understand.Natalia knew Callum was trying to comfort her. But after running into Magnus at the airport and remembering all those memories, Natalia really couldn’t calm herself down

She had lost her beloved baby; the pain was too deep. It was something Magnus could never fully understand

How great would it be if she didn’t remember all this, didn’t return to Melfort, and didn’t run into Magnus

Though Natalia said she was fine, her furrowed brows and sorrowful eyes betrayed her true feelings, which Callum could see right through

Callum knew Magnus had hurt her again. He felt a heartwrenching pain. He immediately reached out to pull Natalia into his arms, gritting his teeth inwardly. That bastard Magnus. I definitely wouldn’t let him go!” 

Once they returned to England and Callum had finally managed to soothe Natalia’s emotions, he would definitely return and settle the score with that bastard

Initially, Natalia was to return back home with Callum after having settled her mother’s affairs. Then, she would have been able to let go

And she could look forward to their wedding day, becoming Callum’s happy bride

But after unexpectedly running into Magnus at the airport, even after returning to England, Natalia was constantly in a daze, and dwelling on the painful past

She hated Magnus, his heartlessness, and his indifference. She hated his unfaithfulness and hated him for indirectly causing the death of their child! But the more she hated Magnus, the more she recalled their times together, the more her heart ached. Sometimes, unknowingly, tears would start flowing like rain

Buttercup, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?Callum asked, having entered the room 

unnoticed. Natalia was by the window, reminiscing about the painful past

It’s nothing, just thinking about my mom and feeling a bit sad.Not expecting him to see her in such a state, Natalia felt a bit guilty. Hastily, she wiped her tears away and tried to play down her emotions

Soon, she would be Callum’s bride. Though a sliver of hesitation remained in her heart, the fact was irreversible. So, no matter what had transpired between her and Magnus in the past, she couldn’t let Cal know, that she was still thinking about Magnus

Callum knew why she was crying, but he didn’t have the heart to expose her. He simply went along with her, saying understandingly, I understand how you feel, but the past is the past. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” 

Then, Callum reached out, holding Natalia’s shoulders, and saying with deep affection yet firm determination, Don’t worry, Buttercup. I will take good care of you in the future. I will ensure your mom rests in peace and make you happy. No matter what has happened in the past, promise me you’ll forget about it, okay? You need to let go of the past to embrace a better future, don’t you think?” 

On the surface, Callum seemed as cool as a cucumber, brimming with confidence. But beneath that calm exterior, his heart was in a state of turmoil

Ever since they returned from Melfort, Natalia had been in a funk, all thanks to that scoundrel, Magnus. Even though Callum was desperate to help, he felt completely powerless when it came to Natalia’s situation

His worst fear was that even though Natalia detested Magnus with every fiber of her being, she could have still harbored feelings for him. What if Magnus relentlessly pursued her, reigniting the old flame

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/9/2023 Native Language: English
The Imposter Bride" follows Magnus and Natalia's tumultuous journey as they navigate secrets, identity, and the complexities of love. Set against a backdrop of mystery, this novel explores the profound impact of deception and the resilient human spirit's ability to heal and forge genuine connections despite the shadows of the past. The Imposter Bride" delves into the lives of Magnus and Natalia, a couple grappling with the aftermath of deception. The narrative unfolds with the arrival of a mysterious woman who poses as Magnus's bride, only to disappear shortly after their wedding. Natalia, left to unravel the enigma, discovers layers of secrets that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty. The novel explores the intricacies of identity, the resilience of the human spirit, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Against a backdrop of mystery, the characters navigate through the shadows of the past, ultimately finding redemption and a renewed sense of connection. The story weaves a poignant tale of self-discovery and the profound impact of honesty on the intricate tapestry of relationships.  

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

Due to a conspiracy, Natalia was forced to marry Magnus in place of her sister. During the day, he was sweet and caring, but at night, his intensity knew no bounds, his passion consuming her entirely. Magnus, I thought you couldn't walk? Did you lie to me? Only two of them are, he replied with a cheeky grin. Desperate to break free, she said, Magnus, you married the wrong sister. Please let me go. Pulling her close with a playful smirk, he whispered, I have something fun planned for tonight. Ready to try?

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel Review

  • The Imposter Bride" revolves around Magnus and Natalia, a couple facing the consequences of a deceptive marriage.
  • A mysterious woman assumes the role of Magnus's bride, only to vanish shortly after the wedding, leaving Natalia to grapple with the aftermath.
  • Natalia embarks on a quest to uncover the truth, unraveling layers of secrets that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty.
  • The novel explores the complexities of identity as characters confront the impact of deception on their lives.
  • Against a backdrop of mystery, the narrative delves into the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing the characters' ability to heal and forge genuine connections despite the shadows of the past.
  • Themes of forgiveness and self-discovery emerge as Natalia navigates the intricate web of relationships shaped by the imposter's presence.
  • Ultimately, the story unfolds as a poignant exploration of honesty, redemption, and the transformative power of facing one's past in order to build a more authentic future.


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