The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 31

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31
It turned out to be a call from Ana lise. Instinctively, Abigail looked carefully at
Sean. When their gazes met, her troubled yet expectant look was visible to
the man.
Abigail wanted to urge him, but after parting her lips, she didn’t say anything
in the end.
“Grandma…” Turning around and leaving, Abigail answered the call and
closed the door to the office.
“Abby, have you picked Sean up?” Ana lise inquired.
The sky was getting dark. When the lights in the house turned on, Ana lise’s
eyesight would get even worse. She didn’t want Abigail to know about her
eyes in case Abigail got worried as well.
Now, her only wish was to see Abigail getting along well with Sean, but she
didn’t know if she could have a chance to meet Abigail’s and Sean’s child in
Her thoughts were wandering, and Ana lise finally came to her senses after
Abigail called her a few times.
“Huh? What did you say?”
“I said, Sean is in a meeting, so I’ll have to wait a little. Grandma, if you’re
hungry, go ahead and eat first. You don’t have to wait for us.” Abigail glanced
at the time.
She didn’t know when Sean would be done with work, or to be exact when he
would be done with giving her trouble.
No matter what, even if she had to knock Sean unconscious, she would drag
him home to meet Ana lise.
“It’s okay. I’m not hungry. I’ll wait for you two so that we can eat together. Take
care on your way back,” Ana lise reminded Abigail.
“Got it, Grandma.” Abigail nodded. She thought of something, then hastily
said, “Grandma, if the food gets cold, don’t heat it up in the kitchen by
yourself. I’ll do it when I come back, okay?”
She feared that Ana lise wouldn’t know how to use the gas stove.
“All right, got it. Don’t worry. I won’t touch those things.”
It was only then that Abigail sighed in relief. After ending the call, she stood in
front of the entrance and waited patiently.
Cameron came over to report some work. He dared not say too much as he
greeted Abigail with a quick, ‘Hello, Mrs. Graham,’ and then walked into the
office. He let Sean sign the documents he brought, then said, “Mr. Graham,
about the meeting in 10 minutes-”
“Cancel it and change it to an online video conference at night.” Sean signed
the documents with firm strokes.
In all his years working with Sean, Sean had always finished work on the day
itself since he was, after all, a very strict person.
This meeting was important because it was their first official meeting with
the partners, and they even scheduled a drinking session after the meeting
where Sean would be serving the guests personally. Its importance was as
clear as day.
However, Cameron didn’t dare inquire too much into it. He simply asked,
“When will you be free tonight?”
Sean’s pen paused slightly. “I’m not sure.”
Troubled, Cameron could only reply, “I see.”
After signing the documents, Sean grabbed his coat and strode away. He
had just opened the door when Abigail, who was eavesdropping at the door,
fell forward.
Sean didn’t dodge, so Abigail fell right into his arms.
It looked like she was doing it on purpose.
Sean lowered his head. A panicked yet pretty face was reflected in his dark
“Um… You’re done with work already?” Abigail recovered her balance and
looked numbly at the man.
“Yes,” he responded, but he didn’t seem like he was up for conversation.
“Let us go home, then!” She was overjoyed, and she smiled brilliantly.
Sean felt something odd rising within his heart. Us? Home…
She seemed like a little child in kindergarten who waited for hours and finally
saw her parents, who were here to take her home.
Worried that Ana lise was getting impatient, Abigail stopped caring about
physical touch as she dragged Sean with her and hastily led the way.
Cameron looked at his boss rushing to leave, then suddenly realized why
Sean would cancel even the important meeting tonight.
They were a lovey-dovey couple, so Cameron knew that he shouldn’t get in
the way.
He sniffled and steeled himself to endure the insults and reprimands that
would ensue when he talked to the partners later.
Abigail sped all the way home.
Sean sat on the passenger seat, dealing with work documents in his inbox on
his iPad as he asked nonchalantly, “What happened to Grandma?”
She whipped her head around to glance at him with a shocked expression.
She didn’t expect him to be concerned about this. “Her diabetes got so
serious that she might lose her sight. She already has difficulty seeing things.”
Sean didn’t respond.
Abigail took a glance and saw that he was focused on his iPad screen. She
didn’t know if he was listening or not.
He was probably just asking.
“Grandma hid it from me because she didn’t want me to worry, so don’t spill
the beans,” Abigail reminded Sean, worried.
This time, Sean responded. “Okay.”
After that, the two never said another word. The car was awkwardly silent.
Standing in front of the entrance to her home, Abigail took a deep breath to
calm her nervous heart as she feared that Sean wasn’t good enough at
making men tal preparations for five minutes, yet never having the intention
to enter.
He frowned a little. Without waiting for Abigail any longer, he took her hand
and placed her thumb on the fingerprint lock, unlocking the door.
“Wait, I-” Before Abigail could shout in surprise, she heard the man’s low
voice ringing in her ears. “Grandma, we’re home.”
Sean’s voice was warm and gentle, unlike in the past.
“Sean! Hurry, you must be so hungry! Come and eat!”
Ana lise was waiting for them. When she saw the two coming home, she
hastily got up and welcomed them.
Perhaps because the couch was a little too low, Ana lise couldn’t get up right
Sean hastened his steps and held onto Ana lise’s arm to offer support. “If you
want to visit us next time, just give us a call. Abby and I will pick you up. We’ll
get worried if you come here alone.”
Every single word from him was filled with concern.
When Abigail saw that, she felt the corners of her eyes tearing up.
That was the extent of Sean’s capabilities. With a face like that, no one could
escape his coaxing.
She had been with him for so long, but she had never heard such a long
utterance from him.

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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