The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Chapter 256

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Chapter 256

Chapter 256 

The shareholder had not expected Hayden’s identity would be exposed. He felt that what his companion said was right, and his face darkened again

Hayden has betrayed the organization and harmed the interests of shareholders and all members. Let’s take it out on his family.” 

He wanted to deal with Hayden directly, but Hayden was now imprisoned in Hestrya’s police headquarters. He could not even touch him

The other shareholders had no objection

They took risks by engaging in highly profitable illegal activitiesjust to make money and then retire to enjoy a luxurious life

If someone stolethe money that should belong to them, they will not 

let it go

Meanwhile, Hayden awoke from a nightmare when the Wolf Killer wiped out his family

He felt particularly uncomfortable as cold sweat soaked his clothes and clung to his body

He immediately sat up on his single bed, which was hard as a rock. He felt a great uneasiness in his heart

Bring someone in! I want to see Aiden!” 

Hayden did not know how long he had slept. It could have been an hour, or it could have been several hours

No matter how long he slept, a lot of things could happen during that time

But no matter how loudly he shouted, no one paid any attention to him. Though he scolded Aiden madly, he got no response

Then, he said, I have important news to tell Commander Shaw. As long 

you pass this message to him, he will definitely meet me

soon as he finished his words, the military appeared 

what’s the news

all that if he had nothing ule 

He said, I have news about his brother, Charlie.” 

Okay, I’ll pass this message to Commander Shaw. But whether he wants to see you or not, that is his call.” 

After the military left, Hayden waited anxiously

But after he had waited for a long time, there was no response, and no one came to him

He panicked and muttered to himself, Has Jeffrey already told Aiden the news

Of course! Otherwise, Aiden would not remain indifferent to such important news!‘ 

The thought made Hayden even more anxious

He did not know how much Jeffrey had said, nor how much he had concealed

The current situation was too unfavorable for him

When he thought of Aiden’s words to give him one night to think about it, he did not dare to let his guard down. He immediately thought about what to say and what not to say the next day

On the other side, after hearing the message from the military, Aiden chose to ignore it

Because he had more important things to deal with

The standin had arrived at Acocester and was secretly sent to the Shaw residence

Meanwhile, Cecilia was in the laboratory, working very hard to develop an antidote for Jeffrey

It was not that she was kind. She just thought that a better understanding. of an antidote might be useful in the future

After all, Jeffrey must have prepared a lot of poison for the Wolf Killer

They would probably be besieged by poison if they attacked Wolf Killer’s headquarters

When she thought about it, she decided to use the antidote to threaten Jeffrey and ask him to tell her about all the poisons he had developed. Of course, he also had to tell her about the antidote

n the floor. His face turned pale and his body curled up 

cold swe 

He spoke with difficulty, explaining how to make the antidote

Every time he said a word, his throat felt as if it had been scraped by a sharp knife, and a strong bloody smell spread out, making his body 

tremble in pain

He might have ended his life by banging his head if not for his will to survive.” 

After he had explained how to make the antidote, he breathed a sigh of relief and looked pleadingly at Cecilia


Cecilia had successfully developed the antidote by following Jeffrey’s detailed steps

She looked at Jeffrey, who was lying on the floor. Then she sneered and mockingly said, Now you know how to beg? When you poisoned us before, why didn’t you think you would end up like this?” 

It was literally worse than death for Jeffrey now. His head was buzzing, and he had a slight tinnitus in his ears. He could not hear what Cecilia was saying clearly

He was willing to tell how to make the antidote because he was afraid to die

Therefore, he had only two words when faced with Cecilia’s ridicule


He felt like he was dying. His body was cold and stiff, and it was hard to breathe

Cecilia handed the prepared brown pills to Jeffrey and asked, Do you want some?” 

Jeffrey did not even have the strength to nod. He blinked desperately to show that he wanted it

I can give it to you, but I have one condition. You have to tell me first how much poison you have made for your organization.” 

Jeffrey’s eyes lit up at the sight of the antidote so close at hand. His flagging spirit suddenly revived

Give meI will tell you,.. 

Cecilia did not give Jeffrey the antidote directly. Instead, she scooped a amount of the remaining antidote from the jar and fed it to him

the dosage of the antidote was small, the effect was


good. Jeffrey’s energy and spirit recovered at a visible rate

At the same time, the coagulated wound on his neck began to bleed again

The antidote increased the flow of blood, causing his wound to bleed again

He covered his neck, struggled to sit up, and leaned against the medicine cabinet door

Will you give me the antidote if I tell you what you want to know?” 

Cecilia put the antidote into a transparent glass bottle in front of Jeffrey and said, I will consider giving you the antidote if I am satisfied with what you say!” 

She emphasized the word considerin her tone. She was obviously teasing Jeffrey

However, Jeffrey had no choice. He could only use the poison and the antidote he had developed in exchange for the possibility of survival

He talked a lot, and Cecilia recorded it on her phone

As soon as Jeffrey stopped talking, she asked coldly, Why are there several types of poisons without antidotes?” 

Jeffrey wiped the blood on his face and explained, Because I developed the poison to kill people, not to save them!” 

The poison he used on the Shaw family had an antidote because he planned to use it to control them

Little did he know that he would end up being the one who was controlled by the poison that he developed himself

Cecilia narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled maliciously. It doesn’t matter if there’s no antidote. I will test the poison on you then!” 

Jeffrey’s expression changed drastically when he heard that. No, I’ın going to die!” 

The various potent poisons he had developed would not kill one immediately if eaten, but they would cause great damage to the body 

they would be lifethreatening if not detoxified in time

e you scared? Then tell me everything you know 

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

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The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel"is a book about a strong woman who faces challenges, fights for what's right, and takes control of her life in an inspiring story. Read More The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

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"Dr. Larson, what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and draw the blood! Julia has relapsed and is in need of a blood transfusion!" Sophia Yancey paid little attention to her unconscious biological daughter in the hospital bed as she urgently hastened the doctor, who was holding a blood collection bag. The doctor explained hesitantly, "Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Cecilia Yancey has already lost a significant amount of blood and still hasn't regained consciousness. Drawing more blood from her would be harmful to her." "It's only 400 ml, and this country girl is in good health. She'll be all right."

“What are the names of the main characters in Chapter 1

Dr. Larson, Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Cecilia Yancey, Sophia, Yancey family, "Ceci,

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

This is an excerpt from a work of fiction, and Cecilia Yancey is the main character in this chapter. She is a central figure in the story, and the narrative follows her interactions and decisions, particularly regarding her relationship with the Yancey family and her decision to no longer donate blood for Juliana.  

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