The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Chapter 211

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Chapter 211

Chapter 211 

As Callum looked at her, trying to console her, Natalia’s eyes welled up with tears. The guilt she felt towards him was overwhelming. Then, looking into his eyes, she said with conviction, I’ll try, Cal. No matter what Magnus does, he’s no longer the man I love!” 

Her past experiences with Magnus were enough to make Natalia despise him. She shouldn’t have let the baby she was carrying die. She had to pull herself together

Magnus couldn’t sway her anymore, and he was definitely not allowed to hurt her again

That’s my girl,” Callum replied, overjoyed by Natalia’s words. As long as you have no lingering feelings for that bastard Magnus, I have nothing to worry about.” 

Perhaps it was time to consider moving up their wedding date. After all, making Natalia his wife sooner rather than later could prevent a lot of unnecessary trouble

Natalia followed Callum back to England, leaving Magnus, who had spent years desperately searching for her, almost mad

Boss, you’re really going to England to get Natalia back?Carter, Chase, and James, who had all witnessed Magnuslife these past years, asked

Seeing Magnus in such a state made them feel terrible

Callum is not an easy guy to deal with. I checked him five years ago!” 

Since Magnus was so determined to go to England, Carter, Chase, and James began to have a discussion

They had all thought Natalia was dead after she jumped into the sea. They had tried many times to persuade Magnus to stop searching, to no avail. It was too heartbreaking. They even found a few women similar to Natalia and presented them to Magnus, but he 

remained indifferent

Chase and the others thought there must’ve been something wrong with Magnus, but, against all odds, Magnus had found Natalia. She was alive

However, the gentle Natalia they knew was now taken, and the man she was with was not easy to deal with

So, what good would it do for Magnus to chase after her without a plan? If it was in France, where they held power, it would be fine. But now he was heading to England

However, no matter what they said, Magnus remained steadfast. His tone was uncompromising and firm, How could I not go? I’ve been searching for her for so many years, and now that I’ve finally found her, I won’t give up no matter what they say! She is my wife, and I will never let her stay with that British man in England

I don’t care about the background or status of the man by her side. I will bring her back,

must bring her back

I have entrusted most of the company matters to Paul for arrangement and handling. If there are any major issues, I will deal with them promptly. Just help me stabilize things on the Melfort side, that’s enough.” 

He had finally found Natalia, and for Magnus, it was like a divine blessing. So no matter what, he would never let go of this woman he deeply loved. Even if it cost him his life, he would bring Natalia back and explain all the misunderstandings from before

He had once thought: If his remaining years didn’t have Natalia by his side, what meaning would there be in living in this world? Without her, he couldn’t go on! Nat, come back

He gazed at the fiery sunset on the horizon

But bossJames was genuinely worried about the dangers Magnus might face in England given his resolute stance. He thought about assigning more people to accompany him and level the playing field or protect their boss. However, Magnusheart was already filled with Natalia, leaving little room for anything else. He couldn’t care less about James’s words

His tone was unyielding and left no room for negotiation. I’m going to England as soon as possible. I will bring my wife back, at all costs!” 

Carter, Chase, and James couldn’t persuade Magnus, so they had to watch him leave for England with Paul and a few bodyguards. Although they were worried, they could only mobilize their limited resources in England to ensure Magnussafety

However, as long as Natalia was there, she probably wouldn’t let Magnus suffer too much. After all, she had once loved him to the core

Upon arriving in England, Magnus started digging into Callum’s background and whereabouts until he had all the information he needed. There was nothing else he could do. He aimlessly wandered the streets of England, trying to ease his anxious and helpless 


He had been to England countless times for business. He never imagined that the woman he dreamt of was living somewhere in this country. If he had known she was in England, he would have turned the country upside down to find her

Natalia had no idea how Magnus had suffered after she fell into the sea. Now that she was alive and they could meet again, it was a sign from heaven that they were given another chance to reconcile. So Magnus had to seize this opportunity

Buttercup, I’ve made up my mind. I’m moving our engagement to this Sunday,Callum said, looking lovingly at Natalia across the dinner table in the mansion they were staying in. I want to make you mine as soon as possible!” 

After his talk with Natalia, her mood had visibly evened out. She hadn’t shed many tears in helast few days, and her spirits seemed to be lifting. Callum breathed a sigh of relief and 

was eager to get all the necessary arrangements out of the way

Natalia had been eating when she heard him say this, and her fork and knife paused midair

Feelings swirled within her, but she couldn’t find a single reason to say no to Callum. She fell silent for a moment before saying, Alright, Cal, we’ll do it sooner if you say so.” 

However, after a trip back to Melfort, the memories she had recalled gave her a sudden urge not to marry Callum.

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/9/2023 Native Language: English
The Imposter Bride" follows Magnus and Natalia's tumultuous journey as they navigate secrets, identity, and the complexities of love. Set against a backdrop of mystery, this novel explores the profound impact of deception and the resilient human spirit's ability to heal and forge genuine connections despite the shadows of the past. The Imposter Bride" delves into the lives of Magnus and Natalia, a couple grappling with the aftermath of deception. The narrative unfolds with the arrival of a mysterious woman who poses as Magnus's bride, only to disappear shortly after their wedding. Natalia, left to unravel the enigma, discovers layers of secrets that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty. The novel explores the intricacies of identity, the resilience of the human spirit, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Against a backdrop of mystery, the characters navigate through the shadows of the past, ultimately finding redemption and a renewed sense of connection. The story weaves a poignant tale of self-discovery and the profound impact of honesty on the intricate tapestry of relationships.  

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

Due to a conspiracy, Natalia was forced to marry Magnus in place of her sister. During the day, he was sweet and caring, but at night, his intensity knew no bounds, his passion consuming her entirely. Magnus, I thought you couldn't walk? Did you lie to me? Only two of them are, he replied with a cheeky grin. Desperate to break free, she said, Magnus, you married the wrong sister. Please let me go. Pulling her close with a playful smirk, he whispered, I have something fun planned for tonight. Ready to try?

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel Review

  • The Imposter Bride" revolves around Magnus and Natalia, a couple facing the consequences of a deceptive marriage.
  • A mysterious woman assumes the role of Magnus's bride, only to vanish shortly after the wedding, leaving Natalia to grapple with the aftermath.
  • Natalia embarks on a quest to uncover the truth, unraveling layers of secrets that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty.
  • The novel explores the complexities of identity as characters confront the impact of deception on their lives.
  • Against a backdrop of mystery, the narrative delves into the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing the characters' ability to heal and forge genuine connections despite the shadows of the past.
  • Themes of forgiveness and self-discovery emerge as Natalia navigates the intricate web of relationships shaped by the imposter's presence.
  • Ultimately, the story unfolds as a poignant exploration of honesty, redemption, and the transformative power of facing one's past in order to build a more authentic future.


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