The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 47

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Ocean’s Heart 

“What’s with all the rules? My butt’s getting sore.” Luna couldn’t sit still anymore. If there was anything she hated in her life, it would be lectures and classes,

“And now, the answer to the burning question you’re having: the prize for the winner

Luna was about to take a restroom break, but that captured her attention.

“The winner will gain a spot on Parovine Fashion Week’s top designer team, and the expenses for the trip will be sponsored by East Joy Talent and its partner, Graham International.”

The host kept everyone in suspense for a minute before she announced the prizeIt plunged everyone into another discussion, and there was anticipation in their eyes.

Attending Parovine Fashion Week would give these designers a great boost in the industry,

especially when they were attending as a member of the top designer team.

Just when they thought that was all the reward, the host held up her microphone again. “Other than that, the winner will also win Ocean’s Heart.” She went to the cabinet covered by the red cloth and pulled it off, revealing what was underneath.

Everyone stared at it in curiosity. There was a lacquered tray with a heart–shaped diamond the size of a pigeon egg sitting in it. Under the light of the stage, the beautiful diamond glimmered, spreading its light in every direction.

For a moment, that diamond was not just a precious stone; it was something filled with spirit and


The crowd went wild.

Luna stopped all complaining, her eyes as wide as saucepans. She stared at the cabinet in disbelief as she held Abigail’s arm tightly. “I–I’m not dreaming, am I? Is that really Ocean’s Dream?” 

Owwwtoo tightAbigail had to smack her friend lightly so that she would let her go. “Yes.” Even though there was some distance between her and the stage, judging from her experience, the diamond was a valuable one because of the light that was shimmering off it alone.

The diamond’s origin story had something to do with the castle. Legend had it that this diamond was the accessory of the castle’s first master, and it was turned into family heirloom that was passed down from one generation to the next. However, due to the family’s bankruptcy, the

diamond was a valuable one because of the light that was shimmering off it alone.

The diamond’s origin story had something to do with the castle. Legend had it that this diamond was the accessory of the castle’s first master, and it was turned into a family heirloom that was passed down from one generation to the next. However, due to the family’s bankruptcy, the

diamond had to be auctioned off as well.

The diamond was auctioned off at a high price, and now it was used as this competition’s prize. Abigail only wanted to join this competition to boost L.Moon’s fame, but now she and Luna had a

new target.

“Do your best to get that diamond, Abigail. You can get a whole villa if you sell that off, let alone a regular house.” Luna stopped gaping out of disbelief and gave her friend a pat on the shoulder.

Abigail pursed her lips, and her fighting spirit was finally evoked. This diamond might be nothing but a collectible for the rich, but it was valuable enough to set her up for life. If she could get that

diamond, she would have enough money for her grandmother’s treatment abroad.

When she talked to her grandmother’s attending physician, she was told that Johnson Hospital had

treated someone with her grandmother’s condition before, but the treatment alone would cost 15


The doctor only brought it up as a reference, but Abigail never forgot about that. As long as her grandmother could be healed, she was willing to leave this place and settle down somewhere she could live with her grandmother in peace, even if life was dull.

The diamond was only on display for a few minutes before the guards took it back to the safe.

Tension was brewing in the air, and the contestants looked motivated. No longer were they friendly.

to one another.

With the rules explained in full, the host told everyone that they could leave now for a break, then

they would gather in the other hall.

Abigail took a deep breath. “This is no ordinary show we’re in; it’s a battlefield.”



The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel" is a contemporary novel that explores the complexities of marriage, secrets, and betrayal as it follows the lives of two women connected by a shared spouse and the unraveling of their intertwined destinies. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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Your husband has cheated on you.” When Abigail Quinn received the text message from her best friend, she had just taken an ovulation injection and was resting on the bench of the outpatient clinic, trying to suppress the piercing pain in her abdomen. Could this be undone if she has a child? The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel


"Summer in Abigail Quinn was a symphony of vibrant hues and joyful melodies. As the sun ascended in the cerulean sky, the quaint town came alive with an effervescent energy. The streets were adorned with colorful flowers, their fragrant blooms perfuming the air, while children's laughter echoed through the warm breeze. The shimmering lake glistened like a sapphire jewel, beckoning locals and tourists alike to its shores. Families picnicked under the shade of towering oak trees, their laughter mingling with the gentle rustle of leaves. Ice cream vendors peddled their delectable treats, offering respite from the sun's affectionate embrace. Abigail Quinn's community spirit blossomed in the summer, with festivals and gatherings celebrating their tight-knit bonds. Barbecues and bonfires illuminated the starry nights, fostering a sense of belonging that warmed hearts as much as the summer sun. Summer in Abigail Quinn was a season of unity, where the town and its people thrived in the simple joys of life, painting a vivid portrait of happiness under the azure sky."  

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