The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 288

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Abigail Stood up for Anthony

Anthony’s smile had a hint of sarcasm. Then, he sipped his wine and told Abigail, “I heard that Eric is genuinely courting you. Aren’t you going to consider it?” With these words, he effectively shredded Jake’s misplaced self–confidence into pieces.

“Well, I’m in Pendorf, and he’s in Capitalis. If I were to consider someone, it would be someone in Pendorf,” Abigail replied. She appreciated Anthony for helping her. After all, she didn’t enjoy engaging in trivial conversations like this, especially since she was still concerned about her grandmother’s situation and had no interest in talking to them.

“It’s kind of a disadvantage, but you’re on an upward trajectory in your career right now. You have a constant stream of invitations. Moreover, the fame you gained from Lexie Chambers has a time limit. You need to focus on your career,” Anthony said slowly, steering the conversation toward their professor.

Abigail had mixed feelings toward Anthony. On one hand, she resented him because he had lied to her. However, he looked out for her tonight, saving her from much trouble. Moreover, he had been a caring senior during their school days. Thus, with everyone now focused on their careers,

personal interests often took precedence, which was the reality of the world.

At that moment, she suddenly realized that the past might not be as severe as she had initially thought. Even among friends, considerations for one’s interests often prevailed in this world.

After a few rounds of drinks, Abigail excused herself to go to the restroom. Upon returning from the washroom, she spotted Jake, who seemed to be waiting for her. However, she wasn’t particularly keen on talking with him as he appeared cunning. Plus, she didn’t resonate with his way of thinking.

“I’m not joking around, Abigail. I know I can’t compare to a big star like Eric, but think about it. How many beautiful women does he come into contact with every day? Affairs between actors on set are quite common. He’s not suitable for you.” Jake was straightforward in his approach.

Even Abigail, who had seen her fair share of weird people, was baffled by his words.

“I’m really not interested in seeing someone right now.” She rejected him bluntly.

As she was about to leave, Jake grabbed her arm and murmured, “Abigail, I’m serious about marrying you. The moment I saw you, I felt we had a special connection. I have a good job, and after we’re married, you can focus on designing and raising our children. My parents can also support you-” Before he could finish his sentence, someone grabbed him by the collar and dragged him aside.

Abigail also stumbled as she was struggling out of his grip. Then, she fell into a warm embrace. Looking up, she saw that it was Sean.

Sean furrowed his brows and gave her a glance. Then, he looked at Jake coldly and said, “You’re

not worthy of her.”

Although Anthony had motives toward Abigail, he was right. She had reached her current status through her own efforts. Not just anyone could simply be with her.

Initially, Jake had thought about putting up a fight. However, as soon as he saw Sean’s gaze, he

shivered and scrambled off.

Once he was gone, Abigail pushed Sean away and mumbled, “Thank you. I didn’t expect him to behave that way.”

“He treats women as tools to gain personal benefits. You don’t need to pay him any attention. If he ever gets handsy with you again, just slap him. People like him won’t listen to words,” Sean commented as he looked at her.

Abigail nodded in agreement.

Then, the duo returned to the restaurant one after the other.

As soon as Abigail sat down, she heard Jake’s sarcastic words. “You had a boyfriend all along, huhAbigail? Why are you pretending to be single? Is it because only then will you be able to attract more attention from the guys?”

Their professor had already left due to an urgent matter, so there was no need for restraint among these classmates.

“How do you know she has a boyfriend?” Jennifer asked curiously. A smirk played at the corner of her lips as she enjoyed the show.

At the same time, Anthony looked at Abigail, silently asking if she needed any help.

Abigail declined the offer and looked at Jake coldly. “Do I really have a boyfriend just because you said so? You’re quite confident in yourself, aren’t you? Do you think your words are the absolute


“That’s right! And yet you are here picking on girls! Abby doesn’t lack suitors, and you’re delusional if you think you can get your hands on her. Just forget it!” Luna taunted, not understanding the purpose of this gathering tonight. She felt that Anthony was trying too hard to please their professor.

Anthony looked at Jake with a cold expression. “Tonight’s reunion is because our professor wanted to see Abigail. Don’t treat this gathering as an opportunity for your own romantic endeavors. Especially you, Jake. You already have a girlfriend, so you should think before you act. Everyone here has a bright future. We don’t need your help.”

Jake felt humiliated upon hearing that. “You are just a backup plan to her, Anthony,” he grumbled. “Don’t try to act so high and mighty. No matter how much you help her tonight, she will never choose you since she has boyfriend. You will forever be a plan B to her!”

At that moment, Abigail grabbed a glass of wine and splashed it on Jake’s face. “Anthony is my friend. You’re just a hypocrite who likes to use random words you picked up online. If you refuse to show us some respectjust get lost. You’re eating a meal he paid for, so how dare you say such things to him?” 

The commotion on this side drew Sean’s attention. When he heard Abigail’s words, he felt the need to reevaluate Anthony.

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel" is a contemporary novel that explores the complexities of marriage, secrets, and betrayal as it follows the lives of two women connected by a shared spouse and the unraveling of their intertwined destinies. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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Your husband has cheated on you.” When Abigail Quinn received the text message from her best friend, she had just taken an ovulation injection and was resting on the bench of the outpatient clinic, trying to suppress the piercing pain in her abdomen. Could this be undone if she has a child? The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel


"Summer in Abigail Quinn was a symphony of vibrant hues and joyful melodies. As the sun ascended in the cerulean sky, the quaint town came alive with an effervescent energy. The streets were adorned with colorful flowers, their fragrant blooms perfuming the air, while children's laughter echoed through the warm breeze. The shimmering lake glistened like a sapphire jewel, beckoning locals and tourists alike to its shores. Families picnicked under the shade of towering oak trees, their laughter mingling with the gentle rustle of leaves. Ice cream vendors peddled their delectable treats, offering respite from the sun's affectionate embrace. Abigail Quinn's community spirit blossomed in the summer, with festivals and gatherings celebrating their tight-knit bonds. Barbecues and bonfires illuminated the starry nights, fostering a sense of belonging that warmed hearts as much as the summer sun. Summer in Abigail Quinn was a season of unity, where the town and its people thrived in the simple joys of life, painting a vivid portrait of happiness under the azure sky."  

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