The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 292

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Analise Went Missing

Abigail had not expected that Sean had known about Analise’s whereabouts.

She lifted her head slightly and looked at Sean.

Sean seemed visibly anxious. He gripped her wrist and confessed without hesitation, “I have known where Analise is all this time, but it was just because I was concerned about her well-being.

I planned to keep an eye on her without interfering in her life to ensure her safety. However,

something unexpected has happened. We need to go to Capitalis now.”

“Did Grandma go to Capitalis?” Abigail was promptly dragged out of the hospital.

Although he was in a rush, he was also mindful of her injury. So, his steps were much slower than usual.

“Yes. I don’t know why she went there,” he answered.

Her heart was on edge. “You seem so worried, Sean. Do you know that her trip could be dangerous?”

He glanced at her and replied, “No, it’s just that she’s getting old. Plus, she’s not exactly familiar with the place. It would be troublesome if she gets lost.”

Abigail didn’t say anything else.

Sean dropped her off at her apartment. Then, he made another call to Cameron while she was off packing her things. “How did you lose her in the first place?” Even though he was significantly calmer than before, his voice still carried an undertone of menace that sent shivers down the


Cameron wasted no time explaining, “Old Mrs. Quinn went to the restroom. When she came out, someone replaced her. The woman was wearing her clothes and bag. So, we assumed that was her. I was standing at a distance, and the individual had intentionally avoided showing her face. So, I didn’t notice anything amiss until it was too late. Plus, the replacement started acting strangely around the second-hour mark, avoiding us. That’s when our men got suspicious.”

“Quickly investigate this matter! If you can’t find her whereabouts within two hours, you’re fired! Also, bring my identification to the airport, Sean ordered harshly. Then, he hung up and immediately called his friends in the Capitalis.

On the other hand, Abigail was hobbling downstairs as fast as she could manage after stuffing her identification and a few sets of clothing into her backpack. Since it was summer, she was packing lighter than usual. Hence, she only needed a small backpack.

Then, he wasted no time driving straight to the airport the instant she hopped into his car. She was about to ask him something when his phone rang again. When he noticed that the caller ID


was displaying Colby’s name, Sean had no choice but to answer.

“What’s the matter?” Sean asked. His tone was considerably warmer.

“Your grandmother went for a walk yesterday and hasn’t returned yet. Is she with you?” Colby’s voice sounded worried.

“She’s not at my place. I’ll call and check,” Sean replied. Then, he ended the call before dialing Xavien’s number.

Abigail decided not to disturb him since his phone hadn’t ceased ringing ever since they left her home.

“What’s the situation over there?” Frankly, he wasn’t too worried about Lina’s whereabouts. After all, Xavien hadn’t called to report anything alarming.

“For now, we’re sticking to the original plan. However-”

Before Xavien could finish, Sean cut him off, saying. “I’ve got another call coming in. I’ll get back to you.”

Initially, he assumed

Was Cameron calling, but it turned out to be Joan. After he ended the call, he turned to Abigail and said, “I’ll take you to the airport. From there, you can head to Capitalis directly. Someone will be there to assist you. I can’t leave right now. My grandmother hasn’t been. home all night, and my grandfather is worried.”

Abigail seemed momentarily taken aback but quickly responded, “It’s alright. I can manage on my own.” She knew he had already gone above and beyond by staying up all night. Plus, he had done more than enough with Analise’s situation. Thus, she didn’t want to trouble him any further.

Sean nodded and continued to drive in silence.

Just as Abigail was about to go through airport security, he suddenly grabbed her wrist. So, she instinctively turned to look at him.

There were many words he wanted to say to her. Alas, he swallowed them all and only murmured, “Put yourself and your grandmother first. Please call me if you need help. I have friends at Capitalis. Seeking help when necessary won’t do you any harm.”

Abigail nodded and thanked him with sincerity.

Thus, he reluctantly released her hand. Although there were many things he wanted to say, he decided they were better left unsaid for now. After all, she had ertough to deal with regarding her grandmother, and he didn’t want to burden her further.

After she passed through the ticket checkpoint and disappeared from his line of sight, Sean turned around and left the airport. His face turned stoic almost immediately as he dialed Joan’s number.


Once the call connected, she answered it immediately.

“What do you want?” Sean demanded coldly.

“Kingston’s men have taken your grandmother hostage. I know where she is. Do you want to bring some people over?” Joan’s voice was anxious.

“You’re not involved in this, are you, Joan?” Sean asked tonelessly.

Joan immediately started sobbing as she replied, “I have always listened to you. I wouldn’t dare to get involved in something like this. After all, I can’t make the same mistake my brother did. Those words you said to me are still clear in my head. I won’t forget them even for a single moment.”

“Send me the address. I’ll be right there.” Then, he ended the call.

When Analise regained consciousness, she found someone standing by the bedside. She soon noticed it was an elderly lady that looked healthier than she did, even though they were of similar ages. She didn’t panic. Instead, she calmly sat up and looked at the woman without saying a word.

“Do you know where you are?” The old lady stared her down; her gaze was filled with unending contempt. In fact, even the woman’s tone was filled with obvious arrogance.

“I don’t need to know. All you need to understand is that if anything happens to me, the secrets you want to hide will be exposed,” Analise replied fearlessly, staring straight into the elderly. woman’s eyes.

Her self-assured demeanor caused the old lady’s face to turn grim.


The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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