The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Chapter 212

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Chapter 212

Chapter 212 

However, the thought of her forgetting the wounds Magnus had inflicted on her and accepting that heartless man again was absolutely out of the question, so Natalia decided to push herself, forcing herself to accept Callum

Perhaps, once she took that step, she would no longer agonize over Magnus

The fact that Natalia had so readily agreed to an early engagement had Callum over the moon. Great, I’ll start making arrangements tomorrow. I promise you a grand 

engagement ceremony.” 

Once the engagement ceremony was held, he would be Natalia’s rightful fiancé. No matter what tricks Magnus, that bastard, tried to pull, Callum would stand by the side of his beloved, protecting her. No one would be able to take her away

Callum was ecstatic when his suggestion to move their engagement date forward was accepted

Natalia, in a whirlwind of emotions, was unsure how to respond, and simply nodded and continued to eat. She remained silent, focusing on her food

Her mind was back at the airport, replaying the scene where Magnus had fought fiercely 

with Cal

After all these years, Magnus still refused to let her go. Regardless, there was no way they could be together again

News of Callum and Natalia’s early engagement soon spread throughout the city. Magnus, having received the news first, was on the verge of madness. Ignoring the advice of his friends, he jumped in his car and headed straight for Callum’s residence

No matter what, he would not hand over his woman to Callum. He had to take Natalia 


When Magnuscar pulled up outside of Callum’s mansion, he didn’t bother with the gate but drove straight in

Magnus realized that even if he had knocked politely, Callum, that bastard, would never let him see Natalia. So he had to resort to this method to force Natalia out

When Magnuscar pulled up in front of the main building of the mansion, he looked almost insane, stepped out of the car, and shouted at the mansion, Darling, you can’t marry someone else. You’re my wife!” 

instability would affect the engagement, had put aside all his work to stay with Natalia at 

the mansion

Unexpectedly, there was a ruckus outside his mansion

Hearing Callum’s question, a servant came over nervously and replied respectfully, Sir, a man suddenly rushed in and started shouting. He’s too crazy. None of us can handle him!Natalia’s face turned pale instantly. She turned towards the door. Could it be Magnus? Could he have come to Britain

As if to confirm her fear, Natalia made her way to the door and gazed out of the living room window to see Magnuseyes filled with anguish

Her heart ached

Magnus stood in the courtyard of the mansion. Callum’s bodyguards surrounded him, preventing him from moving further, but they couldn’t stop his shouting

Darling, I’m here for you! I’m here to take you home! You can’t get engaged to someone else!” 

He would never allow her to get engaged to Callum. She was his wife. The mother of his 


Magnusshouts were so loud that Natalia and Callum could hear him clearly from inside the mansion. Callum stood up abruptly. This is ridiculous. How did he just barge in here? What’s the point of having you guys around?” 

The butler, who was being scolded by Callum, lowered his head, and defended himself, Sir, we’ve done our best to stop him, but that man is just rushing in like a mad man.” 

Hmph, if he was here to kill me, you wouldn’t be able to stop him either! Worthless!Callum left this harsh remark and strode towards the door. He was eager to see what Magnus could possibly do on his turf

Callum, you vile man, give me back my wife!Outside, Magnusvoice grew louder. He didn’t care about the bodyguards surrounding him

Callum walked over, rebuking him, Magnus, what do you want? This is my mansion. I won’t tolerate your yelling here!” 

Magnus glanced at Callum, radiating hostility. Callum, you deceived another’s wife. You’re not fit to be a duke!” 

Shut up!Callum glared at Magnus. Your wife died five years ago because of you! Natalia is my fiancée, my soontobewife. Who do you think you are? Get out of my 


five years ago, heh… 

But Magnus wouldn’t give up. Callum, don’t deceive yourself. Let Natalia come out, and I will take her away. I will repay you for all your help, but I won’t let your plan succeed!” 

His eyes were filled with boundless pain. Darling, I won’t let you go.” 

Callum was infuriated by Magnusactions. This was his territory, and that bastard, Magnus, had the audacity to challenge him and try to take away Natalia

It seemed as if without teaching this bastard a lesson, Magnus wouldn’t understand the rule of respecting the master’s orders

With that thought, Callum signaled his bodyguards. Throw him out!” 

The bodyguards had long grown tired of Magnusincessant ranting and raving. With the Duke’s order, they didn’t hesitate to throw punches Magnusway

But Magnus wasn’t one to be easily taken down. He raised his fists and exchanged a few blows with them. The Duke’s bodyguards were the cream of the crop, each one a tough cookie. And Magnus? He was a wolf provoked

But even so, he was outnumbered. Soon, Magnus, isolated and outmuscled, couldn’t keep up with the burly men. He found himself at a disadvantage

It wasn’t enough for the bodyguards to just knock Magnus to the ground. They kicked him a few more times, leaving Magnus with a bloodied nose and mouth

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/9/2023 Native Language: English
The Imposter Bride" follows Magnus and Natalia's tumultuous journey as they navigate secrets, identity, and the complexities of love. Set against a backdrop of mystery, this novel explores the profound impact of deception and the resilient human spirit's ability to heal and forge genuine connections despite the shadows of the past. The Imposter Bride" delves into the lives of Magnus and Natalia, a couple grappling with the aftermath of deception. The narrative unfolds with the arrival of a mysterious woman who poses as Magnus's bride, only to disappear shortly after their wedding. Natalia, left to unravel the enigma, discovers layers of secrets that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty. The novel explores the intricacies of identity, the resilience of the human spirit, and the transformative power of forgiveness. Against a backdrop of mystery, the characters navigate through the shadows of the past, ultimately finding redemption and a renewed sense of connection. The story weaves a poignant tale of self-discovery and the profound impact of honesty on the intricate tapestry of relationships.  

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

Due to a conspiracy, Natalia was forced to marry Magnus in place of her sister. During the day, he was sweet and caring, but at night, his intensity knew no bounds, his passion consuming her entirely. Magnus, I thought you couldn't walk? Did you lie to me? Only two of them are, he replied with a cheeky grin. Desperate to break free, she said, Magnus, you married the wrong sister. Please let me go. Pulling her close with a playful smirk, he whispered, I have something fun planned for tonight. Ready to try?

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel

The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia ) Novel Review

  • The Imposter Bride" revolves around Magnus and Natalia, a couple facing the consequences of a deceptive marriage.
  • A mysterious woman assumes the role of Magnus's bride, only to vanish shortly after the wedding, leaving Natalia to grapple with the aftermath.
  • Natalia embarks on a quest to uncover the truth, unraveling layers of secrets that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty.
  • The novel explores the complexities of identity as characters confront the impact of deception on their lives.
  • Against a backdrop of mystery, the narrative delves into the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing the characters' ability to heal and forge genuine connections despite the shadows of the past.
  • Themes of forgiveness and self-discovery emerge as Natalia navigates the intricate web of relationships shaped by the imposter's presence.
  • Ultimately, the story unfolds as a poignant exploration of honesty, redemption, and the transformative power of facing one's past in order to build a more authentic future.


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