The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Chapter 258

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Chapter 258


Chapter 258 

Cecilia looked at Jeffrey, who seemed to have accepted his fate, but she did not believe anything he said. She never expected a demon to have a day of resignation

The current compromise and acceptance were nothing but acting, a way to deceive and numb them. Although she saw through it, she did not expose Jeffrey. After all, that fool could not stir up any trouble! It’s good that you know the power of the Shaw family. Otherwise, you’d only be asking for trouble.Jeffrey looked at Cecilia with a serious expression, his gaze exceptionally sincere

If you let me see Hayden, I’ll tell you everything I know.” 

Aiden was not in a hurry to learn the secret of Wolf Killer because even if he forced Jeffrey to speak, what the latter would say might not necessarily be the truth

It was better for the latter and Hayden to meet and have a confrontation

You’ll meet Hayden tomorrow, but he won’t let you off easily. Be prepared mentally.” 

With that, Aiden left the laboratory with Cecilia

As for Jeffrey’s request for a meal, he completely ignored it

After leaving the laboratory, Cecilia whispered, Aiden, are we going to meet Hayden now?” 

Meeting Hayden first was more advantageous than letting him meet Jeffrey first

Aiden shook his head. Let’s leave Hayden hanging for now. We’re going home.” 

Go home? I have to stay and take care of Grandma Elaine tonight.” 

Grandma has professional nurses taking care of her. You’re not needed. There are important matters at home.” 

Cecilia wanted to get a clear answer, but Aiden left ahead of her. She had no choice but to follow

After getting into the car, she finally asked, Aiden, did something happen at home? Is it about Charlie?” 

Only Christopher was at the Shaw residence right now, so he couldn’t be in trouble

Aiden looked at the bustling streets outside the car window and said, Your standin has arrived. Don’t you want to assess her abilities in person?” 

Cecilia had not forgotten about that matter but did not know the exact time the standin would arrive

This is indeed an important matter. If the standin is qualified, we can proceed with our next plan.” 

Yes, the plan is better executed sooner rather than later. Waiting too long can lead to unexpected complications.” 

Not long after, the car stopped at the Shaw residence

Onethird of the military forces stationed outside the Shaw residence were resting, while another onethird were patrolling nearby, and the remaining onethird were guarding outside the yard

The brother and sister duo were already accustomed to that setup. After getting out of the car, they entered the Shaw residence

The two proceeded straight to the main hall

Cecilia’s standin was sitting on the couch in the main hall

She sat with her back straight, holding a cup of coffee in her hand, and her gaze was fixed forward

Hearing the footsteps, she immediately shifted her gaze toward the door.. 

When Aiden appeared in her field of vision, she immediately put down the cup, stood up, and saluted

Commander, Freya reporting for duty!” 

Aiden had resumed his indifferent expression and nodded slightly at Freya. Please, have a seat.” 

Freya obediently took her seat

Freya’s gaze quickly flickered across Cecilia’s face, and a hint of surprise appeared in Freya’s eyes

Cecilia was also examining Freya. However, Cecilia’s gaze was broad, sizing Freyal 

Cecilia had seen photos of Freya long ago, knowing Freya looked similar to herself but seemed different in person

Sit should be said that Freya looked even more like Cecilia in person than in the photos. Their faces were at least 50 percent 


The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

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The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel"is a book about a strong woman who faces challenges, fights for what's right, and takes control of her life in an inspiring story. Read More The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Novel

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

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"Dr. Larson, what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and draw the blood! Julia has relapsed and is in need of a blood transfusion!" Sophia Yancey paid little attention to her unconscious biological daughter in the hospital bed as she urgently hastened the doctor, who was holding a blood collection bag. The doctor explained hesitantly, "Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Cecilia Yancey has already lost a significant amount of blood and still hasn't regained consciousness. Drawing more blood from her would be harmful to her." "It's only 400 ml, and this country girl is in good health. She'll be all right."

“What are the names of the main characters in Chapter 1

Dr. Larson, Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Cecilia Yancey, Sophia, Yancey family, "Ceci,

The True Lady Strikes Back by Susanna Lucius Novel

This is an excerpt from a work of fiction, and Cecilia Yancey is the main character in this chapter. She is a central figure in the story, and the narrative follows her interactions and decisions, particularly regarding her relationship with the Yancey family and her decision to no longer donate blood for Juliana.  

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