The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 37

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 37

Chapter 37
“Alright. That’s settled, then. I’ll get someone to sort out the contract with you.”
Kevin was pleased. “Welcome! I won’t let you… guys down.”
“I do have a small request to make, though.” Having recalled something,
Abigail quickly spoke up before Kevin ended the call.
“Go ahead.” With all the noise around him, Kevin had to max out the volume
to make sure he could hear what Abigail’s request was.
“For this matter…” Abigail paused. “I don’t want Sean to find out about this.”
It wasn’t worth it if her situation with Sean affected the studio and the
Kevin was quiet for a short while before he replied, “Sure… I guess.”
If I don’t tell Sean anything, it won’t count as him finding out, right?
After hanging up, he walked over to Sean who had just come in. “Oh, Sean.
What brings you here?”
“What’s the matter? Are you involved in something shady?” Sean leaned
against the couch and crossed his long legs. His bony fingers tapped against
the glass table with loud clacks.
He had entered at an unfortunate moment. Even though he couldn’t catch
their conversation, he wasn’t so much of a fool that he didn’t recognize the
familiar voice.
“I wish I was. Everyone knows that shady deals bring in the most profits.” Kevin
walked over to Sean and winked. “It’s just a few of the company’s latest
Seeing as Kevin didn’t intend to carry on with this line of conversation, Sean’s
eyes darkened. Sean didn’t press any further, but he didn’t notice the flash of
displeasure that flickered within him.
He knew that Kevin was a man of his word and wouldn’t get involved with
Chapter 37 Developing Muscle Memory in Two Days
Abigail, but for some reason, the thought that the two of them got along well
enough to share a secret made him uncomfortable.
“Come. I just closed a major deal. I’ll buy you a meal. You can choose the
place today. We can talk at the table.” Kevin gave Sean a pat on the shoulder.
He was clearly in a good mood.
“No, thanks. I’ve got work to do back at the office.”
Sean flicked Kevin’s hand away. He came over because he had something to
discuss with Kevin, but all of a sudden, he lost all patience and left without
Kevin sighed. How frustrating. I gave my word so I can’t say anything. Sean
doesn’t even take the initiative to ask. I didn’t even get to enjoy a good show.
On the way back to the office, Cameron noticed that Sean wasn’t in a good
mood. His boss had a long face the whole time.
“Mr. Graham, we’ll be passing by L.Moon Studio on the way to the office. Why
don’t we drop the desserts off…”
After hesitating for quite some time, Cameron couldn’t resist making the
Early this morning, Sean instructed Cameron to head over to a luxury bakery
in the city’s west district to buy its famous red velvet cake as well as a few
other desserts with the intention of bringing them over to Abigail during
The sudden change of plans caught Cameron off-guard. He didn’t know
what to do.
“Toss everything.” Sean leaned against his seat and closed his eyes. The icy
tone of his voice stopped Cameron from asking any questions as he drove
back to the office.
Later that afternoon, once Sean was done with all of his work, he instinctively
checked the time.
It was almost time to get off work. He wondered if he should give Abigail a
However, as soon as that thought crossed his mind, his brows furrowed
In all honesty, the two of them had only been getting along peacefully the
last two days. Had it already become muscle memory for him? She’s the one
who doesn’t want a divorce.
All of a sudden, Sean’s phone buzzed, cutting off his train of thought.
He picked up the phone. Once he saw the screen, his eyes flashed with
annoyance, but he answered the call anyway.
“Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Graham. I’m Sabrina Murphy.” A crisp and
professional voice rang out.
Sean had to take a moment before he recalled who that person was.
Sabrina knew that Sean didn’t like wasting time, so she cut straight to the



The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel" is a contemporary novel that explores the complexities of marriage, secrets, and betrayal as it follows the lives of two women connected by a shared spouse and the unraveling of their intertwined destinies. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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Your husband has cheated on you.” When Abigail Quinn received the text message from her best friend, she had just taken an ovulation injection and was resting on the bench of the outpatient clinic, trying to suppress the piercing pain in her abdomen. Could this be undone if she has a child? The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel


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