The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 55

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 55

Chapter 55 There’s Camera 

This segment was a competition between the designers‘ different styles. There was no size restriction for the canvas, and every designer could come up with a draft of their own imagination. according to their understanding of their model’s style.

Since it was a live show about professionals, there was barely any fluff. The screen time was almost all for the contestants. They would have to hand in their first draft before four in the afternoon, and then they would start a discussion and merge things together,

In other words, the designers needed a lot of alone time to gain their inspiration. As the assistant, Abigail had to talk to the models and ask for their measurements to make things easier during the discussion. She and Luna weren’t in the same venue, so she didn’t have time to come up with

another sketch.

Once the host was gone, things in the hall got livelier. The designers were talking about the concept. Abigail was worried, but all she could do was follow Joan to her room. She then took out her notebook and tape measure. “Miss Palmer, I’ll need to take your measurements.”

Joan was in no hurry. Before the cameraman could come in, she leaned on the door and looked at Abigail. “Did Luna meet up with Sean last night? Tell me the truth, and I’ll give you fifteen grand.”

That’s probably her annual salary.

Abigail paused for a moment, then she looked at Joan calmly. “No. Mr. Graham is not her

tea.” Man, she thinks everyone likes Sean.



Joan didn’t believe it at all, and her gaze turned icy. No one hereso don’t have to hide myselfShe put on a scornful look. “So, you want more? Fine. How about seventy–five grand?” She paused and added, “If you refuse to talk, I have my own ways to find the answer I want, but it might or might

not affect you.”

With Sean backing her up, she could bully anyone she wanted, especially a lowly assistant like


Frustration and irritation welled up in Abigail’s heart. “It’s not about the money, Miss Palmer. I can’t just come up with a story about something that never happened.”

“Something that never happened? Do as I say, and I’ll have Sean assign you to a designer from a better studio even if Luna fires you. You don’t want to just be her assistant all your life, do you?”

Joan scoffed.

Abigail cocked her eyebrow. “What’s wrong with that? I mean, someone’s willing to pay me seventy- five grand.” She’d rather refuse the money than collude with this woman. In fact, Joan was willing to give her that much money just to get close to Luna.

Joan felt humiliated, and she shoved Abigail away. “Trying to annoy me, are you?”

Abigail staggered backward for a moment before she found her bearing. Furious, she looked at Joan, but she held her tongue. need that diamond.

Just when she was about to take Joan’s measurements, that woman took two steps back, contempt flaring in her eyes. “Did you even wash your hands? And is that tape clean? Buy a new one. I don’t

want to catch any diseases from your tape.”

Abigail really wanted to slap this woman and stomp on her face. You’re just an influencernot a real

model. If they weren’t unlucky enough to be assigned as her teammates, Abigail wouldn’t even

spare her a look, much less design her clothes. She’s not even an actual ladybut she acts like she’s 


“Where am I supposed to get a new tape? We’re at a resort. I’ll just tell the production team that you won’t be taking part in today’s segment. You can join once I get a new tape. Deal?” she snapped, no

longer polite.

Joan threw her arms up as well. “I’m telling Luna about this. You have a bad attitude, and you’re unprofessional. I can get rid of you if I want, you understand that?”

Of course, she knew. Sean could give her that power. She heaved a silent sigh and put on a smile. “I

understand, but can you work with me before that? The camera

for the live show aside, there’s also

camera here that records the behind–the–scenes footage.” She pointed at the caméra behind Joan.

Joan shivered.

Abigail said, “I turned it off when I came in.” She didn’t want Joan to flip out at this moment. If Sean

decided to take Joan’s side, then the staff members would be the ones taking the brunt of the heat.

Abigail ignored Joan’s contorting face and went into the bathroom. She then came back out with a

washed tape. Once again, she asked, “May we begin work now, Miss Palmer?”

Joan snapped, “Make a cup of coffee for me. I can’t work before I have my coffee.”

Abigail forced a smile and did it without complaining, and she was smooth, almost like she did it a lot of times before.

Joan froze for a moment, then a contemptuous smile curled her lips. “You seem used to this. Bet you’ve been doing menial jobs for years.”

Abigail did learn a lot of things back in the Graham Residence just to please Sean.

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel" is a contemporary novel that explores the complexities of marriage, secrets, and betrayal as it follows the lives of two women connected by a shared spouse and the unraveling of their intertwined destinies. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband ( Cora Lane )

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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Your husband has cheated on you.” When Abigail Quinn received the text message from her best friend, she had just taken an ovulation injection and was resting on the bench of the outpatient clinic, trying to suppress the piercing pain in her abdomen. Could this be undone if she has a child? The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel


"Summer in Abigail Quinn was a symphony of vibrant hues and joyful melodies. As the sun ascended in the cerulean sky, the quaint town came alive with an effervescent energy. The streets were adorned with colorful flowers, their fragrant blooms perfuming the air, while children's laughter echoed through the warm breeze. The shimmering lake glistened like a sapphire jewel, beckoning locals and tourists alike to its shores. Families picnicked under the shade of towering oak trees, their laughter mingling with the gentle rustle of leaves. Ice cream vendors peddled their delectable treats, offering respite from the sun's affectionate embrace. Abigail Quinn's community spirit blossomed in the summer, with festivals and gatherings celebrating their tight-knit bonds. Barbecues and bonfires illuminated the starry nights, fostering a sense of belonging that warmed hearts as much as the summer sun. Summer in Abigail Quinn was a season of unity, where the town and its people thrived in the simple joys of life, painting a vivid portrait of happiness under the azure sky."  

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