The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Chapter 257

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Chapter 257

Chapter 257 

Jeffrey looked at the smiling Cecilia and found her more frightening than the coldfaced Aiden

Aiden had his principles in doing things, but Cecilia had no scruples

He said with trembling lips, I made a deal with Commander Shaw. I will tell him everything as long as he gives me the antidote.” 

He implied that he did not believe in Cecilia but in Aiden

Cecilia knew what Jeffrey was thinking, and she sneered at him

But now that the antidote is in my hands. Do you think Aiden will listen to you or me?” 

Jeffrey knew the answer was undoubtedly the latter

What do you want to know?he asked

Three years ago, my team was wiped out. What happened?” 

She had been pursuing that matter for the past three years, but there had been no progress

Even Charlie, the leader of Wolf Killer, did not know about it, so only the shareholders did

Jeffrey was aware of that incident, he was not involved and did not know the specific details. He looked at Cecilia and asked, Will you give me the antidote after I tell you everything?” 

The antidote he had just taken was too little. He began to have stabbing pains in his heart and abdominal cramps again

That feeling was worse than death. It was so painful that he did not want to experience it again

Cecilia playfully tossed the glass bottle of antidote in her hand and said, Go ahead. I’ll give you the antidote when I’m satisfied.” 

Jeffrey cursed in his heart, Liar

She told me earlier that if I revealed how much poison I had developed for the organization, she would give me the antidote

In the end, not only did she not give me the antidote, but she also asked me to test the poison on myself

What a vicious woman!‘ 

No matter how much Jeffrey cursed, he did not dare to show it

Just as he was about to speak, the door of the laboratory was pushed open, and Aiden walked in

When he saw Aiden, he felt as if he had seen a savior

Commander Shaw, the antidote is ready. I’m willing to exchange it for the news.” 

Jeffrey believed Aiden was a man of his word. As long as he had promised, he would definitely do it

He was not like Cecilia who would go back on her word

Aiden ignored Jeffrey. He looked at Cecilia and asked, What were you talking about just now?” 

She replied, We talked about what happened three years ago, but Professor Farsons refused to say anything.” 

Forget the antidote if he doesn’t want to say it.” 

Aiden then took the bottle of antidote from Cecilia’s hand and pretended to smash it

Jeffrey was extremely nervous, and his voice came out high and somewhat distorted

Don’t smash it! I’ll talk!” 

Aiden looked at the frightened Jeffrey with satisfaction. His eyes were full of mockery

Say it! My patience is limited. Don’t try to play tricks on me.” 

Jeffrey’s life was in their hands. Of course, he dared not play any tricks. He immediately told them what he knew

Three years ago, he had not been dismissed by the Pharmaceutical Research Center yet, and he had rarely participated in the organization’s affairs

However he would have been notified whenever there had been something big happened

Arresting Cecilia had indeed been a big deal. So he had known 

eo, Wolf Killer had found out that the Shaw family had adopted a little girl and taken special care of her 

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

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The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel"is a book about a strong woman who faces challenges, fights for what's right, and takes control of her life in an inspiring story. Read More The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

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Book Name  The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel
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Dr. Larson, Mrs. Yancey,Ms. Cecilia Yancey

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"Dr. Larson, what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and draw the blood! Julia has relapsed and is in need of a blood transfusion!" Sophia Yancey paid little attention to her unconscious biological daughter in the hospital bed as she urgently hastened the doctor, who was holding a blood collection bag. The doctor explained hesitantly, "Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Cecilia Yancey has already lost a significant amount of blood and still hasn't regained consciousness. Drawing more blood from her would be harmful to her." "It's only 400 ml, and this country girl is in good health. She'll be all right."

“What are the names of the main characters in Chapter 1

Dr. Larson, Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Cecilia Yancey, Sophia, Yancey family, "Ceci,

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

This is an excerpt from a work of fiction, and Cecilia Yancey is the main character in this chapter. She is a central figure in the story, and the narrative follows her interactions and decisions, particularly regarding her relationship with the Yancey family and her decision to no longer donate blood for Juliana.  

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