The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 570

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 570

Chapter 570 The Dilemma Of Marriage

Luna found Abigail’s words sensible and nodded in agreement, saying, “Then I won’t consider getting


Sean glanced at them and thought that Luna was a negative influence on Abigail.

Even if they got married, they could still enjoy life. What was the difference?

At noon. Josh and Isla arrived at L.Moon together.

As soon as Isla saw Cameron, she rushed up to him, took his hand, and said, “I finished my class early to come see you. You’re not mad, are you?”

Cameron didn’t react at first, but when he felt her warm and affectionate touch, his heart filled with happiness. “No. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have picked you up after your class,” he replier!.

She held his hand and said, “Why do you have to pick me up? I know where you work; com ing to see you is the same.”

He simply responded with an “Oh and looked a bit dazed.

“Isla, have you eaten yet?” Analise approached with a gentle smile.

“Not yet, but my parents want to treat him to dinner tonight, so I’ve already made plans with them,” Isla said with a smile.

Abigail felt that this was not just a casual dinner; they probably wanted to see if Cameron was reliable.

Analise immediately understood Isla’s intentions and nodded with a smile.

After Isla and Cameron left, Luna turned to Josh and asked, “What’s going on?”

“You’ve already stayed overnight. Why don’t you go back home today?” Josh asked her helplessly. In his heart, his home was Luna’s home.

Luna immediately held Abigail’s hand and looked displeased as she stared at him. I’ve only been out for one night and one morning, and you want me to go back already? You said you wouldn’t control me after we got married, but I think that once we’re married, I won’t even be able to leave the house.”

“What nonsense are you talking about…” he said, although he did feel a bit anxious. “So, are you staying here tonight?”

it not? Luna asked while still looking dissatisfied.

There’s nothing wrong with that, I just came to see you Josh said, not wanting to push her too hard.

Alier all she wasn’t ready to get married so soon. Ever they had done everything else and hved

store lunch Alugul and Luna were busy with company matters Scan thrushed signing documents on bo

and pushed it aside He then turned his attention to Josh

sooner, but she’s not very willing.”

“If your relationship is stable, there’s no need to rush. Why are you in such a hurry?” Sean said. He hadn’t rushed to remarry, so he didn’t understand why Josh was in such a hurry. He could also tell that Luna wasn’t in a rush. After all, Abigail had a failed marriage with him, so she was probably quite afraid.

“I found a reliable person to look into the matter you asked my dad to investigate. I don’t think we should investigate it ourselves; Uncle Vincent would be more cautious,” Josh said.

Sean nodded. “That’s a good approach. As long as the person is reliable, anyone can investigate the matter.” Josh didn’t respond further; instead, he took out his phone and silently replied to work-related messages. After finishing his replies, he asked, “What about you and Abigail?”

“Just the usual,” Sean replied. When Abigail was busy, he could only stand by and watch. He was unable to do much.

Josh sighed unconsciously and said, “It seems like we’re in the same boat.”

“Who’s in the same boat with you? I’ve been married to Abigail before,” Sean responded unhappily.

Josh looked at him with disdain. “If it weren’t for the fact that she hasn’t returned home yet… Let me tell you, your situation with her won’t work out.”

“Your parents are unhappy with me?” Sean asked. He got along well with Lawrence, and if there was an issue, Lawrence would speak up for him.

Josh shook his head. “It’s my grandfather who’s unhappy with


Sean leaned back on the couch and felt speechless. So, he not only had to deal with his in-laws but also Gary.

“When my sister was at home, my grandfather doted on her the most. Even after she went missing and suffered for so many years, you still divorced her and mistreated her. Do you think he will forgive you easily?” Josh asked Sean in a low voice.

Sean realized that forgiveness would not come easily. But what if she likes me and wants to marry me?” He knew that this statement might sound a bit dreamy, but as long as he persisted, it wasn’t impossible.

“In that case, my grandfather won’t object, Josh immediately replied.

Although Gary didn’t like Sean, he would respect Abigail’s wishes if it came down to it. After all, she was different from them.

Sean smiled and said, “I’ll have to win her over for sure then.”

Josh looked at Abigail again and fell silent once more.

Mary Luna was indeed not as difficult, but pursuing Abigail again was the real challenge.

When it was time to finish; work, Abigail looked at Sean and Josh. “Where do you want to go for dinner

you to hour Sean immediately replied

Who was resting in her chair, “Where would you like to go?”

Luna said, “I’m thinking of just having dinner in the company cafeteria. Going out is too tiring… I’ve been inactive for so long, and suddenly handling so many documents today really wore me out.”

“You can officially start working tomorrow then,” Abigail said with a smile. Since there was always so much work to do every day, she couldn’t handle it all by herself.


The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel

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Your husband has cheated on you.” When Abigail Quinn received the text message from her best friend, she had just taken an ovulation injection and was resting on the bench of the outpatient clinic, trying to suppress the piercing pain in her abdomen. Could this be undone if she has a child? The Spare Wife by Abigail Quinn Novel


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